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Robert Sterling ACTOR


Robert Sterling was born on November 13th, 1917 in New Castle, Pennsylvania with the birth name William Sterling Hart.  After high school he enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh and  first found work as a clothing salesman before he decided that he wanted to give acting a try.
Sterling began with finding work on a number of short films and a couple small roles in some feature films such as, "Blondie Meets the Boss" (1939), "First Offenders" (1939), "Sorority House" (1939) and "Mandrake the Magician" (1939). 

His luck changed with another well known actor, Robert Taylor was getting ready to join the navy and MGM needed to find a replacement good looking male actor.  Robert Sterling was their choice and soon he was being cast in more prominent roles such as in the films, "Ringside Maisie" (1941), "Two-faced Woman" (1941), "Johnny Eager" (1941), "The Getaway" (1941), "Somewhere I'll Find You" (1942) and "This Time for Keeps" (1942). 

Between 1942 and 1946 he took a break from acting to serve in the Army Air Force during World War II.  Upon completing his military service he returned back to acting however, although he was still receiving work, his demand in Hollywood and decreased after he left to join the Army.

Some of his later film roles included, "The Secret Heart" (1946), "Roughshod" (1949), "The Sundowners" (1950) and "Bunco Squad" (1950).  He then decided to focus on working as a stage actor as film roles were becoming less available to him.
It was during a Broadway production of, "Gramercy Ghost" that he became acquainted with and later wed actress Anne Jeffreys.  The two formed a musical club act and became an overnight success even performing on television in the comedy series, "Topper" (1953). 
He also turned his site on more television roles adding such credits to his resume as, "Love That Jill" (1958), "Ichabod and Me" (1961), "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour" (1962), "Twilight Zone" (1963), "Naked City" (1963), "Love, American Style" (1972), "The Brian Keith Show" (1974), "Simon & Simon" (1982), "Hotel" (1984) and his final television role was in 1986 on, "Murder, She Wrote".

Along with his career as an actor he also worked as the vice president for a computer software company and also started his own business during the 1970's called, Sterling & Sons based in Santa Monica, California that manufactured golf clubs.   

Robert Sterling remained married to actress Anne Jeffreys and they had three children together before he passed away on May 30th, 2006 in Brentwood, California from natural causes at the age of eighty eight.  He left behind his wife, three children and one other child from his first marriage to actress Ann Sothern


1986   Murder, She Wrote 

1984   Hotel 

1983   Masquerade

1982   Simon & Simon 

1982   Fantasy Island 

1979   Beggarman, Thief 

1974   The Brian Keith Show 

1973   Letters from Three Lovers 

1972   Love, American Style 

1971   The Bold Ones: The New Doctors

1971   Nanny and the Professor 

1964   A Global Affair 

1963   Naked City 

1963   Twilight Zone 

1962   The Alfred Hitchcock Hour 

1961-1962  Ichabod and Me 

1961   Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

1961   Return to Peyton Place 

1960   The United States Steel Hour

1960   G.E. True Theater

1958   Love That Jill 

1957   Wagon Train

1957   Telephone Time

1957   Cavalcade of America 

1956-1957  The Ford Television Theatre 

1956   The 20th Century-Fox Hour

1956   Star Stage

1951-1956  Lux Video Theatre

1956   The Loretta Young Show

1956   Front Row Center 

1955   Max Liebman Presents: Dearest Enemy

1955   Climax!

1953-1955  Topper 

1950-1955  Studio One in Hollywood

1953   Column South

1952-1953  Robert Montgomery Presents 

1952   The Gulf Playhouse

1949-1952  Suspense 

1951-1952  Lights Out

1952   Celanese Theatre 

1951   Faith Baldwin Romance Theatre 

1951   Show Boat

1951   The Clock

1951   Showtime, U.S.A. 

1951   The Ford Theatre Hour 

1950   Bunco Squad 

1950   The Sundowners 

1949   Roughshod 

1946   The Secret Heart

1942   Somewhere I'll Find You 

1942   This Time for Keeps 

1942   Dr. Kildare's Victory 

1942   Personalities

1941   Johnny Eager 

1941   Two-Faced Woman 

1941   Ringside Maisie

1941   The Getaway 

1941   I'll Wait for You 

1941   The Penalty 

1940   The Gay Caballero 

1940   Yesterday's Heroes 

1940   Manhattan Heartbeat 

1940   The Heckler

1940   Nothing But Pleasure 

1939   My Son Is Guilty

1939   The Awful Goof 

1939   Glove Slingers

1939   The Amazing Mr. Williams 

1939   Blondie Brings Up Baby 

1939   Beware Spooks!

1939   Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 

1939   Scandal Sheet

1939   The Story of Charles Goodyear

1939   A Woman Is the Judge 

1939   Those High Grey Walls

1939   Golden Boy 

1939   The Man They Could Not Hang 

1939   Good Girls Go to Paris 

1939   Pest from the West

1939   Missing Daughters

1939   Only Angels Have Wings 

1939   Mandrake the Magician

1939   Sorority House 

1939   Outside These Walls 

1939   First Offenders 

1939   Romance of the Redwoods

1939   Blondie Meets the Boss  

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