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Robert Forster ACTOR


Robert Forster was born on July 13th, 1941 in Rochester, New York, born to Robert Wallace and Grace Dorothy Forster.  His father worked as an elephant trainer for the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus.  In 1949 his parents marriage ended in divorce.   

Forster first developed an interest in acting while in high school.  In 1959 he earned his high school diploma from Madison High and then enrolled at Heidelberg College and later earned football scholarships to study at Alfred University and the University of Rochester while continuing performing in school productions.  

In 1963 he graduated with a BA in Psychology and then found work at East Rochester theater appearing in such productions as, "West Side Story".  Forster then relocated to New York City in search of more prominent stage work.  He was cast in the play, "Mrs. Dally Has a Lover".  After having a difficult time finding more work as an actor he chose to move back to Rochester and supported himself working construction and has a part time substitute teacher.
When he received work that an agent in Hollywood was interested in working with him on a five picture deal he moved to California and began to add such film credits to his resume as, "Reflections in a Golden Eye" (1967), "The Stalking Moon" (1968), "Medium Cool" (1969), "Justine" (1969) and "Avalanche" (1978).
He had now made quite a name for himself in the industry and he was an actor in high demand.  More film roles succeeded such as, "The Black Hole" (1979), "Alligator" (1980), "Vigilante" (1983), "Walking the Edge" (1983) and "The Delta Force" (1986).
Along with his acting career he also worked part time as a motivational speaker as well as an acting coach throughout Hollywood.  His career slowed down during the early 90's but he made a huge comeback when he was cast in the feature film, "Jackie Brown" (1997), a role for which he earned an Academy Award nomination.   

He was back in the limelight and soon was getting offered more film roles.  He continued to add to his resume such credits as, "All the Rage" (1999), "Psycho" (1998), "Supernova" (2000), "Confidence" (2003), "Firewall" (2006), "Rise" (2007), "Cleaner" (2007), "Thick as Thieves" (2009), "Middle Men" (2010), "The Descendents" (2011) and most recently he has appeared on the television series, "Alcatraz" "NCIS" and "Last Man Standing" (all 2012).
Robert Forster has married twice throughout his lifetime, first to June Forster in 1966 and they had three children before the marriage came to an end in 1975.  He then married Zivia Forster from 1978 through 1980.  He has not re-married since then but does have one other son, Robert Junior from a relationship with a past girlfriend. 


2012   NCIS

2012   Room and Board 

2012   Somewhere Slow

2012   Last Man Standing

2012   Transformers Prime

2012   Alcatraz 

2011   CSI: NY 

2011   The Descendants

2011   Girl Walks Into a Bar

2011   Killer on the Loose

2010   Kalamity 

2010   The Trial 

2010   Red Princess Blues 

2010   Red Princess Blues: Cast of Characters

2010   The Bannen Way 

2009   Expecting Love 

2009   Middle Men 

2009   Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

2009   Thick as Thieves

2008   Heroes 

2008   The Simpsons 

2008   Touching Home 

2008   Expecting Love 

2008   Jack and Jill vs. the World 

2008   Would Be Kings 

2007   Desperate Housewives

2007   Grampa's Cabin

2007   Cleaner 

2007   Rise: Blood Hunter 

2007   Dragon Wars: D-War

2006   Wild Seven

2006   Numb3rs 

2006   Lucky Number Slevin 

2006   Firewall

2006   13 Graves 

2005   The Hunt for the BTK Killer 

2005   Justice League

2005   Tilt

2004-2005  Huff

2005   Bounty Hunters 

2004   Clubhouse 

2004   The Grid

2003-2004  Karen Sisco

2003   Grand Theft Parsons

2003   Street Time

2003   Undefeated 

2003   Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle 

2003   Where's Angelo? 

2002-2003  Fastlane 

2003   Confidence

2002   Murder in Greenwich

2002   Like Mike

2002   Strange Hearts

2002   Due East 

2002   Lone Hero

2001   Finder's Fee

2001   Like Mother Like Son: The Strange Story of Sante and Kenny Kimes

2001   Human Nature

2001   Mulholland Dr. 

2000   Diamond Men 

2000   Me, Myself & Irene 

2000   Cowboys and Angels

2000   Lakeboat 

2000   The Magic of Marciano

2000   Supernova

2000   It's a Shame About Ray 

1999   Kiss Toledo Goodbye 

1999   All the Rage

1999   Spawn 3: Ultimate Battle 

1999   Spawn

1999   Family Tree 

1999   Demolition University 

1999   Mulholland Dr. 

1998   Outside Ozona

1998   Psycho

1998   Rear Window

1997   Jackie Brown

1995-1997  Walker, Texas Ranger 

1997   American Perfekt 

1997   Night Vision 

1996   Original Gangstas

1996   Uncle Sam

1996   Hindsight 

1996   The Method

1995   One West Waikiki 

1986-1995  Murder, She Wrote 

1995   Scanner Cop II 

1995   Guns and Lipstick 

1994   Point of Seduction: Body Chemistry III

1993   American Yakuza 

1993   Silk Stalkings 

1993   South Beach 

1993   Sex, Love and Cold Hard Cash

1993   Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence

1993   Cover Story

1992   In the Shadow of a Killer 

1991   P.S.I. Luv U 

1991   29th Street 

1991   Jake and the Fatman

1991   Committed 

1991   Diplomatic Immunity

1991   In Between

1990   Satan's Princess

1990   Peacemaker

1990   Checkered Flag 

1989   The Banker 

1989   Esmeralda Bay

1989   Crossbow: The Movie 

1989   Jesse Hawkes 

1988   Counterforce

1987-1988  Crossbow

1987   Once a Hero 

1987   Hotel 

1987   Tales from the Darkside

1986   The Delta Force 

1986   Hollywood Harry

1985   Magnum, P.I. 

1983   Vigilante 

1983   Walking the Edge

1981   Goliath Awaits

1981   Heartbreak High

1980   Alligator 

1979   The Black Hole

1979   The Lady in Red 

1979   The Darker Side of Terror 

1978   Avalanche

1978   Standing Tall 

1975-1977  Police Story

1977   Stunts 

1977   The City

1976   Gibbsville

1975   Medical Story 

1974   Nakia

1974   The Death Squad 

1973   The Don Is Dead

1971-1973  Banyon 

1972   Journey Through Rosebud 

1970   Cover Me Babe

1970   Pieces of Dreams 

1969   Medium Cool 

1969   Justine

1968   The Stalking Moon

1968   Judd for the Defense

1968   Premiere

1967   N.Y.P.D.

1967   Reflections in a Golden Eye

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