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Roy Rogers ACTOR


Roy Rogers, born Leonard Franklin Slye on November 5, 1911,was an American singer and western actor. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, but moved to California in 1930. During the Great Depression Rogers had a hard time finding work. Consequently, he decided to move to Los Angeles with his cousin to pursue a music career. He decided to also change his name to Dick Weston. His venture with his cousin proved to be unsuccessful, but in 1934 Rogers formed the cowboy musical group 'Sons of the Pioneers', with Bob Nolan and Tim Spencer. The trio got lots of attention, playing on the radio and appearing insome films. Their first movie appearance was in the Warner Brothers short "Radio Scout” (1935). They made their full-length feature film debut in “The Old Homestead” (1935) and went on to perform in additional pictures. Colombia Pictures also signed the group to be in a series of Charles Starrett’s westerners.

In 1937 Rogers went solo for an acting career, getting signed by Republic Studios. He sang only one song in his first role in “Wild Horse Radio” (1937). Following this part, he renamed himself Roy Rogers. Soon after he was given the lead character in “Under Western Stars” (1938). For this role he had a sidekick, Smiley Burnette, who stayed with him for a total of ten films. He was also required to choose a horse, which he named Trigger. Trigger and Rogers continued to star in further pictures, as their first one together was a giant success. Some of their films include “Rough Riders Roundup” (1939), “Frontier Express” (1939), “Days of Jesse James” (1939), and “Young Buffalo Bill” (1940). Rogers additionally appeared in one of his more notable movies, “The Dark Command” (1940), as the supporting role to John Wayne. In 1939 he was assigned a new sidekick, George 'Gabby' Hayes, and they were seen together in forty films, including “The Carson City Kid” (1940), “Sons of the Pioneers” (1942), “Lights of Old Santa Fe” (1944), and “Heldorado” (1945). Rogers did not forget about his prior singing group, however, and he had been urging Republic to include them in some of his films. In 1941 they finally allowed his old friends to reunite with him in every movie until 1948.

Furthermore, Rogers quickly became one of America’s favorite singing cowboys. Into the 1940's Rogers’ fame continued to grow as he acted in even more movies like “Jesse James at Bay” (1941), “Sunset on the Desert” (1942), and “Song of Texas” (1943). In 1943 he was even voted the number one cowboy at the box office and Republic Pictures began billing him as “King of the Cowboys ”. Over the next few years Rogers also became the number one most licensed individual name in product licensing, only second overall to Disney.

By the time 1944 rolled around, only seven years after beginning his solo acting career, he had thirty nine films on his resume, and had acted with nearly that many leading ladies. However, that changed when, in 1944, Dale Evans was cast opposite him in “The Cowboy and the Senorita”. Their chemistry was so perfect that Evans continued to work with Rogers in more than twenty pictures, like “Sunset in El Dorado” (1945), “Home in Oklahoma” (1946), “My Pal Trigger” (1946), and “Bells of Coronado” (1950). What's more, the pair even tied the knot in 1947.

In 1950 television was becoming the most predominant form of acting entertainment, and of course Rogers wanted to get in on the action. His contract with Republic was ending after fourteen years though, and they would not let him make any TV appearances. Thus, more than eighty films later, Rogers left Republic and signed with Paramount Pictures. Here he starred in “Son of Paleface” (1952) alongside Jane Russell and Bob Hope. In the meantime he was creating his own show, “The Roy Rogers Show”, which aired on NBC in 1951. Rogers’s series became wildly popular, and the theme song “Happy Trails” has now become an American classic. Sadly the show ended in 1957. However, Rogers and Evans hosted “The Chevy Show” a few times in the latter part of the decade. Then, in 1962, Rogers and Evans were given their very own variety series, “The Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Show”. The ABC show, unfortunately, was short lived. In 1962, the actor more over performed in his final feature film, “MacKintosh & T.J.”

In the late 1960's Rogers joined the restaurant business with a chain of Roy Rogers Family Restaurants. He did well for himself, and by the 1980's several hundred of Rogers’ restaurants could be found all over the country. The actor also created a museum dedicated to his life and by 1976 he had an even larger museum built that he called the “Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Museum”. He did not appear on the screen after his museum opening until 1983, though, when he appeared in “The Fall Guy” for two episodes: “Happy Trails” (1983) and “King of the Cowboys” (1984).

On July 8, 1988, the actor died of congestive heart failure.He has three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: one for his contribution to radio, another for his involvement in television, and one for his role in the motion picture industry. Additionally, Rogers and his horse, Trigger, have a boot and hoof print at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. He also has two spots in the Country Music Hall of Fame, a Golden Boot, and a Founder’s Award.

The Roy Rogers Radio Show (1945-1953)


1983    The Fall Guy

1977    The New Adventures of Wonder Woman

1975    MacKintosh & T.J.

1975    The Mickie Finns Finally Presents How the West Was Lost

1968    The Red Skelton Hour

1959    Alias Jesse James

1957    The Heart of Show Business

1952    Son of Paleface

1951    Pals of the Golden West

1951    South of Caliente

1951    In Old Amarillo

1951    Heart of the Rockies

1951    Spoilers of the Plains

1950    Trail of Robin Hood

1950    North of the Great Divide

1950    Sunset in the West

1950    Trigger Jr.

1950    Twilight in the Sierras

1950    Bells of Coronado

1949    The Golden Stallion

1949    Down Dakota Way

1949    Susanna Pass

1948    The Far Frontier

1948    Grand Canyon Trail

1948    Night Time in Nevada

1948    Melody Time

1948    Eyes of Texas

1948    Under California Stars

1948    The Gay Ranchero

1947    On the Old Spanish Trail

1947    Springtime in the Sierras

1947    Bells of San Angelo

1947    Hit Parade of 1947

1947    Apache Rose

1946    Out California Way

1946    Heldorado

1946    Home in Oklahoma

1946    Roll on Texas Moon

1946    Under Nevada Skies

1946    My Pal Trigger

1946    Rainbow over Texas

1946    Song of Arizona

1945    Along the Navajo Trail

1945    Don't Fence Me In

1945    Sunset in Eldorado

1945    Man from Oklahoma

1945    Bells of Rosarita

1945    Utah

1944   Hollywood Canteen

1944    Lake Placid Serenade

1944    Lights of Old Santa Fe

1944    Brazil

1944    San Fernando Valley

1944    Song of Nevada

1944    The Yellow Rose of Texas

1944    The Cowboy and the Senorita

1944    Hands across the Border

1943    The Man from Music Mountain

1943    Silver Spurs

1943    Song of Texas

1943    King of the Cowboys

1943    Idaho

1942    Heart of the Golden West

1942    Ridin' Down the Canyon

1942    Sunset Serenade

1942    Sons of the Pioneers

1942    Romance on the Range

1942    Sunset on the Desert

1942    South of Santa Fe

1942    Man from Cheyenne

1941    Red River Valley

1941    Jesse James at Bay

1941    Bad Man of Deadwood

1941    Nevada City

1941    Sheriff of Tombstone

1941    In Old Cheyenne

1941    Arkansas Judge

1941    Robin Hood of the Pecos

1940    The Border Legion

1940    Young Bill Hickok

1940    Colorado

1940    The Ranger and the Lady

1940    The Carson City Kid

1940    Dark Command

1940    Young Buffalo Bill

1939    Days of Jesse James

1939    Saga of Death Valley

1939    Jeepers Creepers

1939    The Arizona Kid

1939    Wall Street Cowboy

1939    In Old Caliente

1939    Southward Ho!

1939    Frontier Pony Express

1939    Rough Riders Round-Up

1938    Shine on Harvest Moon

1938    Come On, Rangers

1938    Billy the Kid Returns

1938    Under Western Stars

1938    The Old Barn Dance

1937    Wild Horse Rodeo

1935    The Old Homestead


Filmography / Role

Slightly Static (1935) (uncredited) .... Member of Sons ofthe Pioneers

The Old Homestead (1935) (as Leonard Slye) .... Sons of thePioneers

Way Up Thar (1935) (as Leonard Slye) .... Band Member

Gallant Defender (1935) (uncredited) .... Nester (Sons ofthe Pioneers)

The Mysterious Avenger (1936) (as Len Slye) .... Musician Len

Song of the Saddle (1936) (uncredited) .... Sons of the Pioneers Guitarist

Rhythm on the Range (1936) (uncredited) .... Leonard (Sonsof the Pioneers)

California Mail (1936) (uncredited) .... Square Dance Caller & Guitarist

The Big Show (1936) (uncredited) .... Sons of the Pioneers guitar player

The Old Corral (1936) (uncredited) .... Buck O'Keefe

The Old Wyoming Trail (1937) (uncredited) .... Guitar player/ Singer / Cowhand

Wild Horse Rodeo (1937) (as Dick Weston) .... Singer

The Old Barn Dance (1938) (as Dick Weston) .... Singer

Under Western Stars (1938) .... U.S. Representative the Hon. Roy Rogers (first lead role)

Billy the Kid Returns (1938) .... Roy Rogers / Billy the Kid

A Feud There Was (1938) (uncredited) .... Egghead / Elmer Singing Voice

Come On, Rangers (1938) .... Roy Rogers

Shine On, Harvest Moon (1938) .... Roy Rogers

Rough Riders' Round-up (1939) .... Roy Rogers

Southward Ho (1939) .... Roy

Frontier Pony Express (1939) .... Roy Roger

In Old Caliente (1939) .... Roy Rogers

Wall Street Cowboy (1939) .... Roy Rogers

The Arizona Kid (1939) .... Roy Rogers / The Arizona Kid

Jeepers Creepers (1939) .... Roy

Saga of Death Valley (1939) .... Roy Rogers

Days of Jesse James (1939) .... Roy Rogers

Dark Command (1940) .... Fletcher 'Fletch' McCloud

Young Buffalo Bill (1940) .... Bill Cody

The Carson City Kid (1940) .... The Carson City Kid

The Ranger and the Lady (1940) .... Texas Ranger Captain Roy Colt

Colorado (1940) .... Lieutenant Jerry Burke

Young Bill Hickok (1940) .... 'Wild' Bill Hickok

The Border Legion (1940) .... Dr. Stephen Kellogg aka Steve Kells

Robin Hood of the Pecos (1941) .... Vance Corbin

Arkansas Judge (1941) .... Tom Martel

In Old Cheyenne' (1941) .... Steve Blane

Sheriff of Tombstone (1941) .... Brett Starr

Nevada City (1941) .... Jeff Connors

Bad Man of Deadwood (1941) .... Brett Starr aka Bill Brady

Jesse James at Bay (1941) .... Jesse James / Clint Burns

Red River Valley (1941) .... Roy Rogers

Man from Cheyenne (1942) .... Roy Rogers

South of Santa Fe (1942) .... Roy Rogers

Sunset on the Desert (1942) .... Roy Rogers & Deputy Bill Sloan

Romance on the Range (1942) .... Roy Rogers

Sons of the Pioneers (1942) .... Roy Rogers

Sunset Serenade (1942) .... Roy Rogers

Heart of the Golden West (1942) .... Roy Rogers

Ridin' Down the Canyon (1942) .... Roy Rogers

Idaho (1943) .... Roy Rogers

King of the Cowboys (1943) .... Roy Rogers

Song of Texas (1943) .... Roy Rogers

Silver Spurs (1943) .... Roy Rogers

Hands Across the Border (1944) .... Roy Rogers

Cowboy and the Senorita (1944) .... Roy Rogers

The Yellow Rose of Texas (1944) .... Roy Rogers

Song of Nevada (1944) .... Roy Rogers

San Fernando Valley (1944) .... Roy Rogers

Lights of Old Santa Fe (1944) .... Roy Rogers

Hollywood Canteen (1944) .... Roy Rogers and Trigger

Utah (1945) .... Roy Rogers

Where Do We Go from Here? (1945) (scenes deleted)

Bells of Rosarita (1945) .... Roy Rogers

The Man from Oklahoma (1945) .... Roy Rogers

Along the Navajo Trail (1945) .... Roy Rogers

Sunset in El Dorado (1945) .... Roy Rogers

Don't Fence Me In (1945) .... Roy Rogers

Song of Arizona (1946) .... Roy Rogers

Rainbow Over Texas (1946) .... Roy Rogers

My Pal Trigger (1946) .... Roy Rogers

Under Nevada Skies (1946) .... Roy Rogers

Roll on Texas Moon (1946) .... Roy Rogers

Home in Oklahoma (1946) .... Roy Rogers

Out California Way (1946) .... Roy Rogers

Heldorado (1946) .... Nevada State Ranger Roy Rogers

Apache Rose (1947) .... Roy Rogers

Bells of San Angelo (1947) .... Border Investigator Roy Rogers

Springtime in the Sierras (1947) .... Roy Rogers

On the Old Spanish Trail (1947) .... Roy Rogers

Pecos Bill (1948) .... Roy Rogers

The Gay Ranchero (1948) .... Sheriff Roy Rogers

Under California Stars (1948) .... Roy Rogers

Eyes of Texas (1948) .... U.S. Marshal Roy Rogers

Night Time in Nevada (1948) .... Roy Rogers

Grand Canyon Trail (1948) .... Roy Rogers

The Far Frontier (1948) .... Roy Rogers

Susanna Pass (1949) .... Roy Rogers

Down Dakota Way (1949) .... Roy Rogers

The Golden Stallion (1949) .... Roy Rogers

Bells of Coronado (1950) .... Roy Rogers

Twilight in the Sierras (1950) .... State Parole Officer Roy Rogers

Trigger Jr. (1950) .... Roy Rogers

Sunset in the West (1950) .... Roy Rogers

North of the Great Divide (1950) .... Roy Rogers

Trail of Robin Hood (1950) .... Roy Rogers

Spoilers of the Plains (1951) .... Roy Rogers

Heart of the Rockies (1951) .... Roy Rogers

In Old Amarillo (1951) .... Roy Rogers

South of Caliente (1951) .... Roy Rogers

Pals of the Golden West (1951) .... Border Patrolman Roy Rogers

Son of Paleface (1952) .... Roy Barton

Alias Jesse James (1959) (uncredited) .... Roy Rogers

Mackintosh and T.J. (1975) .... Mackintosh  

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