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Tom Laughlin ACTOR


Tom Laughlin was born on August 10th, 1931 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with the middle name Robert.  After high school he went on to study at the University of Wisconsin and then later transferred to Marquette University where he played college football. 
His interest in acting first developed when he attended a production of, "A Streetcar Named Desire".  He then continued playing college football but also joined the theater program.  In addition, Laughlin formed his own stock group and not only acted but also directed the stage production of, "All My Sons". 
Laughlin then made his third college transfer to the University of South Dakota, this time focusing his major in radio acting, directing and producing.  After earning his college degree he began to pursue a career as an actor.
His work first started with appearing on the television series, "Climax!" (1955) followed by, "Matinee Theater" (1955), "Front Row Center" (1956) and "Navy Log" (1955-1956).  In addition to his early television work he also added such film credits to his resume as, "These Wilder Years" (1956), "Tea and Sympathy"(1956), "The Delinquents" (1957), "Lafayette Escadrille" (1958), "South Pacific" (1958) and "Senior Prom" (1958).
In addition to his acting he also directed his first film, "The Proper Time" which released in 1960.  Other films he directed over the course of his career were, "The Born Losers" (1967), "Billy Jack" (1971), "The Trail of Billy Jack" (1974) and "Billy Jack Goes to Washington" (1977).
In the early 1960's, he took a break from acting to open a Montessori preschool in Santa Monica, California which became the largest preschool of this type in California, although by 1965, the school went bankrupt.  He then returned back to acting and directing.
Some of his latest acting roles before retiring were in the films, "The Master Gunfighter" (1975), "Voyage of the Damned" (1976), "The Big Sleep" (1978) and "The Legend of the Lone Ranger" (1981).
After retiring he turned his focus onto politics and tried to run for President of the United States in 1992, 2004 and again in 2008.  He also became a published author writing numerous books on Jungian psychology and has developed a number of theories regarding the causes of cancer.  
Tom Laughlin has married only one time to Delores Taylor whom he wed in 1954 and remains married today to her with three children.  He resides in Camarillo, California and currently suffers from Coeliac disease which is an auto-immune disorder.


1981   The Legend of the Lone Ranger 

1978   The Big Sleep 

1977   Billy Jack Goes to Washington

1976   Voyage of the Damned 

1976   The Littlest Horse Thieves 

1975   The Master Gunfighter

1974   The Trial of Billy Jack 

1974   Callan

1971   Billy Jack 

1967   The Born Losers 

1965   Like Father, Like Son 

1960   Tall Story 

1960   The Proper Time

1959   Tales of Wells Fargo 

1959   Battle of the Coral Sea 

1959   Riverboat

1959   The Deputy 

1957-1959  Wagon Train

1959   Gidget 

1959   M Squad 

1958   Senior Prom 

1958   Lux Playhouse 

1958   Man with a Camera 

1958   Lafayette Escadrille 

1958   South Pacific

1958   Flight 

1957   The Silent Service

1957   The Walter Winchell File 

1957   The Delinquents

1956   The Millionaire 

1956   Tea and Sympathy 

1956   These Wilder Years

1955-1956  Navy Log

1956   Front Row Center

1955   Matinee Theatre 

1955   Climax!

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