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Susan Saint James ACTOR


Susan Saint James was born on August 14th, 1946 in Los Angeles, California with the birth name Susan Jane Miller to parents Constance and Charles.  Susan had two siblings a sister, Mary Mercedes Dewey and a brother, Chuck Miller.  As a teenager she became involved in modeling both in the United States and in France. 
She soon decided to try her chances as a film actress in her home town of Los Angeles and things came quite easy for her as she landed a seven year contract with Universal Studios. 
Her first big job was working on a television show called, "Fame is the Name of the Game" (1966) which was highly successful and followed with a film role portraying the same character, "The Name of the Game" (1968) and she even earned an Emmy during the 1968-1969 season.
Some of her other work was a recurring role in, "It Takes a Thief" (1968) and in the series "McMillian & Wife" (1971-1976).  She also appeared on the big screen in, "Outlaw Blues" (1977) and "Love at First Bite" (1979).
Her most well known role was on the popular television series, "Kate & Allie" (1984) which lasted five seasons.  After she completed the fifth season, she decided she was ready to enter retirement and relocated to Connecticut and focus on raising her family.  She also spent a lot of her free time donating efforts towards charitable causes such as, The Special Olympics. 
Susan would continue to remain out of the limelight, but did make a couple television appearances such as on, "The Drew Carey Show" (1995).  She was married a total of three times.  Her first husband was Richard Neubert from 1967 through 1968.  She then married Tom Lucas in 1971 and they had two children before divorcing in 1977.  Her third marriage was to Dick Eberson on November 21st, 1981 and together they had three more children and are still married today and living in Connecticut.
In 2008 she was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contribution to the Motion Picture Industry.  Susan currently runs Seedling & Pip which is a company that creates gift baskets for newborn babies.  


2006 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 
1996 The Drew Carey Show
1984-1989 Kate & Allie
1983 After George
1983 I Take These Men 
1982 Don't Cry, It's Only Thunder 
1982 The Kid from Nowhere
1981 Carbon Copy 
1980 How to Beat the High Co$t of Living 
1980 M*A*S*H
1979 S.O.S. Titanic 
1979 Sex and the Single Parent 
1979 Love at First Bite 
1979 The Girls in the Office 
1978 Desperate Women 
1978 Night Cries 
1977 Outlaw Blues
1976 Scott Free 
1976 The Mac Davis Show
1971-1976 McMillan & Wife
1972 Magic Carpet 
1968-1971 The Name of the Game 
1971 Alias Smith and Jones 
1970 McCloud 
1970 Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County
1968-1970 It Takes a Thief 
1968 Jigsaw 
1968 What's So Bad About Feeling Good? 
1968 Where Angels Go Trouble Follows! 
1967-1968 Ironside
1968 P.J. 
1967 Ready and Willing 
1966 Fame Is the Name of the Game

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