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Tony Danza ACTOR


Tony Danza was born on April 21st, 1951 in Brooklyn, New York with the birth name Anthony Salvatore Iadanza to parents Anne Cammisa and Matty Iadanza.  He was raised in a Long Island community called Malverne in New York and from a young age he had aspirations of pursuing a career as an actor.  He lost both his parents early to cancer.  After graduating from high school Danza earned a degree in History from the University of Dubuque. 
He first became involved in entertaining when he became a professional boxer, he entered the Golden Gloves in 1975 and began his boxing career.  During a training session he was discovered by a producer and asked to be in the television series, "Taxi" (1978).  He continued to be involved in boxing but shortly retired to pursue a full time career as an actor.  He earned his college degree from the University of Dubuque and then focused 100% on acting.
After his role on, "Taxi" he worked on a couple films such as, "Cannonball Run II" (1984) and Going Ape" (1981) before he got cast in his next big role on the television series, "Who's the Boss?" (1984-1992) playing the character, Tony Micelli a housekeeper and single father.
As his career progressed other television roles that followed were on such series as, "Hudson Street" (1995), "Family Law" (2000-2002), "The Practice" (1998) for which he was nominated for an Emmy and he also hosted his own TV talk show called, "The Tony Danza Show".
Along with working as a television actor he also earned a name for himself appearing in a number of films such as, " The Hollywood Knights" (1980), "Going Ape" (1981), "The Girl Gets Moe" (1997), and the television movies, "Deadly Whispers" (1995), "12 Angry Men" (1997), "Noah" (1998) and "North Shore Fish" (1997). 
Danza was also a very talented stage actor and was seen in such productions as, "The Iceman Cometh" (1999), "The Producers" (2006-2007) and "A View from the Bridge".  Tony has also served as executive producer on a number of shows as well as being involved in writing, directing and starring in the short film, "Mamaia" (1998).
Tony Danza has married twice throughout his lifetime.  His first wife was Rhonda Yeoman whom he wed in 1971 and they had two children together before the marriage ended in 1974.  He then married Tracy Robinson in 1986 and they have two more children and remain married today.  He recently released his first book, "Don't Fill Up on the Antipasto: Tony Danza's Father-Son Cookbook" (2008) and is also involved as working as a high school English teacher.  His most recent public appearance was in 2010 on, "The Fran Drescher Show". 


2010 The Fran Drescher Show
2010 Aftermath
2009 The Nail: The Story of Joey Nardone
2008 Rita Rocks 
2005 All My Children 
2004 The Whisper 
2004 Crash
2003 Stealing Christmas 
2000-2002 Family Law
2000 Homewood P.I.
1998 The Practice
1997-1998 The Tony Danza Show 
1998 Noah 
1998 A Brooklyn State of Mind
1998 The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon
1997 Glam 
1997 12 Angry Men
1997 North Shore Fish 
1997 The Girl Gets Moe 
1997 Meet Wally Sparks 
1996 Illtown 
1995-1996 Hudson Street 
1995 Deadly Whispers 
1994 Angels in the Outfield
1994 The Mighty Jungle
1991-1992 Baby Talk 
1984-1992 Who's the Boss?
1991 Dead and Alive: The Race for Gus Farace 
1991 The Whereabouts of Jenny 
1989 Living Dolls 
1989 She's Out of Control
1988 Freedom Fighter 
1986 Doing Life
1986 Charmed Lives 
1984 Single Bars, Single Women 
1984 Cannonball Run II 
1984 Don't Ask Me, Ask God 
1983 The Love Boat
1978-1983 Taxi 
1983 Likely Stories, Vol. 4
1983 American Video Awards 
1981 Going Ape!
1980 Murder Can Hurt You! 
1979 Supertrain
1978 Fast Lane Blues 

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