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Scott Forbes ACTOR


Scott Forbes was born on September 11th, 1920 in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire in England.  As a young boy he went to school at Repton and then went on to University at Balliol College and studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics.'
His first place of employment was working for the Ministry of Defense and he then decided he wanted to pursue a career as an actor.
The early part of his career was working in films and being billed as Julian Dallas.  Some of his early work were roles on such features as "Night Boat to Dublin" (1946), "Mrs. Fitzherbert" (1947), "But Not in Vain" (1948), "This Was a Woman" (1948) and "The Reluctant Widow" (1950). 
Along with already establishing himself as a successful film actor, Forbes also appeared on stage working in London with the Liverpool Old Vic.  He then decided to relocate to the United States and work in the film industry there.  
Some of his film roles were in such features as "Rocky Mountain" (1950), "Operation Pacific" (1951) and a television series titled "The Adventures of Jim Bowie" (1956).  He also made a number of other television appearances on such series as, "The Deep Six" (1953), "Frontier" (1955-1956) and "Boy Meets Girl" (1967-1968).  Along with film and television acting he never neglected the theater and performed in, "The Burning Glass" in 1953 with had a successful run of twenty eight performances.     
Later in his career he began working as a screen writer and was credited under the name C. Scott Forbes.  He wrote his own play titled "The Meter Man" which later became a film called "Penthouse".
As his career progressed he chose to focus more on writing and less on acting with his final role being in "Mirror, Mirror" (1990).  He also chose to run the business of owning and operating the Hollywood nightclub called, Studio One.  After retiring completely, Forbes relocated back to England where on, February 25th, 1997 Scott Forbes passed away at the age of seventy six in Swindon, England.      


1990 Mirror Mirror 
1975 The Boy Dave 
1973 Thriller
1972 The Main Chance
1971 The Ten Commandments
1970 The Mind of Mr. Soames 
1970 Paul Temple 
1969 Who-Dun-It
1968 Subterfuge 
1967-1968 Boy Meets Girl 
1968 Dixon of Dock Green
1968 Thirty-Minute Theatre
1967 Long After Summer
1967 George and the Dragon
1965 The Wednesday Thriller 
1965 The Man in Room 17 
1965 The Wednesday Play 
1964 Crane 
1964 Thursday Theatre 
1964 Love Story
1964 First Night 
1964 The Avengers 
1963 24-Hour Call 
1962 The United States Steel Hour 
1961 ITV Play of the Week
1960-1961 Armchair Theatre 
1961 The Best of the Post 
1961 Saint of Devil's Island
1960 BBC Sunday-Night Play
1959 Zane Grey Theater 
1956-1959 The Millionaire
1959 Trackdown
1959 Black Saddle
1956-1958 The Adventures of Jim Bowie 
1952-1958 Studio One in Hollywood 
1956 Screen Directors Playhouse 
1956 General Electric Summer Originals
1956 Passport to Danger
1955-1956 Medic
1955-1956 Frontier 
1956 Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre 
1955-1956 Four Star Playhouse 
1955-1956 The Loretta Young Show 
1954-1956 Schlitz Playhouse
1955 Cavalcade of America 
1955 The 20th Century-Fox Hour 
1955 Stage 7 
1954 Danger 
1953-1954 Robert Montgomery Presents 
1953 Armstrong Circle Theatre 
1953 King Lear
1953 Omnibus
1953 Suspense 
1952-1953 Hallmark Hall of Fame 
1953 Lux Video Theatre 
1953 Charade 
1952 The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse 
1952 Broadway Television Theatre 
1952 What Price Glory 
1952 Fireside Theatre 
1951 The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel
1951 The Highwayman
1951 Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison 
1951 Raton Pass 
1951 Operation Pacific 
1950 Rocky Mountain 
1950 The Inheritance 
1948 But Not in Vain
1948 This Was a Woman
1947 Mrs. Fitzherbert 
1946 Night Boat to Dublin 

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Matinee Classics - The Adventures of Jim Bowie starring Scott Forbes

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