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Theda Bara ACTOR


Theda Bara was born on July 29th, 1885 in Avondale, Ohio with the birth name Theodosia Burr Goodman.  As a young girl she developed an interest in performing arts and so after High School she chose to follow her interest and pursue a career as an actress. 
Bara relocated to New York City and soon found work as a stage actress appearing in such productions as, "The Devil".  Soon she joined a touring company to gain more experience and upon her return to New York she began submitting herself to casting agencies to try and get into films.

Theda was cast as an extra for one film, "The Stain" (1914) which soon followed with a lead role in the film, "A Fool There Was" (1915).  Being already thirty years old, Bara became the first actress that publicists fabricated her background to earn her attention from viewers.  They said she was an Arabian Princess and she was photographed with snakes and skulls making the public intrigued by her.
As her career progressed she starred in such films as, "Kreutzer Sonata", "Carmen", "Sin", "The Two Orphans", "Lady Audley's Secret" and "The Clemenceau Case" (all 1915).  When Fox Studio decided to relocate to Los Angeles they took Theda Bara with them as she was part of their success on the East Coast.
Living in Hollywood kept her just as busy starring in such films as, "Cleopatra" (1917), "The Rose of Blood" (1917), "The Soul of Buddha" (1918) and "The Lure of Ambition" (1919).  Sadly after filming the later film, Fox ended her contract and for some reason she was never able to reach the level of popularity and stardom that she had become accustomed too.  Her final film role was in 1926 in, "Madame Mystery" and she then retired from the film industry completely.

At the age of sixty nine, Theda passed away from abdominal cancer on April 7th, 1955 in Los Angeles, California.  She married only once to British born director, Charles Brabin in 1921 and they remained together until she passed away.  She never had any of her own children and there has never been another actress as unique and characteristic as Theda Bara.  


1926 Madame Mystery
1925 The Unchastened Woman
1921 The Prince of Silence
1919 The Lure of Ambition
1919 La belle Russe
1919 Kathleen Mavourneen
1919 A Woman There Was
1919 The Siren's Song
1919 When Men Desire
1919 The Light 
1918 The She Devil 
1918 When a Woman Sins 
1918 Salome
1918 Under the Yoke 
1918 The Soul of Buddha 
1918 The Forbidden Path 
1917 Madame Du Barry 
1917 The Rose of Blood 
1917 Cleopatra 
1917 Camille 
1917 Heart and Soul 
1917 Her Greatest Love
1917 The Tiger Woman
1917 The Darling of Paris 
1916 The Vixen
1916 Romeo and Juliet 
1916 Her Double Life
1916 Under Two Flags
1916 East Lynne
1916 The Eternal Sappho
1916 Gold and the Woman
1916 The Serpent
1915 Destruction
1915 The Galley Slave
1915 Carmen
1915 Sin
1915 The Two Orphans
1915 Lady Audley's Secret 
1915 The Devil's Daughter
1915 The Clemenceau Case 
1915 Kreutzer Sonata 
1915 A Fool There Was 
1915 Siren of Hell 
1914 The Stain 

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