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Spike Jones ACTOR

Spike Jones was born on December 14th, 1911 in Long Beach, California with the birth name Lindley Armstrong Jones.  When he was eleven years old he was given his first set of drums and began to develop a huge interest in music.  When he was a teenager he would form bands and they would play together. 
During the 1930's Jones joined the Victor Young orchestra and was soon receiving offers to appear on radio shows.  Soon he was also given the chance to work  several Bing Crosby sessions as a top studio drummer.  He also worked as the percussionist on the, "Wizard of Oz" (1939) soundtrack along with a number of other projects.
He became part of a group known as, "The City Slickers" and would perform for audiences in Los Angeles.  In 1941 this band signed a recording contract with RCA Victor and worked with the company up until 1955. 
In 1942 many remember a song he recorded, "Det Fuehrer's Face" which made fun of Adolph Hitler.  It was originally written for Walt Disney's, Donald Duck" propaganda cartoon but soon the animated cartoon changed it's name to the name of the song due to its increased popularity.  Spike also had a hit song with, "All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth" in 1948 which became a number one hit. 
After Jones had appeared on the Bob Burns Show, he was given his own radio show on NBC, "The Chase and Sanborn Program" (1945).  Soon the show was re-named for its final season, "The Spike Jones Show".
Spike Jones also worked a little bit in the film industry making a small appearance in, "Give Us Wings" (1940) and was also seen in a couple of musical shorts.  His only top billed film was, "Save My Child" (1954).
He was a very intelligent man and knew how to keep re inventing himself to gain more fans.  In 1950 he filmed two half-hour pilot films, "Foreign Legion" and "Wild Bill Hiccup", however neither turned out to give him much success. 
As the big band era was becoming less popular and the rise of rock and roll was taking over, Spike Jones career began to drastically slow down.  He did manage to adapt to the musical changes and the majority of his later work are spoken comedies.
Jones married twice throughout his lifetime.  His first wife was Patricia Middleton whom he married in 1935 and they had one child together, a daughter Linda, before the marriage ended in divorce in 1945.  He then married his second wife, Helen Grayco in 1948 and they had three more children, Spike Jr., Leslie Ann and Gina, before he passed away at the age of fifty three on May 1st, 1965 in Beverly Hills, California after suffering from emphysema. 

Spike Jones was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to Radio.  He is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, California.   


1954 The Spike Jones Show
1954 Fireman Save My Child
1953 All-Star Revue
1945 Bring on the Girls
1943 Thank Your Lucky Stars

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