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Sandra Dee ACTOR


Sandra Dee was born on April 23rd, 1942 in Bayonne, New Jersey with the birth name Alexandra Cymboliak Zuck.  As a young child, her mother already had goals to get her daughter involved in the world of entertainment.  Sandra would even go as far as lie about how old Sandra was just to get her a head start in school and get her more exposed to the industry.
As a young girl she made her modeling debut in a Girl Scouts Magazine and by the time Sandra had reached twelve years old, she had already hit a level of success as a model.  She was then able to get hired on a number of television commercials which soon followed with her film debut at the age of fourteen on, "Until They Sail" (1957).  This film was not a big hit, but it did lead to two more film roles in, "The Reluctant Debutante" (1958) and "The Restless Years" (1958).
As her career progressed she continued to work on a number of films such as, "The Imitation of Life" (1959), "A Summer Place" (1959), "Come September" (1961) and "If a Man Answers" (1962).
During the early to mid 60's, Dee was still getting cast in films but the quality of the films and the success were no where near the level her career was accustomed to.  She appeared in, "Take Her, She's Mine" (1963), "Tammy Tell Me True" (1961), "Tammy and the Doctor" (1963) and "That Funny Feeling" (1965).
Sandra Dee retired from the industry at the age of twenty six.  She had by then already gone through a divorce from her first husband, Bobby Darin whom she married in December 1960 and remained together for seven years having only one son.  She never remarried again and even though she wanted to continue working as an actress, roles were just not becoming available to her.
After her successful career fell apart in the 1970's, Sandra suffered from anorexia, alcoholism and depression. However she did return to perform on stage at Beverly Hill's Canon Theatre in a production of "Love Letters".  She also did make a couple of small television appearances in the later part of her career such as on, "Fantasy Island" (1977-1983) and "Frasier" (1994) and did have one more final big screen appearance in 1983 on the film, "Lost". 
In 2000, Dee was diagnosed with throat and kidney cancer.  Five years later on February 20th, 2005 she passed away in Thousand Oaks, California after battling the disease.  To the next generation of movie goers, many will always remember the name Sandra Dee from the musical film, "Grease" (1978).  Although, she never actually appeared in the film, the song, "Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee" became very popular and brought her name back into the spotlight.


1994 Frasier
1990 Hard Copy 
1977-1983 Fantasy Island 
1983 Lost 
1978 Police Woman 
1974 Houston, We've Got a Problem 
1972 The Sixth Sense 
1971-1972 Rod Serling's Night Gallery
1972 Love, American Style 
1972 The Daughters of Joshua Cabe
1972 The Manhunter 
1971 Ad est di Marsa Matruh 
1970 The Dunwich Horror 
1967 Rosie! 
1967 Doctor, You've Got to Be Kidding! 
1966 A Man Could Get Killed 
1965 That Funny Feeling 
1964 I'd Rather Be Rich 
1963 Take Her, She's Mine 
1963 Tammy and the Doctor 
1962 If a Man Answers 
1961 Come September 
1961 Tammy Tell Me True
1961 Romanoff and Juliet 
1960 Portrait in Black 
1959 A Summer Place 
1959 The Wild and the Innocent
1959 Imitation of Life 
1959 Gidget 
1959 A Stranger in My Arms 
1958 The Restless Years 
1958 The Reluctant Debutante 
1957 Until They Sail 
1957 The Snow Queen  

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