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Robert Taylor ACTOR


Robert Taylor was born August 5th, 1911 in Filley, Nebraska, USA with the birth name, Spangler Arlington Brugh to father Spangler Andrew Brugh and Ruth Brugh.  Throughout high school, Taylor played the Cello and participated on the track team.  He attended Pomona College with the intentions of studying music and while there became very involved with the school theatricals.   He was booking leading roles on the school campus plays and was soon spotted by a talent scout from MGM.
At the age of twenty three, Taylor was signed to a contract.  His first film, however, was on a loan out to Fox Studio's in, "Handy Andy" (1934).  Following this first role he then starred in the MGM, "Crime Does Not Pay" a short film and his first feature film with MGM, "A Wicked Woman" (1934).  Again, he was loaned out to Universal for, "Magnificent Obsession" (1935) also starring Irene Dunne, Charles Butterworth and Betty Furness, and this film really helped increase his stardom along with his break through role in, "Society Doctor" (1935) also starring Chester Morris, Virginia Bruce and Billie Burke.  
He was judged unfairly by critics who claimed his good looks were all he had though.  Even when he delivered a very well done performance in, "Armand in Camille" (1936) reviews commented on how they were actually surprised he had acting capabilities. 
Though, he was never really a great actor, he was a pretty decent one as shown in his roles on, "Johnny Eager" (1942) co-starring Lana Turner, Edward Arnold and Van Heflin, who won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor and "Bataan" (1942) starring alongside George Murphy, Thomas Mitchell, Robert Walker and Lloyd Nolan.  Robert Taylor also served in the military during the war as an Air force flight instructor in 1943 after enlisting in the Naval Air Corps but being deemed to old for active service.
He delivered one of his best performances ever in, "Above and Beyond" (1953) starring with Eleanor Parker and James Whitmore, as a pilot portraying Col. Paul Tibbetts who flew the Enola Gay in the Atomic Bomb blast over Hiroshima, Japan which helped bring about the end of World War II.  His final film under his contract with MGM was, "Party Girl" (1958) starring Cyd Charisse, Lee J. Cobb and John Ireland.    
He also followed with a role is a popular television series, "The Detectives Starring Robert Taylor" (1959-1962).  Robert Taylor was also very good friends with Ronald Reagan who opted for a career in politics in 1965.  Taylor succeeded Reagan as a host of the Western anthology, "Death Valley Days".  

He soon did grow out of his boyish good looks into a decent performer and made up for any lack of talent with some decent roles on, "Ivanhoe" (1951) starring with Elizabeth Taylor, George Sanders and Joan Fontaine, "Knights of the Round Table" (1953) co-starring Ava Gardner and Mel Ferrer and westerns, "The Hangman" (1959) co-starring Tina Louise, Jack Lord and Fess Parker and "Cattle King" (1963) also starring Robert Loggia, Joan Caulfield and Robert Middleton.
Robert Taylor was married twice during his lifetime. First to actress Barbara Stanwyck from 1939 to 1951 and then to Ursula Theiss with whom he had one son Terrence born in 1955 and one daughter, Theresa Taylor born in 1959.  He reunited with his former wife Barbara Stanwyck to film, "The Night Walker" (1964) and his final films were, "The Glass Sphinx" (1968), "Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows" (1968) starring Rosalind Russell, Stella Stevens, Van Johnson and Binnie Barnes and "The Day the Hotline Got Hot" (both 1968).
Robert Taylor passed away on June 8th, 1969 in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California. 


1969   El Rublo de las dos Caras
1968   Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows
1968   Le Rouble a Deux Faces
1968   La Sfinge d'Oro
1967   The Glass Sphinx
1967   Savage Pampas
1967   Return of the Gunfighter 
1967   As I Rode Down to Laredo Wyatt
1967   Hondo and the Apaches 
1966   Johnny Tiger
1966   Pampa salvaje
1965   Freedom's Finest Hour
1965   Death Valley Days: No Gun Behind His Badge 
1964   William Castle's The Night Walker
1964   The Night Walker
1964   A House is Not a Home
1963   Cattle King
1963   Guns of Wyoming
1962   Miracle of the White Stallions
1962   Flight of the White Stallions
1961   The Detectives Starring Robert Taylor: Season 3 
1960   The Detectives Starring Robert Taylor: Season 2 
1960   Killers of Kilimanjaro
1959   The House of the Seven Hawks
1959   The Hangman
1959   The Detectives Starring Robert Taylor: Season 1 
1958   The Law and Jake Wade
1958   Saddle the Wind
1958   Party Girl
1957   Tip on a Dead Jockey
1957   Time for Action
1956   The Power and the Prize
1956   The Last Hunt
1956   D-Day, the Sixth of June
1956   Sixth of June
1955   Quentin Durward
1955   The Adventures of Quentin Durward
1955   Many Rivers to Cross
1954   Valley of the Kings
1954   Rogue House
1954   Rogue Cop
1953   Ride, Vaquero!
1953   Knights of the Round Table
1953   I Love Melvin
1953   All the Brothers Were Valiant
1952   Ivanhoe
1952   Above and Beyond
1951   Westward the Women
1951   Quo Vadis?
1950   Devil's Doorway
1950   Ambush
1949   The Bribe
1949   Conspirator
1948   The Secret Land
1947   The High Wall
1946   Undercurrent
1944   Fighting Lady 
1943   The Youngest Profession
1943   Song of Russia
1943   Bataan
1942   Stand by for Action
1942   Her Cardboard Lover
1941   When Ladies Meet
1941   Strange Skirts
1941   Johnny Eager
1941   Billy the Kid
1940   Waterloo Bridge
1940   Flight Command
1940   Escape
1940   When the Door Opened
1939   Stand up and Fight
1939   Remember?
1939   Lucky Night
1939   Lady of the Tropics
1938   Three Comrades
1938   The Crowd Roars
1938   A Yank at Oxford
1937   This is My Affair
1937   Personal Property
1937   Broadway Melody of 1938
1936   The Gorgeous Hussy
1936   Small Town Girl
1936   Secret Interlude
1936   Private Number
1936   His Brother's Wife
1936   Camille
1935   West Point of the Air
1935   Times Square Lady
1935   Society Doctor
1935   Murder in the Fleet
1935   Magnificent Obsession
1935   Buried Loot
1935   Broadway Melody of 1936
1934   There's Always Tomorrow
1934   Handy Andy
1934   A Wicked Woman  

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