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Sterling Holloway ACTOR


Sterling Holloway was born on January 4th, 1905 in Cedartown, Georgia with the birth name Sterling Price Holloway Jr. to parents Sterling P. Holloway Sr. and Rebecca Boothby Holloway.  He had one younger brother, Boothby and in 1912 his father served as mayor of Cedartown. 
As a child Holloway became exposed to show business playing comic juveniles on stage.  He had very red hair and a very high voice which helped him when he went from working on silent films into the sound era.  By the age of fifteen he was enrolled with the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and he also gained acting experience as a teenager touring with a stock company doing, "The Shepherd of the Hills".   
His first picture was in the silent film "The Battling Kangaroo" (1926) portraying Napoleon French and his big break into the industry came in 1925 when he introduced Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart's first hit song, "Manhattan" in the Broadway play, "Garrick Gaieties".
In 1931 he worked with the Pasadena Playhouse on was cast in the musical comedy, "Hullabaloo" which lead to a role in, "Blonde Venus" (1932) starring Marlene Dietrich, Herbert Marshall, Cary Grant, Dickie Moore, Robert Emmett O'Connor and Sidney Toler.  Then in 1933 he worked with Paramount Pictures, "Alice and Wonderland", then in 1944 a Walt Disney animation "The Three Caballeros" and in 1951 he worked on this film again, this time with Disney Pictures playing the voice of Cheshire Cat.      
Holloway was drafted by the Army in 1942 and served with the Special Services. During his service he develop a military-themed show called "Hey Rookie" which ran for nine months in Los Angeles and profited $350,000 for the Army Relief Fund.
When he completed his service he returned back to the acting industry and worked on a number of films and television shows.  He was cast at the character, Uncle Oscar on, "Adventures of Superman" (1952) which followed later with a television series on his own. 

Sterling appeared on several television shows in cluding "The Life of Riley", "Climax!", "The Red Skelton Hour", "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin", "Burke's Law", "Zane Grey Theatre", "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" and "Circus Boy" just to name a few.

He is also very well known for his voice over work, the majority playing a number of Disney characters and is most known as the voice of, Winnie the Pooh. 
Although he never married, Sterling Holloway did adopt a son named Richard Holloway who survived him when Holloway passed away on November 22nd, 1992 in Los Angeles, California after suffering a heart attack. 

1986 Moonlighting 
1984 We Think the World Is Round 
1979 Tukiki and His Search for a Merry Christmas 
1978 Christmas at Walt Disney World 
1977 Thunder and Lightning 
1977 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh 
1976 Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood 
1976 Super Seal 
1976 Tony the Pony
1975 Cries 
1974 Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too 
1974 Man, Monsters and Mysteries 
1973 NBC Children's Theatre
1973 Love, American Style
1970 The AristoCats 
1969 It Takes a Thief 
1968 Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day 
1968 Live a Little, Love a Little
1967 Daktari 
1967 The Jungle Book
1967 Gilligan's Island 
1967 Family Affair 
1966 That Girl
1966 F Troop
1966 Please Don't Eat the Daisies
1966 Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree 
1964-1965 The Baileys of Balboa 
1964 Linus! The Lion Hearted 
1964 Burke's Law 
1964 Twilight Zone 
1963 Hazel 
1963 It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World 
1963 My Six Loves 
1962 The Andy Griffith Show 
1962 Margie 
1961 Miami Undercover
1961 Pete and Gladys 
1961 Zane Grey Theatre 
1960 The Brothers Brannagan
1960 Shirley Temple Theatre 
1960 The Real McCoys 
1960 The Magic Land of Alakazam 
1960 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
1960 Peter Gunn
1960 The Untouchables
1960 Goliath II
1959 Five Fingers 
1956-1958 The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin 
1957 Circus Boy 
1957 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
1957 Hemo the Magnificent 
1957 Climax! 
1956 Shake, Rattle & Rock! 
1956 Our Mr. Sun
1956 Kentucky Rifle 
1956 The Red Skelton Hour 
1953-1956 The Life of Riley 
1953-1955 Adventures of Superman 
1953 Ben and Me 
1953 The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet 
1952 The Little House 
1952 Susie the Little Blue Coupe 
1952 Lambert the Sheepish Lion 
1951 Alice in Wonderland
1951 The Fred Waring Show
1949 The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend 
1949 Addio Mimí! 
1949 Your Show Time
1948 Flat Feat
1948 Man or Mouse
1947 Speaking of Animals No. Y7-1: Dog Crazy
1947 Mickey and the Beanstalk
1947 Hectic Honeymoon
1947 Robin Hood of Texas
1947 Saddle Pals 
1947 Twilight on the Rio Grande 
1947 Scooper Dooper 
1947 Trail to San Antone 
1946 Moron Than Off
1946 Sioux City Sue 
1946 Peter and the Wolf
1946 Death Valley 
1946 Mr. Wright Goes Wrong
1946 Make Mine Music 
1945 A Walk in the Sun
1945 Wildfire 
1945 The Cold-Blooded Penguin
1944 The Three Caballeros
1944 The Pelican and the Snipe
1942 Here We Go Again
1942 Iceland
1942 Bambi
1942 The Lady Is Willing 
1942 Don't Get Personal 
1941 Look Who's Laughing 
1941 Dumbo 
1941 Top Sergeant Mulligan 
1941 New Wine 
1941 Meet John Doe 
1941 Cheers for Miss Bishop 
1940 Little Men 
1940 Street of Memories
1940 Hit Parade of 1941 
1940 Remember the Night
1940 The Blue Bird 
1939 Nick Carter, Master Detective 
1939 St. Louis Blues 
1938 Spring Madness 
1938 Professor Beware 
1938 Held for Ransom 
1938 Dr. Rhythm
1938 Of Human Hearts 
1937 Behind the Mike 
1937 Varsity Show 
1937 The Woman I Love
1937 When Love Is Young
1937 Maid of Salem 
1937 Join the Marines
1936 Career Woman
1936 Palm Springs
1935 Rendezvous 
1935 1,000 Dollars a Minute
1935 I Live My Life
1935 Doubting Thomas
1935 Bring 'Em Back a Lie
1935 My Girl Sally
1935 Life Begins at Forty
1935 Tomorrow's Youth 
1935 The Lottery Lover
1935 Father Knows Best 
1934 A Wicked Woman 
1934 Girl o' My Dreams 
1934 Sterling's Rival Romeo
1934 The Merry Widow 
1934 Gift of Gab 
1934 Down to Their Last Yacht 
1934 Picnic Perils
1934 The Back Page
1934 Murder in the Private Car
1934 Pleasing Grandpa
1934 Operator 13
1934 Strictly Dynamite 
1934 Born April First
1934 The Cat and the Fiddle 
1934 Tomorrow's Children
1933 Going Hollywoo
1933 Alice in Wonderland 
1933 Meeting Mazie
1933 Advice to the Lovelorn
1933 Dancing Lady 
1933 Not the Marrying Kind
1933 Wild Boys of the Road
1933 When Ladies Meet 
1933 Professional Sweetheart 
1933 Gold Diggers of 1933 
1933 International House 
1933 One Track Minds
1933 Adorable 
1933 Picture Snatcher 
1933 Hell Below 
1933 Fast Workers
1933 Blondie Johnson 
1933 Hard to Handle 
1932 Lawyer Man
1932 Rockabye
1932 Faithless
1932 Blonde Venus 
1932 American Madness 
1928 The Girl from Nowhere
1927 The Girl from Everywhere
1927 Casey at the Bat
1926 The Battling Kangaroo 

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Matinee Classics - Shake, Rattle and Rock starring Mike Connors, Lisa Gaye, Sterling Holloway, Douglass Dumbrille, Raymond Hatton, Margaret Dumont, Percy Helton, Paul Dubov, Eddie Kafafian, Charles Evans, Clarence Kolb, Fats Domino, Joe Turner, Tommy Charles, Jimmy Pickford and Leon Tyler
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