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Spring Byington ACTOR


Spring Byington was born on October 17th, 1886 in Colorado Springs, Colorado and had one sister.  Her father was a college professor and when she was rather young, her father passed away and her mother sent both girls to live with their paternal grandmother where Spring developed an interest in medicine and had plans to pursue a career as a doctor.
During High School she also became interested in acting and actually formed a theater group that would travel to the mining camps throughout Colorado.  She also began working in stock theater and traveled throughout the United States and Canada. 
She joined a repertory company during World War I and lived in Buenos Aires were she met and married her one and only husband, Roy Carey Chandler.  After having two daughters, Phyllis and Lois she ended the marriage after only four years and she relocated back to New York City
Her career as an actress began on stage in such productions as "A Beggar on Horseback", "Weak Sister", "Puppy Love", "Skin Deep", "To-Night at Twelve" and "Be Your Age".  With her two Broadway performances in, "Once in a Lifetime' (1933) and "When Ladies Meet" (1932), RKO Pictures took notice of her acting talent and she finally was chosen to do some film work.
Her role on "Little Women" (1933) was the turning point in her career and after this, she never returned back to Broadway as a stage actress.  Between 1936 through 1939 she worked on the Jones Family feature films but also made appearances on other big screen films such as "Dodsworth" (1936), "Theodora Goes Wild" (1936), "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" (1938), "You Can't Take It With You" (1938), which was her first and only Oscar nomination followed by "When Ladies Meet" (1941) and "Roxie Hart" (1942).
Her career continued strong wit roles on such films as, "The Devil and Miss Jones" (1941), "Rings on her Fingers" (1942) and "Heaven Can Wait" (1943).  As film roles were becoming less available to her she began to move towards working as a television actress on such series as "Louisa" (1950) and "December Bride" (1954) which ran for five seasons and she became a household name.
She was then cast in the western "Laramie" (1959) followed by, "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" (1960) and some guest appearances on, "Batman" (1966) and "I Dream of Jeanie" (1965).  She then retired from the industry and moved to the Hollywood Hills.
Spring never chose to remarry and passed away on September 7th, 1971 in Hollywood, California after suffering from cancer.  Her remains were donated for medical research.


1968 The Flying Nun 
1967 I Dream of Jeannie 
1966 Batman
1965 Dr. Kildare 
1965 Kentucky Jones 
1964 Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre
1964 The Greatest Show on Earth
1963 Mister Ed
1961-1963 Laramie 
1960 Alfred Hitchcock Presents 
1960 The Tab Hunter Show 
1960 Goodyear Theatre 
1960 The Detectives Starring Robert Taylor 
1960 Please Don't Eat the Daisies 
1954-1959 December Bride 
1956 The 20th Century-Fox Hour 
1956 Studio 57 
1954 The Ford Television Theatre
1954 The Rocket Man
1953 The Danny Thomas Show
1952 Because You're Mine
1952 No Room for the Groom
1951 Angels in the Outfield
1951 Bannerline
1951 The Bigelow Theatre
1951 According to Mrs. Hoyle 
1950-1951 Pulitzer Prize Playhouse 
1950 Walk Softly, Stranger 
1950 Devil's Doorway
1950 The Skipper Surprised His Wife 
1950 Louisa 
1950 Please Believe Me
1950 The Reformer and the Redhead
1949 The Big Wheel
1949 In the Good Old Summertime
1948 B.F.'s Daughter
1947 It Had to Be You
1947 Cynthia
1947 Singapore
1947 Living in a Big Way
1947 Little Mister Jim
1947 My Brother Talks to Horses
1946 Faithful in My Fashion
1946 Dragonwyck
1946 A Letter for Evie
1946 Meet Me on Broadway
1945 Captain Eddie
1945 Thrill of a Romance
1945 Salty O'Rourke
1945 The Enchanted Cottage
1944 I'll Be Seeing You
1944 Reward Unlimited
1944 The Heavenly Body
1943 Heaven Can Wait
1943 Presenting Lily Mars
1942 The War Against Mrs. Hadley
1942 The Affairs of Martha
1942 Rings on Her Fingers 
1942 Roxie Hart 
1942 The Vanishing Virginian 
1941 When Ladies Meet
1941 Ellery Queen and the Perfect Crime
1941 Meet John Doe
1941 The Devil and Miss Jones
1941 Arkansas Judge
1940 Lucky Partners
1940 My Love Came Back
1940 On Their Own
1940 Young as You Feel
1940 The Blue Bird
1940 Laddie
1939 A Child Is Born 
1939 Too Busy to Work
1939 Quick Millions
1939 Chicken Wagon Family
1939 The Jones Family in Hollywood
1939 The Story of Alexander Graham Bell
1939 Everybody's Baby
1938 Down on the Farm 
1938 You Can't Take It with You
1938 Safety in Numbers 
1938 A Trip to Paris 
1938 Jezebel
1938 Love on a Budget 
1938 Penrod and His Twin Brother 
1938 The Buccaneer 
1937 The Jones Family in Borrowing Trouble 
1937 It's Love I'm After 
1937 Hot Water 
1937 Hotel Haywire 
1937 The Road Back 
1937 Big Business 
1937 A Family Affair 
1937 Penrod and Sam 
1937 Green Light 
1937 Clarence 
1937 Off to the Races 
1936 Theodora Goes Wild 
1936 The Charge of the Light Brigade 
1936 The Girl on the Front Page 
1936 Dodsworth 
1936 Stage Struck 
1936 Back to Nature 
1936 Palm Springs 
1936 Educating Father
1936 Every Saturday Night 
1936 The Voice of Bugle Ann 
1935 The Great Impersonation 
1935 Broadway Hostess
1935 Ah, Wilderness! 
1935 Mutiny on the Bounty 
1935 Way Down East 
1935 Orchids to You 
1935 Love Me Forever
1935 Werewolf of London
1933 Little Women
1930 Papa's Slay Ride 

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