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Richard Todd ACTOR


Richard Todd was born on June 11th, 1919 in Dublin, Ireland with the birth name Richard Andrew Palethorpe Todd.  His father worked as a physician for the army so therefore he spent a couple years of his childhood in India and later relocated to West Devon where he earned his high school diploma from Shrewsbury School.
After school, Todd initially had goals of pursuing a career in the military but later changed his mind and decided to focus on acting.  He first began working as a stage actor performing in such productions as, "Twelfth Night".
Todd then ended up taking a brief break from pursuing a career in acting to serve in the army during World War II, joining the Parachute Regiment.  After he completed his service he returned to acting and was seen in such productions as, "The Hasty Heart".  By the late 1040's he broke into the film industry appearing on the big screen in the film version, "The Hasty Heart" (1948) for which he earned an Oscar nomination as Best Actor. 
As his career progressed he was seen on such films as, "Stage Fright" (1950), "A Man Called Peter" (1955), "The Dam Busters" (1955) and "The Longest Day" (1962) starring John Wayne.  Majority of his films were British films although he did also appear on television in such series as, "Virtual Murder", "Silent Witness", "Wuthering Heights" and two of his latest television appearances in, "Holby City" (2004) and "HeartBeat" (2007).   
Throughout his lifetime he married twice, first to Catherine Stewart Crawford Grant-Bogle from 1949 through 1970 and together they had two children.  He then married for a second time to Virginia Mailer in 1970 and they also had two children and remained married until 1992.  He did not marry again and passed away on December 3rd, 2009 in Little Humby, England from cancer.  Sadly, two of his four children committed suicide leaving him survived by one son and one daughter.  


2007 Heartbeat
2004 Holby City
2003 The Royal 
2003 Midsomer Murders 
2000 Silent Witness
2000 Randall & Hopkirk
1992 Virtual Murder
1992 Incident at Victoria Falls 
1989 Murder, She Wrote
1988 Murder One 
1988 Olympus Force: The Key
1985 Jenny's War
1985 The Last Place on Earth
1983 House of the Long Shadows
1982 Doctor Who
1980 The Dick Emery Show
1979 Bloodbath 
1979 Home Before Midnight 
1979 Matt and Jenny
1978 The Big Sleep
1977 No. 1 of the Secret Service
1976 Dominic
1974-1976 Boy Dominic 
1974 Thriller 
1972 Asylum 
1970 Dorian Gray 
1968 Subterfuge 
1968 The Danny Thomas Hour 
1968 Last of the Long-haired Boys 
1967 Theatre 625 
1967 The Love-Ins
1965 The Battle of the Villa Fiorita
1965 Operation Crossbow
1964 Coast of Skeletons
1963 Sanders
1963 The Very Edge
1962 The Boys
1962 The Longest Day 
1962 Crime Does Not Pay 
1962 BBC Sunday-Night Play
1961 The Hellions 
1961 Why Bother to Knock 
1961 Jungle Fighters
1960 Never Let Go 
1960 ITV Play of the Week 
1960 ITV Television Playhouse 
1959 Breakout 
1958 Intent to Kill
1958 The Naked Earth
1958 Chase a Crooked Shadow 
1957 Saint Joan
1957 Battle Hell 
1956 D-Day the Sixth of June 
1956 Shadow of the Guillotine 
1955 The Virgin Queen 
1955 The Dam Busters 
1955 A Man Called Peter
1954 The Bed 
1953 BBC Sunday-Night Theatre
1953 Rob Roy: The Highland Rogue
1953 The Sword and the Rose
1952 The Assassin
1952 Affair in Monte Carlo 
1952 The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men 
1951 Lightning Strikes Twice 
1951 Flesh & Blood
1950 Portrait of Clare 
1950 Stage Fright 
1949 The Hasty Heart 
1949 The Interrupted Journey
1949 For Them That Trespass
1938 Old Bones of the River
1938 A Yank at Oxford
1937 Good Morning, Boys 

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