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Regis Toomey ACTOR


Regis Toomey was born on August 13th, 1898 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with the birth name John Regis Toomey.  His parents were Francis X and Mary Ellen Toomey and they had four children total.
Toomey attended school at Peabody High School and was considering a career in law.  He attended college in his home town at the University of Pittsburgh.  He became involved in acting while studying law in college.  He was involved in stock theater and began establishing himself as a musical stage performer.
Eventually changing his mind on law, he realized how much he enjoyed being on the stage.  He graduated with a degree to dramatics and eventually made it to work on Broadway.  Regis dropped his first name John, and took on his middle and last as his stage name.
He enjoyed singing on stage until while touring Europe he suffered from acute laryngitis and sadly, singing on stage was no longer an option for him.  However, this did not stop him from pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.  He was able to get involved in the film industry and in 1929 he worked on, "Alibi".  He began with actually taking on lead roles, but then decided he preferred working as a character actor.  In 1941, Toomey appeared on screen with Jane Wyman in the film, "You're in the Army Now" in which they had the longest kiss ever recorded on film screen history totaling three minutes and five seconds.  
Throughout his acting career, Toomey appeared in nearly 200 films mostly fast paced action crime films such as, "Phantom Lady" (1944), "Her Sister's Secret" (1946), "The Big Fix" (1947) and "Beyond the Forest" (1949) to name a few.
As the 1950's came about he also found work on television and played a different type of character, normally police officers, detectives, sheriffs and judges.  Toomey was a regular on, "The Mickey Rooney Show" (1955) as well as made a couple appearances on, "Richard Diamond, Private Detective" (1957) and "Burkes Law" (1963-1966) in which he was one of the stars on the series playing Sergeant Les Hart, a detective. 
Even up until the age of eighty, Toomey was still working as an actor and not considering entering retirement.    
Regis Toomey was married once to Kathryn Scott on January 14th, 1925 through June 16th, 1981 when she passed away and the couple had two children together.  Just a couple years following his wife's death, Toomey passed away on October 12th, 1991 in Woodland Hills, California from natural causes at the age of ninety three.

1987   Evil Town 
1982   Making a Living
1979   C.H.O.M.P.S 
1978   Fantasy Island 
1976   Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood
1974   Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law 
1974   The Phantom of Hollywood
1974   God Bless Dr. Shagetz 
1973   Adam-12
1972   Jigsaw
1972   The F.B.I.
1972   Circle of Fear
1972   The Carey Treatment  
1972   The Doris Day Show  
1970   Cover Me Babe  
1970   The Out of Towners 
1969   Change of Habit 
1968-1969  Petticoat Junction
1967   Gunn
1967   The Time Tunnel  
1966   The Night of the Grizzly
1966   The Legend of Jesse James 
1966   Green Acres
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1964   Man's Favorite Sport?  
1963   Dr. Kildare
1963   The Eleventh Hour
1963   Going My Way 
1959-1963  Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color  
1963   The Virginian
1956-1962  Cheyenne
1962   Wagon Train 
1961-1962  Shannon  
1962   Cain's Hundred 
1961   The Errand Boy  
1961   Death Valley Days
1961   Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea  
1961   King of the Roaring 20's: The Story of Arnold Rothstein
1961   The Last Sunset 
1961   The Best of the Post
1961   Sugarfoot
1961   Route 66 
1960   Peter Gunn  
1960   The Tall Man 
1960   G.E. True Theater
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1956-1960  The Loretta Young Show 
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1957-1958  Zane Grey Theater  
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1957   he Millionaire
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1956-1957  The 20th Century-Fox Hour  
1957   Curfew Breakers  
1957   The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet 
1956   The Best in Mystery
1956   Ethel Barrymore Theater
1956   The Joseph Cotten Show: On Trial 
1956   Dakota Incident 
1956   Three for Jamie Dawn 
1952-1956  Four Star Playhouse
1956   Great Day in the Morning  
1956   Crossroads
1956   Producers' Showcase
1955   Top Gun  
1953-1955  Schlitz Playhouse
1955   I Guys and Dolls 
1954-1955  The Mickey Rooney Show
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1955   December Bride
1955   Atomic Energy as a Force for Good
1954   Cavalcade of America 
1954   Fireside Theatre 
1954   The Human Jungle
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1954   The Ford Television Theatre
1954   Lux Video Theatre
1953   The Backbone of America
1953   Take the High Ground!  
1953   Main Street to Broadway  
1953   Island in the Sky 
1953   Son of Belle Starr 
1953   It Happens Every Thursday 
1953   Never Wave at a WAC 
1953   Your Favorite Story 
1952   My Pal Gus 
1952   Just for You  
1952   The Battle at Apache Pass 
1952   My Six Convicts
1949-1951  Family Theatre  
1951   The Bigelow Theatre 
1951   The Tall Target 
1951   Show Boat
1951   Navy Bound
1951   Cry Danger 
1951   Tomahawk 
1950   Frenchie  
1950   Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone 
1950   Again... Pioneers 
1950   Undercover Girl
1950   Dynamite Pass 
1950   The Marionette Mystery 
1949   Beyond the Forest 
1949   The Devil's Henchman 
1949   Come to the Stable 
1949   Mighty Joe Young 
1948   The Boy with Green Hair 
1948   Station West 
1948   Raw Deal 
1948   I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes  
1948   Reaching from Heaven 
1947   The Bishop's Wife 
1947   Magic Town 
1947   High Tide
1947   The Big Fix 
1947   The Guilty 
1947   The Thirteenth Hour 
1946   Child of Divorce
1946   Sister Kenny 
1946   Her Sister's Secret 
1946   The Big Sleep 
1946   Mysterious Intruder 
1945   Follow That Woman 
1945   Spellbound 
1945   Strange Illusion
1945   Betrayal from the East
1944   Murder in the Blue Room 
1944   When the Lights Go on Again  
1944   Dark Mountain 
1944   The Doughgirls 
1944   Raiders of Ghost City 
1944   Song of the Open Road 
1944   Follow the Boys
1944   Phantom Lady 
1943   Jack London 
1943   Adventures of the Flying Cadets
1943   Destroyer 
1943   Tornado
1942   Tennessee Johnson 
1942   The Forest Rangers 
1942   I Was Framed  
1942   Bullet Scars 
1941   You're in the Army Now 
1941   They Died with Their Boots On
1941   New York Town 
1941   Law of the Tropics
1941   Dive Bomber 
1941   The Nurse's Secret 
1941   Meet John Doe 
1941   Reaching for the Sun  
1941   A Shot in the Dark 
1941   The Devil and Miss Jones 
1941   The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance 
1940   March On, Marines
1940   Arizona 
1940   North West Mounted Police
1940   'Til We Meet Again  
1940   'Northwest Passage' (Book I -- Rogers' Rangers)r 
1940   His Girl Friday 
1939   The Phantom Creeps 
1939   Thunder Afloat 
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1939   The Mysterious Miss X  
1939   Pirates of the Skies  
1938   His Exciting Night 
1938   Illegal Traffic 
1938   Passport Husband 
1938   Hunted Men 
1938   Blind Alibi 
1938   Island in the Sky
1938   The Invisible Menace 
1937   Submarine D-1 
1937   Back in Circulation 
1937   Big City 
1937   The Lady Escapes 
1937   Midnight Taxi 
1936   Bulldog Edition 
1935   Skull and Crown
1935   Bars of Hate 
1935   Reckless Roads 
1935   Shadows of the Orient 
1935   Manhattan Moon  
1935   One Frightened Night 
1935   'G' Men  
1935   Great God Gold 
1935   Red Morning 
1935   Shadow of Doubt
1934   Redhead 
1934   She Had to Choose 
1934   Murder on the Blackboard 
1934   Picture Brides 
1934   What's Your Racket? 
1933   Big Time or Bust 
1933   She Had to Say Yes
1933   Laughing at Life
1933   Soldiers of the Storm 
1933   State Trooper 
1932   The Penal Code 
1932   A Strange Adventure
1932   They Never Come Back 
1932   The Crowd Roars
1932   The Midnight Patrol  
1932   Shopworn 
1931   Under 18 
1931   Touchdown 
1931   24 Hours 
1931   Graft  
1931   Murder by the Clock 
1931   Kick In 
1931   The Finger Points 
1931   Finn and Hattie 
1931   Scandal Sheet
1931   Other Men's Women 
1930   A Man from Wyoming 
1930   Good Intentions 
1930   Shadow of the Law  
1930   The Light of Western Stars 
1930   Crazy That Way
1930   Framed
1930   Street of Chance 
1929   Rich People  
1929   Illusion 
1929   The Wheel of Life  
1929   Alibi

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