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Rhys Williams ACTOR


Rhys Williams was born on December 31st, 1897 in Merionethshire, Wales in the United Kingdom.  His career as an actor began as a stage actor and he then traveled with various Shakespearean stock companies gaining experience.   

His film debut was in 1941 in, "How Green Was My Valley" starring Maureen O'Hara, Donald Crisp, Roddy McDowall, Walter Pidgeon, Anna Lee, Barry Fitzgerald, Patric Knowles, John Loder and Ann Todd, which was filmed in Hollywood.  He then relocated to Hollywood full time to pursue a career as a film actor.  Some of his more substantial film roles included, "Blood on the Sun" (1945) starring alongside James Cagney, Sylvia Sidney, Porter Hall, Hugh Beaumont, Frank Puglia, Rosemary DeCamp, Wallace Ford, John Emory and Robert Armstrong, "The Inspector General" (1949) starring Danny Kaye, Walter Slezak, Gene Lockhart, Barbara Bates, Elsa Lanchester and Alan Hale Sr., "The Crooked Way" (1949) starring John Payne, Sonny Tufts, Ellen Drew and John Doucette, "One Too Many" (1950) starring with Ruth Warrick, Richard Travis, Ginger Price and William Tracy, "Man in the Attic" (1953) starring Jack Palance, Constance, Frances Bavier and Byron Palmer, "Bad For Each Other" (1953) starring Charlton Heston, Lizabeth Scott, Dainne Foster, Mildred Dunnock and Arthur Franz, "There's No Business Like Show Business" (1954) starring Ethel Merman, Donald O'Connor, Marilyn Monroe, Dan Dailey, Mitzi Gaynor, Richard Eastham, Hugh O'Brian, Frank McHugh and Johnnie Ray, "The Kentuckian" (1955) starring Burt Lancaster, Dianne Foster, John McIntire, Diana Lynn, Walter Matthau, Edward Norris, John Litel, John Carradine, Una Merkel and Donald MacDonald, "Merry Andrew" (1958) starring Danny Kaye and Pier Angeli, "The Sons of Katie Elder" (1965) starring John Wayne, Dean Martin, Earl Holliman, Michael Anderson Jr., Martha Hyer, Dennis Hopper, George Kennedy, James Gregory, Jeremy Slate, Paul Fix, John Litel, James Westerfield, John Qualen, Strother Martin, Karl Swenson and John Doucette, "Our Man Flint" (1966) starring James Coburn, Benson Fong, Lee J. Cobb, James Brolin and Edward Mulhare, and in his final film role "Skullduggery" (1970) starring Burt Reynolds, Susan Clark and Edward Fox.  

In addition to working as a stage and film actor, he made a number of television appearances such as, "The Adventures of Falcon", "Waterfront", "Climax!", Crossroads", "The Man Behind the Badge", "Bonanza", "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", "Code 3", "Perry Mason", "Adventures of Superman", "Riverboat", "Maverick", "Bonanza", "Wagon Train", "Dr. Kildare" and "The Wild Wild West".

He married only once to Elsie Dvorak and they had two children together and remained married until he passed away at the age of seventy one, on May 28th, 1969 in Santa Monica, California.  His remains are interred at Forest Lawn Cemetery in the Hollywood Hills. 


1970        Skullduggery
1969        Mannix
1969        Here Comes the Brides
1967        The Invaders
1967        The Andy Griffith Show
1967        Professor Hellman
1967        Mission: Impossible
1966        Brigadoon
1966        The Wild Wild West
1966        Our Man Flint
1965        The Sons of Katie Elder
1965        Profiles in Courage
1964        77 Sunset Strip
1964        12 O'clock High
1963        Temple Houston
1963         Dr. Kildare        
1963         The Lloyd Bridges Show        
1963         The Law and Mr. Jones 
1960        Midnight Lace
1960        Peter Gunn
1960        The Best of the Post
1960        Bonanza
1960         Tales of Wells Fargo
1960         Maverick
1960         Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color 
1960         Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse
1960-1961    Wanted: Dead or Alive
1958-1962    Wagon Train
1959-1960    The Rifleman
1959         Riverboat
1959         Philip Marlowe 
1959        Trackdown
1959         The David Niven Show
1958        Merry Andrew
1958        Perry Mason
1957        Code 3
1957        Raintree County
1957        The Restless Breed
1957        Alfred Hitchcock Presens
1956-1961    G.E. True Theater
1956        The Desperados Are in Town
1955        Battle Cry
1956         Crossroads 
1956         The Loretta Young Show 
1956         Climax! 
1956         TV Reader's Digest 
1956        The Boss
1956        The Fastest Gun Alive
1956        Nightmare
1956        Mohawk
1955        The King's Thief
1955        The Scarlet Coat
1955        The Kentuckian
1955        How to Be Very, Very Popular
1955        Many Rivers to Cross
1955        The Scarlet Coat
1955         The Millionaire 
1955         Star Stage 
1955         Kings Row 
1955         Mystery Is My Business
1955         The Man Behind the Badge
1955         Lux Video Theatre
1955         Waterfront
1955-1957    Schlitz Playhouse
1955        The Kentuckian
1954         Medallion Theatre     
1954        There's No Business Like Show Business
1954        The Adventures of Falcon    
1954        The Black Shield of Falworth
1954        Johnny Guitar
1954        Fireside Theatre
1953        Bad for Each Other    
1953        Scandal at Scourie
1953         Family Theatre  
1953         Adventures of Superman
1953        Meet Me at the Fair 
1953         Your Jeweler's Showcase
1953        Julius Caesar
1953        Man in the Attic
1952        Plymouth Adventure
1952-1955    Four Star Playhouse
1952        The World in His Arms
1952         Mutiny
1952        Okinawa
1952        Carbine Williams
1952        Studio One in Hollywood
1952        Les Misérables
1952        The Light Touch
1952        The World in His Arms
1951        The Law and the Lady
1951        The Son of Dr. Jekyll
1951        Never Trust a Gambler
1951        Million Dollar Pursuit
1951        Lightning Strikes Twice
1951        The Sword of Monte Cristo
1950        One Too Many
1950        The Bigelow Theatr
1950        California Passage
1950        The Showdown   
1950        Tyrant of the Sea
1950        Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
1950        Devil's Doorway
1949        The Crooked Way
1949        Tokyo Joe
1949        Badboy
1949        The Inspector General
1949        Fighting Man of Plains
1948        Hills of Home
1948        The Black Arrow
1948        Tenth Avenue Angel
1947        The Imperfect Lady
1947        The Farmer's Daughter
1947        Easy Come, Easy Go
1947        If Winter Comes
1947        The Trouble With Women
1947        Moss Rose
1946        Cross My Heart
1946        The Strange Woman
1946        So Goes My Love
1945        The Corn Is Green
1945        Blood on the Sun
1945        The Bells of St. Mary's
1945        The Spiral Staircase
1945        Toy Came Along
1945        Voice of the Whislter
1943        No Time For Love
1942        Mrs. Miniver
1942        Gentleman Jim
1942        Random Harvest
1942        Cairo
1942        Eagle Squadron
1942        Underground Agent
1942        Mrs. Miniver
1942        Remember Pearl Harbor
1942        This Above All
1941        How Green Was My Valley  

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