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Sondra Locke ACTOR


Sondra Locke was born on May 28th, 1944 in Shelbyville, Tennessee with the birth name Sondra Louise Smith, born to Raymond Smith and Pauline Bayne.  Her parents had her out of wedlock and they never married and separated before Pauline even gave birth. 

Locke's mother married soon after giving birth to Alfred Locke and he played the role of her father growing up.  Locke graduated from Shelbyville Central High School in 1962 as class valedictorian and then enrolled at Middle Tennessee State University on a scholarship.

She began acting in a number of school productions such as, "The Crucible" and "Monkey's Paw".  After completing only one year of college, Locke dropped out and decided to pursue a career in acting.

While performing at local theaters she supported herself working as a typist for a Nashville news station.   When she attended a casting call for the film, "The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter" (1968) she won the part over 2000 other applicants and for her role, she earned her first Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actress.
One would think, as she did that her film roles were going to be easier for her to achieve, however, that was not the case.  It took a couple more years of working on small independent films and small television appearances until she was cast in her next decent role in 1971 on, "Willard".

Other small film roles followed such as, "A Reflection of Fear" (1973), "The Second Coming of Suzanne" (1974) and "Death Game" (1977), however none were as successful as her first film role.
Finally, in 1976 she got her next big break in the film, "The Outlaw Josey Wales" with costar, Clint Eastwood whom she ended up having a relationship with.  Now, with Eastwood by her side, her career began to head in the right direction.

More prominent and successful film roles soon followed such as, "The Gauntlet" (1977), "Every Which Way But Loose" (1978), "Any Which Way You Can" (1980) and "Sudden Impact" (1983).  

Alongside her acting, she was given the chance to pursue the other side of the industry as a director.  Her first film she directed was, "Ratboy" (1986), however it did not do so well and Locke even received a Razzie nomination for worst director.

She did not allow this to discourage her and in 1990 Locke directed her next film, "Impulse" which was highly successful and considered one of he best directed films of the year.
Now her career was all heading in the right direction, but sadly her personal life was not.  She found out later on that Eastwood had been having an affair with a flight attendant and only way later did she find out that he also had two children with his new girlfriend.  Although, Locke was only living with Clint Eastwood and not legally married, she was still emotionally hurt.  Eastwood changed the locks on her house and moved her belongings out.  Locke later tried to sue him for Palimony, however, Eastwood offered her a directing contract with Warner Brothers if she agreed to drop the lawsuit.

As if things on a personal level were not already in turmoil, Locke was then diagnosed with breast cancer.  She underwent a double mastectomy and is now in full remission.  She was excited to return back to the entertainment industry and even more excited to take advantage of her directing contract with Warner Brothers.

Upon approaching Warner Brothers, Locke found out it was all a sham and they had no intentions of using her as a director on any projects.  Locke went back to court suing both Warner Brothers and Eastwood and the case ended up settling for an un-disclosed amount.
She later returned briefly to acting appearing in the films, "The Prophet's Game" (2000) and "Clean and Narrow" (1999).     

Locke remains only legally married on paper to one person, her gay best friend Gordon Anderson whom she wed in 1967 as a way of expressing their everlasting friendship.  The couple has remained together through all her personal triumphs and although they are not intimate, their marriage is legally bound on paper.  It is rumored that the two have decided to separate but nothing is finalized as of yet. 
Sondra Locke has not returned to the industry since 2000 and currently resides in Hollywood.  In her autobiography titled, "The Good, the Bad, and the Very Ugly" she talks about personal issues in her life such as her relationship with Eastwood, her two miscarriages and forced tubule litigation.  She also writes about finding out that Eastwood had fathered two children with his other girlfriend and about her legal issues with Warner Brothers Studio's.


2000   The Prophet's Game 

1999   Clean and Narrow 

1986   Ratboy 

1985   Amazing Stories

1984   Tales of the Unexpected

1983   Sudden Impact

1982   Rosie: The Rosemary Clooney Story

1980   Any Which Way You Can

1980   Bronco Billy 

1979   Friendships, Secrets and Lies

1979   Tales of the Unexpected

1978   Every Which Way But Loose

1977   The Gauntlet

1977   The Shadow of Chikara 

1977   Death Game 

1976   The Outlaw Josey Wales 

1976   Joe Forrester 

1973-1975  Cannon 

1975   Barnaby Jones 

1974   Planet of the Apes 

1974   The Second Coming of Suzanne 

1974   Kung Fu 

1973   The ABC Afternoon Playbreak

1973   A Reflection of Fear 

1973   The Gondola 

1972   The F.B.I.

1972   Rod Serling's Night Gallery 

1971   Willard 

1970   Cover Me Babe

1968   The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter  

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