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Rex Lease ACTOR


Rex Lease was born on February 11th 1903 in Central City, West Virginia with the birth name Rex Lloyd Lease.  As a youngster Rex had developed an interest for the ministry so as he got older he began studying towards this goal.  However, once enrolled in College he became interested in acting.

Lease decided at the age of twenty one to pursue a career as an actor instead and so he left College and relocated to Hollywood at the age of twenty one.  For quite a few years he was only able to find extra parts on films, but it was giving him experience and helping him support himself financially.  
He finally got cast in his first lead role in, "A Woman Who Sinned" (1924) and followed with a number of co star roles on dramas and comedies.  In 1927 when he was cast on, "Clancy Kosher Wedding" he reached the level of stardom he was yearning for. 
The next couple years kept him busy in a number of film such as, "Sunny Skies" (1930), "Desert Patrol" (1932), "Ghost Rider" (1935) and "Man From Gun Town" (1936) amongst many others.  It was not difficult for Lease to make the transition from the silent film era to 'talkies' and he also found his talents shined when cast in western films
However, as time progressed he was no longer being offered lead roles and instead was cast as the supporting character to up and coming actors such as Gene Autry and Roy Rogers

Rex found film roles to be harder to come by and so turned to television for some extra work appearing on such series as, "The Cisco Kid" (1954), "The Roy Rogers Show" (1953), "Tales of the Texas Rangers" (1957) and on one episode of "Maverick".

He continued to work up until the last years of his life.  His last known appearance was in 1957 on, "A Hateful Of Rain".  Rex lease married only one time to actress Eleanor Hunt on April 8th, 1931 and they divorced some years later.  He never re married again and at the age of sixty two, Rex Lease passed away at his home on January 3rd, 1966 in Van Nuys California.  


1957 A Hatful of Rain
1955 The Prodigal
1953 Money from Home
1953 Abbott and Costello Go to Mars
1952 The Man Behind the Gun
1952 Lost in Alaska
1952 Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd
1952 Montana Belle
1952 Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair
1951 Lone Star
1950 Copper Canyon
1950 Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town
1949 Gun Cargo
1949 Ma and Pa Kettle
1949 Bells of Coronado
1949 The Lady Gambles
1948 Letter From an Unknown Woman
1947 The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap
1947 Wyoming
1947 Brute Force
1947 The Perils Of Pauline
1946 California
1946 The Time of Their Lives (The Ghost Steps Out)
1946 Heldorado
1946 Two Years Before the Mast
1945 Dakota
1945 The Naughty Nineties
1945 Flame of Barbary Coast
1944 The Yellow Rose of Texas
1944 Code Of The Prairie
1943 Haunted Ranch
1943 Idaho
1942 Silver Bullet
1942 Sunset Serenade
1942 Boss of Hangtown Mesa
1942 Stardust on the Sage
1942 Saboteur
1942 Tomorrow We Live
1942 In Old California
1942 Home in Wyomin'
1941 Bad Man of Deadwood
1941 Sierra Sue
1941 Jesse James at Ba
1940 The Grapes of Wrath
1940 A Chump at Oxford
1940 Battling Outlaw
1940 Rancho Grande
1939 South of the Border
1938 Professor Beware
1938 Fury Below
1938 Desert Patrol
1938 Ten Laps to Go
1937 Heroes of the Alamo
1937 Silver Trail
1937 Riding Avenger
1937 Fury Below
1936 Aces and Eight
1936 Cavalcade of the West
1936 Ridin' On
1936 Custer's Last Stand
1936 Man from Gun Town
1936 Clutching Hand
1935 Rough Riding Ranger
1935 Pals of the Range
1935 Ghost Rider
1932 Hell Fire Austin
1932 Desert Patrol
1932 The Monster Walks
1931 Chinatown After Dark
1930 Sunny Skies
1930 Sign of the Wolf
1930 Borrowed Wives
1927 Clancy Kosher Wedding
1924 A Woman Who Sinned 

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