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Tim Holt ACTOR


Tim Holt was born on February 5th, 1918 in Beverly Hills, California with the birth name Charles John Holt III to parents Jack Holt and Margaret Woods. His father was employed as a character actor and worked on a number of silents and talkies.  When Holt was ten years old he debuted in one of his fathers westerns, "The Vanishing Pioneer" (1928).  Holt then attended Beverly Hills High School until he became aware of a school known for it's great horsemanship program.  So he went on to study at Culver Military Academy in Culver, Indiana where he completed his education in 1936.
He studied at UNC and also met his first wife there who was his college sweetheart, Virginia Ashcroft in 1928.  He decided to try and follow in his fathers footsteps and attempt a career in show business.
In 1936, he began with working with various stock companies and then decided to try and enter the film industry.  He asked the producer of a play he was working on if he could get set up for a screen test in Hollywood and the results were a contract with Wanger.  He first worked on, "History Is Made at Night" (1937) with just a small bit part.  He got noticed by critics with his role on, "Stella Dallas" (1937) and also "Gold is Where You Find It" (1938).  He was very athletic and had been raised riding horses.  He was able to put his skills to good use with a role on, "The Law West of Tombstone" (1938) followed by a chance to work with John Ford in, "Stagecoach" (1939) starring John Wayne.   
As his career moved into the 1940's, he was only twenty years old but had already gained a lot of recognition and experience under his belt.  He got the opportunity to work with Orson Welles on, "The Magnificent Ambersons" (1942) followed by a role playing a Nazi in, "Hitler's Children" (1943).  His career was heading in the right direction and ironically his sister, Jennifer Holt was also becoming highly involved as a leading star in the Western film genre as well.
However, Holt decided to take a brief break from acting and he joined the United State Army Air Force as a B-29 bombardier during World War II.  He was injured in Tokyo and received a Purple Heart.
After he completed serving his country, he went right back to pursuing his career with a role in, "My Darling Clementine" (1946) directed by John Ford and starring Henry Fonda, Victor Mature, Linda Darnell and Walter Brennan.  Tim got the opportunity to work with his father on screen for the film, "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" (1946) starring alongside Humphrey Bogart and John Huston, which is considered one of his best performances and earned him a large amount of respect in the industry.  He also co starred with his dad on, "The Arizona Ranger" (1948). 
He continued to work on more westerns with RKO Productions and was earning himself a decent living being known as one of the top ten ranked money making western stars.  However in 1952, he appeared in another RKO film, "Desert Package" and was so disappointed with the film he decided to leave the film industry.
Holt did make a return to films one more time in 1957 on the sci-fi horror, "The Monster That Challenged the World", but directly after filming he went right back to retirement.  Holt resided in Oklahoma on a ranch with his third wife, Birdee Stephens and his three children.

Tim Holt was diagnosed with Bone Cancer in August, 1972 and could not fight the disease, passing away on February 15th, 1973. He was buried in Oklahoma and interred in the Memory Lane Cemetery in Harrah, Oklahoma where he resided.   
In 1991, Tim Holt was inducted into the Western Performers Hall of Fame at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Tim Holt was also a recipient of the Golden Boot Award in 1992.  
1971   This Stuff'll Kill Ya! 
1969   The Virginian
1963   The Yesterday Machine
1957   The Monster That Challenged the World 
1954   Schlitz Playhouse
1952   Desert Passage 
1952   Target 
1952   Road Agent
1952   Trail Guide 
1951   Overland Telegraph
1951   Hot Lead 
1951   Pistol Harvest 
1951   His Kind of Woman 
1951   Gunplay 
1951   Saddle Legion 
1951   Law of the Badlands
1950   Rio Grande Patrol 
1950   Border Treasure 
1950   Rider from Tucson  
1950   Storm Over Wyoming 
1950   Dynamite Pass 
1950   Riders of the Range 
1949   The Mysterious Desperado 
1949   Masked Raiders 
1949   Stagecoach Kid 
1949   Rustlers 
1949   Brothers in the Saddle 
1948   Gun Smugglers 
1948   Indian Agent 
1948   Guns of Hate 
1948   The Arizona Ranger 
1948   Western Heritage 
1948   The Treasure of the Sierra Madre 
1947   Wild Horse Mesa  
1947   Thunder Mountain  
1947   Under the Tonto Rim 
1946   My Darling Clementine  
1943   The Avenging Rider 
1943   Sagebrush Law  
1943   Fighting Frontier 
1943   Hitler's Children  
1942   Red River Robin Hood 
1942   Pirates of the Prairie 
1942   Bandit Ranger 
1942   Thundering Hoofs 
1942   The Magnificent Ambersons 
1942   Come on Danger
1942   Land of the Open Range 
1942   Riding the Wind
1941   Dude Cowboy 
1941   The Bandit Trail 
1941   Six-Gun Gold 
1941   Cyclone on Horseback  
1941   Robbers of the Range 
1941   Along the Rio Grande 
1941   Back Street  
1941   Know for Sure
1940   The Fargo Kid  
1940   Wagon Train 
1940   Swiss Family Robinson 
1940   Laddie 
1939   5th Ave Girl 
1939   The Girl and the Gambler 
1939   The Rookie Cop 
1939   The Spirit of Culver
1939   Stagecoach 
1938   The Law West of Tombstone
1938   Sons of the Legion
1938   The Renegade Ranger 
1938   Gold Is Where You Find It  
1938   I Met My Love Again 
1937   Stella Dallas
1937   History Is Made at Night
1928   The Vanishing Pioneer 
1927   French Dressing 

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