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The Beatles ACTOR

The Beatles are perhaps the most famous music group in history, with record breaking albums and the largest fan following ever. However, they also made contributions to other areas, like art, fashion, literature, and film. Their songs and images helped to carry messages of peace, love, imagination, and liberation, and broke open the minds of millions of people to make a lasting impact on human society.

The band formed in the late 1950's in Liverpool, England, with guitarists Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and John Lennon, bassist Stu Sutcliffe, and drummer Pete Best. They were originally a skiffle band, which was a British variation of an American folk group. They also incorporated other various American music styles like the blues, pop, and rock ‘n’ roll. Early names of the band included The Quarrymen, Johnny & the Moon Dogs, and The Silver Beetles. John Lennon was the one who finally came up with the name The Beatles, which was a hybrid of beat and beetle. By the early 1960's they had developed quite a fan following in Hamburg, Germany. Quickly they gained popularity elsewhere, including their home town of Liverpool.

In 1961 Sutcliffe left the group. Soon after they hired a manager, Brian Epstein, who helped them create their image, appear well mannered in public, and establish a following with the more conservative media of their time. They signed a record deal in 1962, and soon after Best left the band and Ringo Starr was incorporated as their new drummer. By 1963 The Beatles had become an English sensation, and America hopped on board a year later in 1964. During this time they also made numerous television appearances on shows like “The Morecambe & Wise Show” (1963) and “Ready, Steady, Go!” (1963-64) and TV movies and documentaries such as “The Mersey Sound” (1963) and “Big Beat ‘64” (1964). They began their acting career as a band in the television film “The Royal Variety Performance 1963” (1963). Shortly after they made their first movie, director Richard Lester’s “A Hard Day's Night” (1964). This picture was a loosely scripted comedy following them as they make their way to a London television show taping. During their trip, Ringo Starr goes missing, but he returns just in the nick of time to perform before in front of the TV audience.

Lester directed their subsequent feature, too, called “Help!” (1965), which was about a cult that chased after the band to obtain a holy sacrificial ring that was stuck to Ringo Starr’s finger. The The film was shot in exotic locations and was the first of The Beatle films to be shot in color.  It had a much larger budget than their first, but failed to attract quite the same attention as did their debut. In 1965 they also had their own TV show, appropriately titled “The Beatles”.  As their fame grew, so did their guest appearances. For instance, they starred five times on “The Ed Sullivan Show” (1964-66) and twelve times on “Thank Your Lucky Stars” (1963-66).  In 1967 they produced their own television film, “Magical Mystery Tour”, which besides its few good songs and handful of good scenes, was rather amateurish.

A year later they provided music for an animated feature called “Yellow Submarine” (1968), which offered an innovative graphic style and emotionally stinging plotline. They also made an onscreen appearance at the draw of the feature. Their final motion picture was the documentary “Let It Be” (1970), and it served as a chronicle of the band’s break up. However, it also featured their epic impromptu performance on the roof of the Apple building in Savile Row. They won an Academy Award for Best Music for the film.

After the division of the band, each member continued to feed their hunger for film, and acted, directed, produced, or did all three. The Beatles as a band also continued to be the object for a number of documentaries, including “Ready Steady Go, Volume 1” (1983), “Ready Steady, Go Volume 2” (1985), and “American Masters” (2007).

2007   American Masters 
2004   The Solo Years: Paul McCartney 
1995   The History of Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 3 
1985   Ready Steady Go, Volume 2 
1983   Ready Steady Go, Volume 1 
1977   All You Need Is Love 
1972   Sympathy for the Devil
1970   Let It Be
1969   The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour 
1968   The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour 
1968   Yellow Submarine 
1967   Magical Mystery Tour
1966   El rey en Londres 
1966   Tokyo Concert
1966   Tilt 
1965   Help!
1965   The Beatles 
1965   The Eamonn Andrews Show 
1965   New Musical Express Poll Winners' Concert 
1964   Top of the Pops
1964   Blackpool Night Out
1964   The Ed Sullivan Show
1964   Big Beat '64 
1964   New Musical Express Poll Winners' Concert
1964   Variety Club Awards 
1964   Big Night Out 
1964   What's Happening! The Beatles in the U.S.A.
1964   A Hard Day's Night 
1963   The Royal Variety Performance 1963
1963   Thank Your Lucky Stars
1963   Ready, Steady, Go!   
1963   The Mersey Sound 
1963   Pops and Lenny 
1963   The Morecambe & Wise Show
1963   Val Parnell's Sunday Night at the London Palladium

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