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Stephen McNally ACTOR


Stephen McNally, born July 29, 1913, was an American actor most noted for his involvement in many action and western films.  Originally, McNally was a lawyer, but in the 1930's he decided to pursue acting. He began his career onstage under his birth name of Horace McNally.  The actor’s first non-theatrical performance was in the short “Inflation” (1942). McNally was nearly thirty, however, when he made his film debut.  Under contract by Metro Goldwyn Meyer in 1942 and 1943, the actor played his first role in a movie in the crime/drama picture “Grand Central Murder” (1942).  While with MGM, he continued playing in features such as “The War Against Mrs. Hadley” (1942) and “Air Raid Warrens” (1943), as well as shorts, including “Rover’s Big Chance” (1942) and “For God and Country” (1943).
In 1946, the actor’s career finally started to look up. He changed his name from Horace, to Stephen, and his screen image concurrently became rougher, but more notable.  McNally began portraying both 'tough guy' heroes and villains alike in a plethora of pictures.  The actor played memorably despicable characters in both the Oscar and Golden Globe winning drama “Johnny Belinda” (1948) as well as the man-hunt centered western “Winchester ‘73” (1950) starring along side James Stewart.  He took heroic roles in “City Across the River” (1949), where he played the lead macho man and head of the local urban community center, who attempts to improve a group of juvenile delinquents, and “Air Cadet” (1951), where McNally portrayed Major Jack Page, who has the unfortunate job of training a new set of cadets at the U.S. Air Force Training Academy.  Other noteworthy films in which the actor was involved include the Oscar-nominate drama “No Way Out” (1950), the war themed “Battle Zone” (1952), the fairly uncanny western “The Duel at Silver Creek” (1952), and the drama “A Bullet is Waiting” (1954).  Additional roles that McNally played exceptionally in are the bank robber in “Violent Saturday” (1955), McNulty in “Tribute to a Bad Man” (1956), and Tony Rocco in “Johnny Rocco” (1958).
While McNally appeared as both the bad guy and the hero, it was his villain roles that really put him on the map.  The actor additionally acted in television series and movies, but nothing very notable, for it was his involvement in the motion pictures that people remembered.   He persisted in his acting career until 1980, although his final movie was “Hi-Riders” in 1978.  His last contribution was in an appearance on the TV show “Secrets of Midland Heights” (1980).  Fourteen years after his retirement from acting, on July 4, 1994, McNally died.  His cause of death was a heart attack.


1980        Secrets of Midland Heights

1979        Charlie's Angels

1979        Dear Detective

1978        Fantasy Island

1978        Hi-Riders

1978        Police Woman

1977        The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries

1977        Mission to Glory: A True Story

1976        Most Wanted 

1975        Starsky and Hutch  

1975        The Lives of Jenny Dolan

1975        Switch

1975        Medical Story 

1974        The Six Million Dollar Man

1974        Get Christie Love! 

1974        The Rockford Files

1974        Nakia

1974        McMillan & Wife

1973        Police Story

1973        The Magician

1973        Call to Danger

1973        The F.B.I.

1972        Black Gunn 

1972        The Sixth Sense 

1972        Longstreet

1971        Mannix 

1971        Vanished

1970        Ironside

1970        Bracken's World

1969        The Bold Ones: The Lawyers

1969        Mission : Impossible

1969        Once You Kiss a Stranger...

1969        The Bold Ones: The New Doctors

1969        The Lonely Profession

1968        The Name of the Game

1968        Daktari

1968        Panic in the City

1968        Braddock

1967        The Danny Thomas Hour

1967        The Guns of Will Sonnett

1967        Gunsmoke

1966        The Big Valley

1966        The Iron Horse

1965        Run for Your Life

1965        Branded 

1965        Ben Casey

1965        Requiem for a Gunfighter

1964        The Fugitive

1964        The Outer Limits 

1964        The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

1964        Kraft Suspense Theatre

1963        The Virginian

1963        Burke's Law

1963        Insight

1961        Target: The Corruptors 

1961        Rawhide

1961        Michael Shayne   

1960        The Best of the Post

1960        Laramie 

1960        The Barbara Stanwyck Show

1960        Riverboat 

1960        Hell Bent for Leather

1960        The DuPont Show with June Allyson

1959        The Texan

1959        Wagon Train 

1958        Johnny Rocco

1958        The Fiend Who Walked the West

1958        Target

1958        Hell's Five Hours

1958        Telephone Time 

1957        Climax!

1957        Hell's Crossroads

1956        Crossroads 

1956        Zane Grey Theater

1956        Tribute to a Bad Man

1956        Chevron Hall of Stars 

1955        Star Stage

1955        Celebrity Playhouse

1955        The Star and the Story

1955        Stage 7

1955        Violent Saturday

1955        The Man from Bitter Ridge

1954        Goodyear Playhouse 

1954        A Bullet Is Waiting

1954        Make Haste to Live

1953        Schlitz Playhouse

1953        Lux Video Theatre

1953        The Stand at Apache River

1953        Devil's Canyon

1953        Footlights Theater 

1953        Split Second

1953        G.E. True Theater

1952        The Ford Television Theatre

1952        The Black Castle

1952        Battle Zone

1952        The Duel at Silver Creek

1952        Diplomatic Courier

1951        The Raging Tide

1951        The Lady Pays Off

1951        Iron Man

1951        Apache Drums

1951        Air Cadet

1950        Wyoming Mail

1950        No Way Out

1950        Winchester '73

1950        Woman in Hiding

1949        Sword in the Desert

1949        Criss Cross

1949        The Lady Gambles

1949        City across the River

1948        Rogues' Regiment

1948        Johnny Belinda

1946        Magnificent Doll

1946        Up Goes Maisie 

1946        The Harvey Girls 

1945        Bewitched  

1945        Dangerous Partners

1944        Thirty Seconds over Tokyo

1944        An American Romance 

1943        The Man from Down Under 

1943        Air Raid Wardens

1943        For God and Country

1942        Keeper of the Flame

1942        Dr. Gillespie's New Assistant

1942        For Me and My Gal

1942        Eyes in the Night 

1942        The Magic Alphabet 

1942        Rover's Big Chance

1942        The War against Mrs. Hadley 

1942        Vendetta

1942        For the Common Defense!

1942        Grand Central Murder

1942        Inflation 

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