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Roscoe Ates ACTOR


Roscoe Ates was born on January 20th, 1895 in Grange, Mississippi.  From a young age he had a stutter growing up and had a really difficult time trying to overcome it.
Roscoe first became involved in entertainment as a violinist but later switched to vaudeville as the financial rewards were more beneficial to him.  He was never able to get rid of his stutter, therefore he used it to help in his comedic routine.   

Ates became well known for starring in a number of shorts with RKO and Vitaphone.  He was well known as 'Soapy' in a number of B-westerns released by PRC and Eagle Lion later in the 1940's and was paired often as the sidekick of Lash LaRue.   

His career in film did not begin until he was thirty four years old, first appearing in, "South Sea Rose" (1929) followed by roles in, "Double Crossroads", "Caught Short", "City Girl" and "Remote Control" (all 1930). 

Soon he began to add such film credits to his resume as, "Billy the Kid" (1930), "She Went for a Tramp", "The Lone Starved Ranger" and "Politics" (all 1931).  

Along with film roles he added numerous television credits to his resume in such sitcoms as, "The Cisco Kid", "My Little Margie", "Boston Blackie", "Annie Oakley", "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin" and "Cimarron".

Towards the end of his career, he mostly focused on television appearing on, "Maverick", "Wagon Train", "Outlaws", "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", "The Restless Gun", "M Squad" and "Lawman", where he had a recurring role as 'Old Timer'.      

He married three times throughout his lifetime.  His first wife was Clara Callahan and they had one child together before the marriage ended in divorce.  He then married Leonore Belle Jumps in 1949 and they remained together until she passed away in 1955.  His third wife was Beatrice Heisser in 1960, however by 1962 this marriage also came to an end.

Roscoe Ates passed away at the age of sixty seven on March 1st, 1962 in Hollywood, California after suffering from lung cancer.  His remains are entombed at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.   


1961   The Errand Boy 

1961   Whispering Smith

1961   The Ladies Man 

1961   The Red Skelton Hour 

1961   The Silent Call 

1960-1961  Outlaws 

1961   The Untouchables 

1958-1960  Sugarfoot 

1958-1960  Alfred Hitchcock Presents 

1959-1960  Maverick

1959-1960  Lawman

1960   Shotgun Slade 

1960   Bourbon Street Beat 

1960   Man with a Camera 

1958-1959  Tales of Wells Fargo

1958-1959  Wagon Train 

1959   Buckskin

1959   State Trooper

1959   Lux Playhouse 

1959   The Restless Gun 

1958   M Squad

1958   The Sheepman 

1957   Short Cut to Hell 

1957   Run of the Arrow 

1957   The Big Caper 

1957   The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin

1956-1957  Annie Oakley 

1956   The Kettles in the Ozarks 

1956   The Birds and the Bees 

1956   Come Next Spring 

1956   Meet Me in Las Vegas

1955   Lucy Gallant 

1955   The Adventures of Champion 

1955   Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kops 

1954   The Mickey Rooney Show

1953   Those Redheads from Seattle

1953   The Stranger Wore a Gun 

1953   Boston Blackie

1953   My Little Margie 

1953   The Cisco Kid 

1952   The Blazing Forest 

1952   Trail Guide 

1951   Honeychile 

1950   Father's Wild Game 

1950   The Marshal of Gunsight Pass

1950   Hills of Oklahoma 

1948   Thunder in the Pines

1948   Inner Sanctum 

1948   The Tioga Kid

1948   The Hawk of Powder River 

1948   The Westward Trail 

1948   Tornado Range

1948   Check Your Guns

1947   Shadow Valley

1947   Black Hills

1947   West to Glory 

1947   Range Beyond the Blue

1947   Wild Country

1946   Wild West

1946   Stars Over Texas 

1946   Driftin' River 

1946   Down Missouri Way 

1946   Tumbleweed Trail 

1946   Colorado Serenade

1945   Song of Old Wyoming

1944   Can't Help Singing 

1944   The Great Moment

1942   The Palm Beach Story

1942   The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine

1941   Sullivan's Travels

1941   Birth of the Blues

1941   One Foot in Heaven 

1941   I'll Sell My Life 

1941   Reg'lar Fellers

1941   Bad Men of Missouri 

1941   Mountain Moonlight 

1941   She Knew All the Answers

1941   Ziegfeld Girl

1941   Glove Affair

1941   Robin Hood of the Pecos 

1940   Chad Hanna 

1940   I Want a Divorce

1940   Fireman, Save My Choo Choo

1940   Captain Caution

1940   Untamed 

1940   The Cowboy from Sundown

1940   You're Next

1940   Rancho Grande

1939   Gone with the Wind

1939   Three Texas Steers 

1938   The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok

1938   Riders of the Black Hills

1937   Drug Store Follies

1937   Alpine Cabaret

1937   God's Country and the Woman

1936   Fair Exchange

1935   On the Wagon 

1935   Why Pay Rent?

1935   The People's Enemy

1934   Dizzy & Daffy 

1934   Woman in the Dark

1934   Merry Wives of Reno 

1934   She Made Her Bed

1934   So You Won't T-T-T-Talk

1933   Alice in Wonderland

1933   Golden Harvest 

1933   Scarlet River

1933   King Kong

1933   What-No Beer? 

1933   Lucky Devils 

1933   The Past of Mary Holmes

1933   The Cheyenne Kid 

1932   Sham Poo, the Magician

1932   Renegades of the West

1932   Come on Danger!

1932   Hold 'Em Jail 

1932   The Roadhouse Murder

1932   Young Bride 

1932   Freaks 

1932   Never the Twins Shall Meet 

1932   Ladies of the Jury

1932   The Rainbow Trail 

1932   Deported 

1931   The Big Shot

1931   The Champ 

1931   Use Your Noodle

1931   The Gland Parade

1931   A Clean-Up on the Curb

1931   The Lone Starved Ranger

1931   Politics 

1931   Too Many Cooks

1931   The Great Lover 

1931   A Free Soul

1931   She Went for a Tramp

1931   Cimarron 

1931   Reducing 

1931   The Voice of Hollywood No. 7

1930   Remote Control 

1930   Billy the Kid 

1930   Those Three French Girls 

1930   Check and Double Check

1930   Soup to Nuts 

1930   Love in the Rough

1930   The Big House 

1930   Caught Short 

1930   Double Cross Roads 

1930   City Girl 

1929   South Sea Rose

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