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Sheb Wooley ACTOR


Sheb Wooley was born on April 10th, 1921 in Erick, Oklahoma.  He was raised in Oklahoma where he spent his childhood working as a cowhand and excelled as a horseback rider.  He was very interested in music from a young age and as he grew older he was able to use his talents to find work in radio as well as television.  

When he was only fifteen years old he formed his own musical group, The Plainview Melody Boys.  he later tried to join the military during World War II but was denied due to many injuries he had suffered as a youth doing rodeo.
Wooley loved music and entertaining but to support himself financially, he found work in the oil industry and as a welder.  In his mid 20's, he relocated to Fort Worth, Texas and began to focus on his music career becoming a country and western musician.

Later, Wooley decided to relocate to the land of entertainment and picked up and moved to Hollywood in 1949.  It did not take long before he was finding work in a number of western films due to his rodeo talent along with musical talents. 
Some of his early roles included the series, "The Adventures of Kit Carson" (1951-1955), "Stories of the Century" (1954), "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin" (1954-1955), "My Friend Flicka" (1956) and the films, "The Cisco Kid" (1952), "High Noon" (1952) starring Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly and "Terror in a Texas Town" (1958).  

Sheb had made quite a name for himself in Hollywood and soon began to add more prominent roles to his credits on such television series as "The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp" (1956-1957), "Maverick" (1957), "Playhouse 90" (1957), "Death valley Days" (1965) and "Rawhide" (1959-1966).  

In addition to his numerous television roles he continued to make appearances on such feature films as, "Giant" (1956) starring Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean and Dennis Hopper, "Country Boy" (1966), "War Wagon" (1967) starring John Wayne and Kirk Douglas, "The Outlaw Josey Wales" (1976) starring Clint Eastwood, "Silverado" (1985) and "Uphill All the Way" (1986).
Wooley is very well known for writing the theme song to the television show, "Hee Haw" and also working as a regular cast member.  His final roles were on the films, "Hoosiers" (1986), "Purple People Eater" (1988) and the television series, "Murder, She Wrote" (1990). 
Not only did he work as an actor, he continued to pursue his love of music and in the late 1950's he began a recording career with such songs as, "Purple People Eater", "That's My Pa" and "Don't Go Near the Eskimo's.
Sheb Wooley then retired and moved with his only wife, Linda Wooley to Tennessee.  They remained together until he passed away on September 16th, 2003 in Nashville, Tennessee after suffering from leukemia.  His remains are buried in Hendersonville Memory Gardens in Hendersonville, Tennessee.    


1991   Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection

1990   Murder, She Wrote 

1988   Purple People Eater 

1986   Hoosiers 

1986   Uphill All the Way 

1985   Silverado

1984   Tenko

1984   The Dollmaker

1976   The Outlaw Josey Wales 

1970   The Young Rebels 

1969   Mod Squad

1967   The War Wagon 

1966   Country Boy

1959-1965  Rawhide

1965   Death Valley Days

1959   Rio Bravo 

1958   Terror in a Texas Town

1956-1957  The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp 

1957   Ride a Violent Mile

1957   Tales of Wells Fargo

1957   Maverick 

1957   Sugarfoot 

1957   Trooper Hook

1957   Playhouse 90 

1957   The Oklahoman 

1957   The Ford Television Theatre

1957   Cheyenne

1956   The Black Whip 

1956   Zane Grey Theatre

1956   Giant 

1956   My Friend Flicka 

1956   Cavalry Patrol

1954-1955  The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin 

1955   The Second Greatest Sex

1955   Trial 

1953-1955  The Lone Ranger 

1955   Man Without a Star 

1953-1955  The Adventures of Kit Carson 

1954   Seven Brides for Seven Brothers 

1954   Johnny Guitar 

1954   Rocky Jones, Space Ranger

1954   Arrow in the Dust 

1954   Stories of the Century 

1954   Rose Marie 

1954   The Boy from Oklahoma 

1953   Texas Bad Man

1953   The Range Rider 

1952   Sky Full of Moon 

1952   The Cisco Kid

1952   The Lusty Men 

1952   Toughest Man in Arizona 

1952   Cattle Town 

1952   Hellgate

1952   High Noon 

1952   Bugles in the Afternoon 

1951   Distant Drums 

1951   Fort Worth 

1951   Little Big Horn

1951   Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison 

1951   Apache Drums 

1951   Fireside Theatre 

1950   Rocky Mountain

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