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Tom Brown ACTOR

Tom Brown was born on January 6th, 1913 in New York City, New York, with the birth name Thomas Edward Brown.   He began his career as a child model and later it developed into a television and film actor.
At the age of two years old he was already making money as a model.  He posed as Buster Brown and the Buick boy.  As his career progressed he was acting in films by the age of eleven adding such credits to his resume as, "The Hoosier Schoolmaster" (1924) starring Henry Hull, Jane Thomas, Frank Dane and Mary Foy, "Syncopation" (1929) with Barbara Bennett, Bobby Watson and Ian Hunter, "Queen High" (1930) co-starring Charlie Ruggles, Frank Morgan, Eleanor Powell and Ginger Rogers, "Fast Companions" (1932) with James Gleason and Maureen O'Sullivan, "Hell's Highway" (1932) starring Rochelle Hudson, Warner Richmond, Charles Middleton, Oscar Apfel, Clarence Muse and John Forrest 'Fuzzy' Knight and "Judge Priest" (1934) starring alongside Will Rogers, Charlie Grapewin, David Landau, Rochelle Hudson, Henry B. Walthall, Anita Louise, Francis Ford, Hattie McDaniel and Stepin Fetchit.
He received his education at new York Professional Children's School and took a brief break from his acting career to serve in the United States Army during World War II.  Upon completing his military service, Brown returned to acting.
Some of his more well known roles were on the films, "The Payoff" (1942) starring Lee Tracy, Evelyn Brent, Jack La Rue, Ian Keith, Tina Thayer, Robert Middlemass, Harry C. Bradley and Forrest Taylor, "The Adventures of Smilin' Jack" (1943) also starring Marjorie Lord, Keye Luke, Edgar Barrier, Sidney Toler, Rose Hobart, Turhan Bey, Philip Ahn and Nigel De Brulier, "Buck Privates Come Home" (1947) starring Abbott and Costello, Nat Pendleton and Joan Fulton, "Ringside" (1949) starring Don 'Red' Barry, Sheila Ryan, Margia Dean, Lyle Talbot, Joseph Crehan, John Cason and William Edmunds and "The Choppers" (1961) starring Arch Hall Jr., Marianne Gaba, Chuck Barnes and Robert Paget.

Most of his career was mainly focused on television roles with some of the more successful ones appearing on the series, "The Adventures of Jim Bowie", "Gunsmoke", "The Lone Ranger", "Playhouse 90", "Rocky Jones, Space Ranger", "Lock Up", "How to Marry a Millionaire", "Cavalcade of America", "The Public Defender", "Zane Grey Theatre", "General Hospital", "Days of Our Lives", "This is the Life", "Dragnet", "The Rifleman", "Circus Boy", "Code 3", "Have Gun - Will Travel", "Sugarfoot", "Perry Mason" and "Sea Hunt" among many others.

His final acting role was between 1975 and 1979 on the television series, "The Jeffersons".  he then retired from the industry and passed away on June 3rd, 1990 in Woodland Hills, California after suffering from cancer.  He was survived by two sons and one daughter.


1975-1979     The Jeffersons
1975-1976     Days of Our Lives 
1976         Ellery Queen 
1959-1975     Gunsmoke
1970         The High Chaparral 
1970         Cutter's Trail
1969         The Name of the Game
1967-1968     Cimarron Strip 
1966         Mister Roberts 
1964         Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre 
1963         General Hospital 
1963         McHale's Navy
1962         The Untouchables
1962         Ripcord
1962         The Rifleman
1961         The Choppers
1961         77 Sunset Strip
1961         Pete and Gladys 
1959-1961     Peter Gunn 
1959-1960     Mr. Lucky 
1960         Men Into Space 
1960         Lassie 
1960         Lock Up 
1959         Colt .45
1959         World of Giants
1958-1959     Sea Hunt
1959         Perry Mason
1959         Sugarfoot
1959         Mackenzie's Raiders
1958         December Bride 
1958         Have Gun - Will Travel 
1958         How to Marry a Millionaire
1958         The Adventures of Jim Bowie 
1958         Zane Grey Theatre
1958         The Notorious Mr. Monks
1956-1958     Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre
1956-1958     The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp
1958         Flight
1957         Official Detective
1957         Maverick
1957         Lux Video Theatre
1957         Code 3
1954-1957     The Lone Ranger
1957         Circus Boy
1957         The O. Henry Playhouse 
1957         Hey, Jeannie! 
1957         The Quiet Gun
1957         Dr. Christian
1956         Ethel Barrymore Theater 
1956         Dragnet 
1956         Playhouse 90
1956         Naked Gun
1956         I Killed Wild Bill Hickok
1956         This Is the Life
1955         Schlitz Playhouse 
1954-1955     The Whistler 
1954-1955     Willy 
1955         The Adventures of Falcon 
1954         The Public Defender
1954         Rocky Jones, Space Ranger 
1954         Fireman Save My Child
1954         Waterfront 
1953         Cavalcade of America 
1950         Operation Haylift
1949         Ringside
1949         Duke of Chicago
1948         Slippy McGee
1947         Buck Privates Come Home
1943         The Adventures of Smilin' Jack
1942         The Pay Off
1942         Youth on Parade
1942         There's One Born Every Minute
1942         Let's Get Tough!
1942         Hello, Annapolis
1942         Sleepytime Gal
1941         Niagara Falls
1941         Three Sons o' Guns
1941         Hello, Sucker
1940         Margie
1940         Sandy Is a Lady
1940         Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me
1940         Oh Johnny, How You Can Love
1939         These Glamour Girls
1939         Ex-Champ
1939         Big Town Czar
1939         Sergeant Madden
1938         The Duke of West Point
1938         The Storm
1938         Swing That Cheer
1938         Goodbye Broadway
1938         Merrily We Live
1937         Navy Blue and Gold
1937         The Man Who Cried Wolf
1937         That Man's Here Again
1937         Jim Hanvey, Detective
1937         Maytime
1937         Her Husband Lies
1937         In Old Chicago
1936         Rose Bowl
1936         I'd Give My Life
1936         And Sudden Death
1936         Gentle Julia
1935         Freckles
1935         Annapolis Farewell
1935         Black Sheep
1935         Mary Jane's Pa
1935         Sweepstake Annie
1934         Bachelor of Arts
1934         Anne of Green Gables
1934         Judge Priest
1934         The Witching Hour
1934         This Side of Heaven
1934         Two Alone
1933         Three-Cornered Moon
1933         Central Airport
1933         Destination Unknown
1933         Laughter in Hell
1932         Hell's Highway
1932         Tom Brown of Culver
1932         Fast Companions
1932         The Famous Ferguson Case
1930         Queen High
1929         The Lady Lies
1929         Syncopation
1925         The Wrongdoers
1924         The Hoosier Schoolmaster

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