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Tom Steele ACTOR


Tom Steele was born on June 12th, 1909 in Scotland, United Kingdom with the birth name Thomas Skeoch.  When he was only two years old his family relocated to New York.  As a child he owned his own pony and credits that for his skills in horseback riding.  When he was fourteen years old he found work at a steel mill making nails.   
Upon completing High School he went on to study at Stanford and was playing college polo when he was discovered and it was suggested to him to relocate to Hollywood and try to find work as a film actor.
He first started in the industry getting work in an ad for a film company that was filming on location near his home in Palo Alto.  He then began spending a lot of time hanging out with Hollywood cowboys around various studio casting departments and was soon hired to work on, "Lone Star Ranger".  He then began finding work as a stuntman and credits veteran stuntman, George DeNormand for getting him into the industry. 
The majority of his work was done with republic Pictures working as a stuntman in over 100 western films such as "Undersea Kingdom", "Mysterious Doctor Satan", "Captain Blood" and even some Gang Comedies with Hal Roach.  In 1943 his career continued working on the film "The Masked Marvel" which he played the lead role in, however because of an error he never received any billing.
He doubled for such actors as Roy Rogers, Rod Cameron, James Arness, Clayton Moore and George Montgomery.  By the time he was sixty five years old, he decided it was time to retire from the industry, however, calls from Hollywood kept coming and therefore he decided to take on a couple more roles.   
Some of his later work were in such films as "The Blues Brothers", "Bullitt", "Tales of the Gold Monkey", "Dukes of Hazzard", "The New Centurions" and "Conquest of the Planet of the Apes".
At the age of eighty one, Steele passed away on October 30th, 1990 in Los Angeles, California.  He will always be remembered as one of the most talented stuntmen of his era. 


1974 Blazing Saddles
1971 Diamonds Are Forever 
1968 Mod Squad 
1968 Star Trek 
1967 Hondo 
1966 Iron Horse 
1966 Harper 
1966 The Silencers 
1966 Branded 
1965 The Andy Griffith Show
1964 Quick Before It Melts 
1962 The Spiral Road 
1961 Laramie
1960-1961 Bat Masterson
1960 The Westerner 
1959-1960 Have Gun - Will Travel 
1960 Spartacus 
1960 Tate
1960 Overland Trail 
1959 Mr. Lucky 
1959 Peter Gunn
1958 Yancy Derringer
1958 Wanted: Dead or Alive
1958 Zane Grey Theater 
1958 The Californians 
1958 The Adventures of Jim Bowie
1957 The Restless Breed
1957 Kelly and Me
1957 Flesh and the Spur 
1956 Soldiers of Fortune
1956 Annie Oakley
1956 Tension at Table Rock 
1956 The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp
1955 Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe
1955 King of the Carnival
1955 The Prodigal
1955 Panther Girl of the Kongo
1954 Cattle Queen of Montana
1954 Man with the Steel Whip
1954 Stories of the Century
1954 Trader Tom of the China Seas 
1953 Canadian Mounties vs. Atomic Invaders 
1953 City That Never Sleeps 
1953 Savage Frontier 
1953 Law and Order 
1953 Jungle Drums of Africa 
1952 Zombies of the Stratosphere 
1952 Cripple Creek 
1952 I Dream of Jeanie
1952 Brave Warrior
1952 Rose of Cimarron
1952 Radar Men from the Moon
1952 The Adventures of Kit Carson
1951 Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok
1951 Government Agents vs Phantom Legion
1951 Secrets of Monte Carlo
1951 In Old Amarillo 
1951 Don Daredevil Rides Again 
1951 Silver City Bonanza
1951 Night Riders of Montana
1950 Flying Disc Man from Mars
1950 The Milkman
1950 Desperadoes of the West
1950 Trigger, Jr.
1950 The Invisible Monster
1950 Gunmen of Abilene
1949 Radar Patrol vs. Spy King
1949 Ranger of Cherokee Strip 
1949 The James Brothers of Missouri
1949 Bandit King of Texas 
1949 Mighty Joe Young 
1949 The Wyoming Bandit 
1949 Arson, Inc.
1949 King of the Rocket Men
1949 Outcasts of the Trail 
1949 Frontier Investigator 
1949 Ghost of Zorro
1949 Federal Agents vs. Underworld, Inc.
1948 Adventures of Frank and Jesse James
1948 The Denver Kid
1948 Dangers of the Canadian Mounted
1948 G-Men Never Forget
1947 The Black Widow
1947 Jesse James Rides Again
1947 Brute Force
1947 Hit Parade of 1947
1947 Vigilantes of Boomtown
1947 Son of Zorro
1946 The Crimson Ghost
1946 Daughter of Don Q
1946 Sun Valley Cyclone
1946 King of the Forest Rangers
1946 The Phantom Rider
1945 Frontier Days
1945 The Purple Monster Strikes
1945 Secret Agent X-9
1945 Federal Operator 99
1945 The Vampire's Ghost
1945 Manhunt of Mystery Island 
1945 God Is My Co-Pilot 
1945 Jeep Herders 
1944 The Big Bonanza 
1944 Zorro's Black Whip 
1944 The Mystery of the Riverboat 
1944 Code of the Prairie 
1944 Cheyenne Wildcat 
1944 Haunted Harbor
1944 The San Antonio Kid 
1944 Song of Nevada 
1944 Silver City Kid
1944 Marshal of Reno
1944 The Tiger Woman
1944 Tucson Raiders
1944 Wyoming Hurricane
1944 Hidden Valley Outlaws
1944 Beneath Western Skies
1944 Captain America
1944 The Fighting Seabees
1943 California Joe
1943 In Old Oklahoma
1943 Canyon City
1943 Overland Mail Robbery 
1943 The Masked Marvel
1943 Wagon Tracks West 
1943 Secret Service in Darkest Africa 
1943 Background to Danger
1943 Daredevils of the West
1943 G-men vs. the Black Dragon
1942 Pittsburgh
1942 Outlaws of Pine Ridge
1942 King of the Mounties
1942 Texas to Bataan
1942 Overland Mail
1942 The Secret Code
1942 Perils of Nyoka 
1942 Powder Town 
1942 Remember Pearl Harbor 
1942 Spy Smasher 
1942 Don Winslow of the Navy
1941 South of Tahiti 
1941 Sea Raiders 
1941 King of the Texas Rangers
1941 Sky Raiders 
1940 Mysterious Doctor Satan 
1940 Give Us Wings
1940 Junior G-Men 
1940 Enemy Agent 
1940 Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe 
1939 The Phantom Creeps 
1939 Dick Tracy's G-Men 
1939 In Old Monterey 
1939 I Stole a Million
1939 The Oregon Trail
1939 Missing Daughters 
1939 Mandrake the Magician
1939 Buck Rogers
1939 Flying G-Men
1939 Scouts to the Rescue
1938 The Storm
1938 Red Barry
1938 The Spider's Web
1938 The Renegade Ranger
1938 Dick Tracy Returns 
1938 Flaming Frontiers
1938 The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok 
1938 The Fighting Devil Dogs
1938 Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars
1938 State Police
1938 Call the Mesquiteers 
1937 Tim Tyler's Luck 
1937 Radio Patrol 
1937 West Bound Limited
1937 Secret Agent X-9
1937 Bill Cracks Down
1937 Paradise Express
1937 Riders of the Whistling Skull
1936 Ace Drummond
1936 The Glory Trail
1936 Nobody's Fool
1936 Undersea Kingdom
1936 The Prisoner of Shark Island
1935 Captain Blood
1934 The Red Rider
1933 The Whirlwind
1931 Murder at Midnight
1930 The Lone Star Ranger 

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