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Red West ACTOR

Red West was born in 1936 in Memphis, Tennessee with the birth name Robert Gene West, to Lois and Newton Thomas West.  During high school, he excelled in athletics and later played football at Junior College.  He also excelled as a boxer and fought in the Golden Gloves Championships.
He was close friends with Elvis Presley whom he met during high school.  He later worked as Elvis's personal chauffeur and later his body guard.  For a brief time, West served in the United States Marine Corps and later he pursued a career as an actor, stuntman and song writer.  He is most well known today for his role as, Red in the film, "Road House" (1989) starring Patrick Swayze, Sam Elliott, Kelly Lynch and Ben Gazzara.
His career in the industry began as a stuntman where he appeared during the 60's on a total of sixteen films that starred Elvis Presley including Flaming Star, Wild in the Country, Kid Galahad, Follow That Dream and Viva Las Vegas.  He also worked on a number of television series such as, "The Wild Wild West" (1965), "Black Sheep Squadron" (1976), "Baa Baa Black Sheep" (1978) both starring Robert Conrad and "The Duke" (1979).
Other television appearances he added to his credits were on such series as, "Magnum, P.I", "Knight Rider", "The A-Team" and "The Twilight Zone".  He remains working as an actor today with his most recent appearances being on, the films, "Father of Invention" (2010), "The Black Dove" (2012) and "At Any Price" set to release in 2012. 
Red West also excelled as a song writer and wrote a variety of songs for his friend Elvis as well as other songs recorded by such artists as Pat Boone and Ricky Nelson.  He married once to Elvis Presley's secretary and he had one son, John Boyd West who also works as an actor today.


2012   At Any Price

2012   The Black Dove 

2011   Memphis Beat 

2010   Independent Lens 

2010   Father of Invention

2008   Goodbye Solo

2007   The Riches 

2006   Glory Road

2005   Forty Shades of Blue 

2004   Almost Made 

2003   Vampires Anonymous

2000   Above Suspicion

2000   Woman's Story 

1999   Cookie's Fortune 

1998   I Still Know What You Did Last Summer 

1997   The Rainmaker

1997   The P.A.C.K.

1995   Her Hidden Truth

1995   The Expert 

1995   Felony

1994   Natural Born Killers 

1992   From the Files of Joseph Wambaugh: A Jury of One

1992   The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag

1992   Prey of the Chameleon 

1991   Raw Nerve

1991   Hunter

1990   The Legend of Grizzly Adams 

1989   Road House

1989   Billy the Kid

1989   Trapper County War 

1988   Once Upon a Texas Train

1987   Houston Knights 

1987   Proud Men

1981-1987  Simon & Simon 

1987   The Alamo: Thirteen Days to Glory 

1986   The Twilight Zone

1986   Charley Hannah 

1982-1986  The Fall Guy

1983-1986  The A-Team 

1981-1985  Magnum, P.I.

1984   Hardcastle and McCormick 

1984   Hard Knox 

1983   Blood Feud 

1981-1983  The Greatest American Hero

1982   Knight Rider

1982   Will: The Autobiography of G. Gordon Liddy

1979-1981  Quincy, M.E.

1980   Coach of the Year

1980   Angel City

1980   Tenspeed and Brown Shoe 

1980   The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo

1979   Concrete Cowboys

1979   The Wild Wild West Revisited

1979   The Duke

1978   Battlestar Galactica 

1976-1978  Black Sheep Squadron 

1976   The Rookies 

1975   The Six Million Dollar Man

1975   Walking Tall Part II

1975   Framed

1973   Walking Tall 

1967-1969  The Wild Wild West 

1968-1969  Mannix 

1968   Live a Little, Love a Little 

1968   Mission: Impossible 

1967   Clambake 

1966   The Navy vs. the Night Monsters

1966   Spinout 

1966   Paradise, Hawaiian Style 

1965   Harum Scarum

1965   Tickle Me 

1965   Girl Happy 

1965   John Goldfarb, Please Come Home! 

1964   Roustabout 

1964   The Americanization of Emily 

1964   Viva Las Vegas 

1963   Fun in Acapulco 

1963   Palm Springs Weekend 

1963   It Happened at the World's Fair 

1962   Girls! Girls! Girls! 

1962   Kid Galahad 

1962   Follow That Dream 

1961   Blue Hawaii

1961   Wild in the Country 

1960   Flaming Star

1960   The Rebel 

1960   Peter Gunn

1960   Maverick

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