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Russell Crowe ACTOR


Russell Crowe was born on April 7th, 1964 in Wellinton, North Island in New Zealand to parents Jocelyn Yvonne and John Alexander Crowe.  He was raised in Australia from a young age and from a young age he became involved in the entertainment industry working as a child actor on a local Australian television show.   He received his early education at the Sydney Boys High School and then at age fourteen moved back to New Zealand and continued his education at Auckland Grammar School and Mount Roskill Grammar School.  He left at the age of sixteen to pursue his acting career.  
He was then appearing in the 1980's on a number of television series in Australia such as, "Police Rescue" and "Neighbours".  He also worked as a musician in the mid 80's and even released a new Zealand single titled, "I Just Want to be Like Marlon Brando".  When he was twenty one years old he went back to Australia and was planning to continue his education at the national Institute of Dramatic Art but then he was convinced otherwise that he did not need to waste three years learning acting, that he had a natural talent for the industry.   
After a couple stage roles in Australia such as on a production of, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and a role in the film, "The Crossing" (1990), his big break came when he won the Australian Film industry Award for Best Actor in, "Romper Stomper" (1992).  Russell followed this role with the film, "The Sum of Us" (1994) and American film critics and casting companies began to take notice of him.  He soon relocated to the United States when actress, Sharon Stone had seen some of his work and wanted to use him for a film she was directing titled, "The Quick and the Dead" (1995) which Stone waited for him to complete his filming on, "The Sum of Us" so she could use him.  After this American film he was becoming an actor in demand and was next cast in, "Virtuosity" (1995), followed by his biggest role to that point on, "LA Confidential" (1997).
It did not take Crowe long to receive three Academy Award nominations for his role in the film, "The Insider" (1999) and then he won an Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in the film, "Gladiator" (2001).  He followed with another highly successful film, "A Beautiful Mind" (2001).  
Along with creating an amazing resume for himself in the United States and staying crazy busy, he made time to become the co owner of South-Sydney Rabbitohs which is a Rugby League team.  
In 2005 he worked with the same director, Ron Howard from, "A Beautiful Mind' and starred in the film, "Cinderella Man".  In 2010 he was back on the big screen in the film, "Robin Hood" and "The Next Three Days" (2010).  Some of his latest roles are set to release in the films, "Rush" (2013) and "Broken City" (2014).  
He also continued to focus on his interest in music creating a band, Russell Crowe & The Ordinary Fear of God  where they performed at sold out shows in 2005 in Australia.  They then came to the United States and promoted a new release, "My Hand, My heart".  They released a new record in August 2011 which is currently charted #72 on the Canadian Album Charts.
Russell Crowe has also been known to be very generous.  At one point he made a donation to a Jewish school that had been damaged in arson and then he also donated $200,000 to a struggling primary school in Australia.
In his spare time he has always had a love for horses and also is still involved in being a supporter of the rugby league and a big fan of the game cricket.  His career has been very successful and his personal life with his wife and family are also well, however he is known to the public to be a man with a temper and he has graced the front page of tabloid magazines numerous times.
He has been married since 2003 to an Australian singer and actress, Danielle Spencer and the couple have two children together, Charles and Tennyson Spencer.  Crowe currently resides in Australia with his family and continues to work in the industry but also spend time with his children.


2014 Broken City
2013 Rush
2012 Les Misérables
2013 Man of Steel
2011 The Man with the Iron Fists
2010 The Next Three Days
2010 Robin Hood 
2009 State of Play
2009 Tenderness 
2008 Body of Lies 
2007 American Gangster 
2007 3:10 to Yuma 
2006 A Good Year
2005 Cinderella Man
2003 Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World 
2001 A Beautiful Mind
2000 Proof of Life 
2000 Gladiator
1999 The Insider 
1999 Mystery, Alaska 
1997 Breaking Up 
1997 Heaven's Burning 
1997 L.A. Confidential 
1995 Rough Magic 
1995 Virtuosity 
1995 No Way Back
1995 The Quick and the Dead
1994 The Sum of Us 
1993 For the Moment
1993 The Silver Brumby
1993 Love in Limbo
1993 Hammers Over the Anvil
1992 The Late Show
1992 Romper Stomper 
1992 Police Rescue 
1992 The Efficiency Expert 
1991 Brides of Christ 
1991 Proof
1991 Acropolis Now
1990 The Crossing 
1990 Prisoners of the Sun
1988 Living with the Law
1987 Neighbours
1977 The Young Doctors 

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