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Tom Mix was born on January 6th, 1880 in Mix Run, Pennsylvania with the birth name Thomas Hezekiah Mix to parents EE Mix and Elizabeth Smith.  His family was quite poor and he spent the majority of his upbringing in Dubois, Pennsylvania.  He learned to ride horses at a young age and worked on a local farm. 
During the Spanish-American war, he enlisted in the Army in 1898.  When he failed to show up for duty, he was listed as AWOL in 1902 but was never formerly discharged.  He found employment at the Miller Brothers 101 Ranch in the United States and was a skilled horseman and expert shot.  He even won the national Riding and Rodeo Championship in 1909.

He first got involved in acting working as a supporting cast member with the Selig Polyscope Company in 1910.  His first shoot was on, "Ranch Life in the Great Southwest" (1910) where he showed off his skills as a cattle rancher.  This film was a hit and he was well on his way to earning acknowledgment as a star.  
Mix was in over 100 films with Selig Productions Company.  In 1917, he divorced Olive Stokes and pursued a relationship with Victoria Forde, a actress,  whom he had worked with on several films.  The couple married in 1918 and they had a daughter, Thomasina born in 1922.

The couple also decided after they became aware that Selig Productions was undergoing financial hardships to leave this company and sign with Fox Film Corporation.
Mix starred in over 160 matinee cowboy films during the 1920's that were different from what he had done with Selig Productions.  With Selig, his work had been documentary style where with Fox it was more action script films. 
Mix was adored by children fans and he even had a horse named Tony who became a star as well.   Mix was known to do many of his own stunts and therefore did undergo quite a few injuries. 
His salary with Fox had risen to $7500 weekly and by the age of 49, many thought he was ready to retire.  However, he continued to work and even worked with another film company, Film Bookings Office of America which merged with RKO Radio Pictures. 
His career did not limit to films alone.  In 1929, he starred with the Sells-Floto Circus and was earning a salary of $20,000 weekly.  He stayed with them for three years.  However, when the great depression hit so did depression in his personal life.  Divorcing his 4th wife and again marrying for a fifth time to Mabel Hubbard Ward.  Tom was also not very responsible with his finances and he found himself without much savings. 
Luckily, he was approached by Universal Pictures and asked to star in some 'talkies'.   He starred in a total of nine films for Universal, but then made the decision not to do anymore due to receiving so many injures during filming with them. 
Mix did not let that stop him though, he continued to work and his final screen appearance was a 15 sound episodes with Mascot Pictures in the serial, "The Miracle Rider" (1935) receiving a salary of $40,000 for 4 weeks of filming.  After completing the series he went back to working at the circus and actually worked with his daughter Ruth.  The circus was owned by him and his daughter helped manage it, however, it was not able to survive financially and was closed down. 

He married a total of five times throughout his lifetime.  First to Grace I. Allin on July 18th, 1902 but this marriage was annulled after only one year.  He then went on to marry again to Kitty Jewel Perinne in 1905, but again after one year this marriage came to an end also.  On January 10th, 1909 he married Olive Stokes in Medora, SD and they had one daughter together, Ruth, born July 13th, 1912.  His 4th marriage to Victoria Forde also ended in divorce in 1931.
Tom Mix passed away on October 12th, 1940 in an automobile accident where he broke his neck in his overturned car on a Arizona highway at the age of sixty.  On state route 79, a small stone memorial marks the site of the crash.  Mix is interred in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Glendale, California.      

It is said that Tom Mix made a total of 336 movies throughout his acting career, but many of these are unavailable for viewing.  Tom Mix was inducted in 1958 into the Western Performers Hall of Fame and in 1959 a Monument to the Stars was erected on Beverly Dr. in Los Angeles, California.  He was also awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the motion picture industry.   He was credited as an Actor, Director, Producer, Federal marshal, Cowboy and  Deputy sheriff and is remembered as the "King of Cowboys".


1935   The Miracle Rider
1933   Rustlers' Roundup
1933   Terror Trail
1932   Flaming Guns
1932   Hidden Gold
1932   The Fourth Horseman
1932   My Pal, the King
1932   The Texas Bad Man
1932   The Rider of Death Valley
1932   Destry Rides Again
1929   The Big Diamond Robbery
1929   The Drifter
1929   Outlawed
1928   King Cowboy
1928   The Son of the Golden West
1928   Painted Post
1928   Hello Cheyenne 
1928   A Horseman of the Plains
1928   Daredevil's Reward
1928   Hollywood Today No. 4
1927   The Arizona Wildcat
1927   Silver Valley
1927   Tumbling River
1927   The Circus Ace
1927   Outlaws of Red River
1927   The Broncho Twister
1927   The Last Trail
1926   The Canyon of Light
1926   The Great K & A Train Robbery
1926   No Man's Gold
1926   Hard Boiled
1926   Tony Runs Wild
1926   My Own Pal
1926   The Yankee SeƱor
1925   The Best Bad Man
1925   The Everlasting Whisper
1925   The Lucky Horseshoe
1925   The Rainbow Trail
1925   Riders of the Purple Sage
1925   Dick Turpin
1925   A Child of the Prairie
1924   The Deadwood Coach
1924   Teeth
1924   Oh, You Tony!
1924   The Last of the Duanes
1924   The Heart Buster
1924   The Trouble Shooter
1924   Ladies to Board
1924   Pals in Blue
1923   Eyes of the Forest
1923   North of Hudson Bay
1923   Mile-a-Minute Romeo
1923   The Lone Star Ranger
1923   Soft Boiled
1923   Stepping Fast
1923   Three Jumps Ahead
1923   Romance Land
1922   Catch My Smoke
1922   Tom Mix in Arabia
1922   Do and Dare
1922   Just Tony
1922   For Big Stakes
1922   The Fighting Streak
1922   Up and Going
1922   Chasing the Moon
1922   Sky High
1921   Trailin'
1921   The Rough Diamond
1921   The Night Horsemen
1921   After Your Own Heart
1921   The Big Town Round-Up
1921   A Ridin' Romeo
1921   Hands Off
1921   The Road Demon
1920   Prairie Trails
1920   The Texan
1920   The Untamed
1920   Three Gold Coins
1920   Days of Daring
1920   The Terror
1920   Desert Love
1920   The Daredevil
1920   The Cyclone
1919   The Feud
1919   The Speed Maniac
1919   Rough-Riding Romance
1919   The Wilderness Trail
1919   The Coming of the Law
1919   Fighting for Gold
1919   Hell-Roarin' Reform
1919   Treat 'Em Rough
1918   Fame and Fortune
1918   Mr. Logan, U.S.A.
1918   Who's Your Father?
1918   Ace High
1918   Western Blood
1918   Six Shooter Andy
1918   Cupid's Roundup
1917   The Law North of 65
1917   Tom and Jerry
1917   Durand of the Bad Lands
1917   A Soft Tenderfoot
1917   Six Cylinder Love
1917   A Roman Cowboy
1917   Hearts and Saddles
1917   The Saddle Girth
1917   The Heart of Texas Ryan
1917   Delayed in Transit
1917   The Luck That Jealousy Brought
1917   Starring in Western Stuff
1916   The Golden Thought
1916   Twisted Trails
1916   Mistakes Will Happen
1916   The Sheriff's Blunder 
1916   Tom's Sacrifice 
1916   A Close Call 
1916   An Eventful Evening
1916   A Mistake in Rustlers
1916   The Canby Hill Outlaws
1916   The Raiders
1916   A Corner in Water
1916   The Pony Express Rider
1916   The Taming of Grouchy Bill
1916   Tom's Strategy
1916   Roping a Sweetheart
1916   A Bear of a Story 
1916   A Western Masquerade
1916   An Angelic Attitude
1916   Local Color on the A-1 Ranch
1916   Shooting Up the Movies
1916   Legal Advice
1916   Some Duel
1916   The Girl of Gold Gulch
1916   Taking a Chance
1916   The Cowpuncher's Peril
1916   Going West to Make Good
1916   Crooked Trails
1916   $5,000 Reward
1916   Five Thousand-Dollar Elopement
1916   The Man Within
1916   Too Many Chefs
1916   Along the Border
1916   The Passing of Pete
1916   Making Good
1916   A Mix-Up in Movies
1916   In the Days of Daring
1916   The Way of the Redman
1915   On the Eagle Trail
1915   Bad Man Bobbs
1915   The Impersonation of Tom
1915   The Tenderfoot's Triumph
1915   The Chef at Circle G
1915   Athletic Ambitions
1915   The Race for a Gold Mine
1915   The Stagecoach Guard
1915   The Brave Deserve the Fair
1915   The Foreman's Choice
1915   The Girl and the Mail Bag
1915   Her Slight Mistake
1915   The Auction Sale of Run-Down Ranch
1915   The Range Girl and the Cowboy
1915   How Weary Went Wooing 
1915   I Never Again
1915   Foreman of Bar Z Ranch
1915   The Parson Who Fled West
1915   With the Aid of the Law
1915   The Heart of the Sheriff
1915   Pals in Blue
1915   Saved by Her Horse
1915   A Matrimonial Boomerang
1915   An Arizona Wooing
1915   Mrs. Murphy's Cooks
1915   Getting a Start in Life
1915   The Legal Light
1915   Ma's Girls
1915   The Outlaw's Bride 
1915   Jack's Pal
1915   Sagebrush Tom
1915   The Stagecoach Driver and the Girl
1915   The Man from Texas
1915   A Child of the Prairie
1915   Hearts of the Jungle
1915   Slim Higgins
1915   Bill Haywood, Producer
1915   Roping a Bride
1915   Forked Trails
1915   The Grizzly Gulch Chariot Race
1915   Cactus Jim's Shop Girl 
1915   Harold's Bad Man
1915   The Lone Cowboy
1914   Cactus Jake, Heart-Breaker
1914   The Man from the East
1914   Saved by a Watch
1914   The Rival Stage Lines
1914   In the Days of the Thundering Herd
1914   The Scapegoat
1914   Out of Petticoat Lane
1914   The Sheriff's Reward
1914   The Ranger's Romance
1914   The Losing Fight
1914   The Telltale Knife
1914   Why the Sheriff Is a Bachelor
1914   Jimmy Hayes and Muriel
1914   Garrison's Finish
1914   Your Girl and Mine: A Woman Suffrage Play
1914   The Mexican 
1914   The Way of the Redman
1914   The Moving Picture Cowboy
1914   Four Minutes Late
1914   Hearts and Masks
1914   The Fifth Man
1914   The Going of the White Swan
1914   The Livid Flame
1914   The Lonesome Trail
1914   I Jim
1914   When the West Was Young
1914   To Be Called For 
1914   Chip of the Flying U
1914   The White Mouse
1914   The Reveler
1914   Etienne of the Glad Heart
1914   When the Cook Fell Ill
1914   The Lure of the Ladies
1914   Wiggs Takes the Rest Cure
1914   The Wilderness Mail
1914   His Fight 
1914   The Leopard's Foundling
1914   In Defiance of the Law
1914   The Sheep Runners
1914   Shotgun Jones
1914   The Little Sister
1914   A Friend in Need
1914   By Unseen Hand
1914   Buffalo Hunting
1914   Finish
1913   Mother Love vs Gold
1913   Buster's Little Game
1913   Physical Culture on the Quarter Circle V Bar
1913   Cupid in the Cow Camp
1913   The Escape of Jim Dolan
1913   The Child of the Prairies
1913   The Sheriff and the Rustler
1913   The Schoolmarm's Shooting Match
1913   A Muddle in Horse Thieves
1913   Dishwash Dick's Counterfeit
1913   The Silver Grindstone
1913   Saved from the Vigilantes
1913   The Cattle Thief's Escape
1913   The Rejected Lover's Luck
1913   Tobias Wants Out
1913   Howlin' Jones
1913   How Betty Made Good
1913   The Good Indian
1913   An Apache's Gratitude
1913   The Stolen Moccasins
1913   The Taming of Texas Pete
1913   Budd Doble Comes Back
1913   Made a Coward
1913   Sallie's Sure Shot
1913   The Marshal's Capture
1913   Taming a Tenderfoot
1913   The Only Chance
1913   The Law and the Outlaw
1913   The Wordless Message
1913   Religion and Gun Practice
1913   The Noisy Six
1913   His Father's Deputy
1913   That Mail Order Suit
1913   The Shotgun Man and the Stage Driver
1913   A Prisoner of Cabanas 
1913   The Life Timer 
1913   Pauline Cushman, the Federal Spy 
1913   The Sheriff of Yavapai County
1913   Juggling with Fate
1913   The Range Law
1913   How It Happened
1913   I Local Color 
1912   The 'Diamond S' Ranch
1912   The Scapegoat 
1912   A Cowboy's Best Girl
1912   Outlaw Reward
1911   The Bully of Bingo Gulch
1911   A Romance of the Rio Grande
1911   The Telltale Knife
1911   In the Days of Gold
1911   Western Hearts
1911   Lost in the Jungle
1911   Why the Sheriff Is a Bachelor
1911   Told in Colorado
1911   Wheels of Justice
1911   Dad's Girls
1911   Kit Carson's Wooing
1911   Life on the Border
1911   Saved by the Pony Express
1911   Rescued by Her Lions
1911   The Rose of Old St. Augustine
1911   Back to the Primitive
1911   In Old California When the Gringos Came
1911   The Cowboy and the Shrew
1911   The Man from the East
1910   Two Boys in Blue
1910   The Schoolmaster of Mariposa
1910   Lost in the Soudan
1910   The Cowboy's Strategem
1910   The Way of the Red Man
1910   Go West, Young Woman, Go West
1910   The Range Riders
1910   Trimming of Paradise Gulch
1910   Mr. Mix at the Mardi Gras
1910   Pride of the Range
1910   Taming Wild Animals
1909   Briton and Boer
1909   The Cowboy Millionaire

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