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Tallulah Bankhead ACTOR


Tallulah Bankhead was born on January 31st, 1902 in Huntsville, Alabama with the birth name Tallulah Brockman Bankhead.  Her father was involved in politics served as a speaker of the US House of Representatives from 1936 through 1940.
As a child, Bankhead had aspirations of becoming an actress and at the age of fifteen she got involved in working on the stage in the local theater troupes.  When she turned sixteen she entered a beauty contest and won which gave her confidence and huge boost and she decided to move to New York City, live with her aunt and give Broadway a try.  

In 1920 she was offered a role in a production of, "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", but turned it down and did not seem to get any other Broadway roles offered to her so she decided to pick up and relocate to London and try her luck as a stage actress there.
She was welcomed in London and became one of the most well known female stage actresses for quite a few years.  Soon Paramount Pictures took notice of her and she was invited to the United States.  She relocated and starred in two films, "Woman's Law" (1927) and "His House in Order" (1928).  However, neither were very successful and she returned to stage acting again.
In 1931 she took another film role on, "Tarnished Lady" followed by, "My Sin" (1931) and "The Cheat" (also 1931).  Even though none of her film work was great she continued to pursue a career as a film actress and worked on such films as, "Thunder Below", "Make Me A Star" and "Devil and the Deep" (all 1932).  None of these did her any justice either, so she returned to acting on the stage and touring for the next eleven years not appearing on the big screen at all.    

In 1943, she took another chance at working in films with a role in, "Stage Door Canteen" and then appeared in, "Lifeboat" (1944), "A Royal Scandal" (1945) and "Die! Die! My Darling" (1965).  Bankhead never managed to reach the level of stardom as a film actress and for the remainder of her career she returned to where her talent shined best, as a stage actress.

Tallulah Bankhead married only one time to John Emery in 1937 and they divorced in 1941 and had no children together.  She never remarried and on December 12th, 1968 she passed away in New York City, New York from double pneumonia, influenza and emphysema due from smoking 150 cigarettes a day. 


1967 Batman
1966 The Daydreamer
1965 The Red Skelton Hour 
1965 Die! Die! My Darling! 
1954-1962 The United States Steel Hour
1957 G.E. True Theater
1957 Schlitz Playhouse
1945 A Royal Scandal 
1944 Lifeboat 
1943 Stage Door Canteen

1932 Faithless 
1932 Devil and the Deep 
1932 Thunder Below 
1931 The Cheat 
1931 My Sin 
1931 Tarnished Lady 
1928 His House in Order 
1919 The Trap 
1918 Thirty a Week 
1918 When Men Betray 
1918 Who Loved Him Best?     

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