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Ray Montgomery ACTOR


Ray Montgomery was born on May 27th, 1919 and he became a Warner Brothers Contract Player.  Some of his more well known film roles included, "You're in the Army Now" (1941) starring Jimmy Durante, Phil Silvers, Jane Wyman, Joe Sawyer and Regis Toomey, "The Hard Way" (1943) starring Ida Lupino, Jack Carson, Joan Leslie and Dennis Morgan, "June Bride" (1948) starring Bette Davis, Robert Montgomery, Fay Bainter, Jerome Cowan and Tom Tully, "Bombers B-52" (1957) starring Natalie Wood, Karl Malden, Marsha Hunt and Efrem Zimbalist Jr., and "A Gathering of Eagles" (1963) starring alongside Rock Hudson, Rod Taylor, Mary Peach, Barry Sullivan, Kevin McCarthy, Henry Silva, Robert Lansing, Leif Erickson, Louise Fletcher and Richard Anderson.

He first reached a whole new level of popularity when he was cast to portray Professor Howard Ogden for 52 episodes in the television adventure series, "Ramar of the Jungle" (1952-1954) co-starring Jon Hall as Dr. Tom Reynolds which takes place in the remote jungles of Africa and India. 

Other television roles included, "The Veil", "Ironside", "The Loretta Young Show", "Telephone Time", "Shotgun Slade", "The Lone Ranger", "Meet Millie", "Lassie", "Tales of Tomorrow", "Your Favorite Story", 'The Lone Ranger", "Cheyenne", " Rocky Jones, Space Ranger ", "The Jack Benny Program", "Sky King", "Racket Squad", "The Abbott and Costello Show", "Men Into Space", "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet", 'Rawhide", "Surfside 6", "77 Sunset Strip", "Mr. Novak" and "Petticoat Junction" among many others.

Ray also added such film credits as, "A Guide for the Married Man" (1967) starring Walter Matthau, Robert Morse, Aline Towne, Sue Ane Langdon and Inger Stevens and "Madigan" (1968) starring Richard Widmark, Henry Fonda, Inger Stevens, Don Stroud, Harry Guardino, James Whitmore and Susan Clark, however the majority of his career was focused as a television actor. 

His last known roles were on the television series, "Dragnet 1967" (1969), "Adam-12" (1969) and  "Hunter" (1988-1990).  He later retired from the industry and opened a real estate agency in California. 


1988-1990     Hunter
1972         The Screaming Woman
1970         The Resurrection of Broncho Billy
1969         Adam-12 
1969         Dragnet 1967
1968         Felony Squad
1967-1968     Ironside 
1968         Madigan
1967         A Guide for the Married Man
1956-1967     Lassie 
1966         Batman
1966         Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. 
1966         Run for Your Life 
1966         Not with My Wife, You Don't!
1964-1966     Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre 
1961-1966     Perry Mason 
1966         The Silencers
1963-1966     The Virginian
1965         Daniel Boone
1965         The Munsters
1965         Brainstorm
1964         Petticoat Junction
1964         Kraft Suspense Theatre
1964         Kisses for My President
1964         Mr. Novak 
1964         Day in Court
1960-1964     77 Sunset Strip
1963         The Bill Dana Show
1963         A Gathering of Eagles
1963         Critic's Choice
1962-1963     Hawaiian Eye
1963         The Wide Country
1963         The Gallant Men
1962         The Donna Reed Show
1958-1962     Leave It to Beaver
1960-1962     Thriller 
1962         Shannon
1962         87th Precinct 
1962         House of Women
1961-1962     Surfside 6 
1955-1962     Alfred Hitchcock Presents
1960-1962     Rawhide 
1961         G.E. True Theater
1961         Bringing Up Buddy 
1960         Dante 
1960         Not for Hire
1960         Shotgun Slade
1960         Men Into Space
1960         Cash McCall
1959         Markham 
1957-1959     The Gale Storm Show 
1959         The FBI Story
1959         A Private's Affair
1959         Bronco 
1958         In Love and War
1958         Steve Canyon
1956-1958     The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
1958         The Real McCoys
1958         Flight 
1958         The Veil 
1958         Hey, Jeannie!
1957         Navy Log
1957         Peyton Place
1957         Kiss Them for Me
1957         Code 3 
1957         Bombers B-52
1957         The Adventures of McGraw 
1957         Lux Video Theatre
1957         The Silent Service
1956-1957     Telephone Time 
1956         Three Brave Men
1956         Fury
1956         Between Heaven and Hell
1956         Adventures of Superman
1956         Hilda Crane
1954-1956     The Loretta Young Show 
1956         The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp
1955         Sincerely Yours
1955         Cheyenne 
1953-1955     Fireside Theatre
1955         The Green Mountain Boys 
1950-1955     The Lone Ranger 
1954         Your Favorite Story 
1954-1955      Rocky Jones, Space Ranger  
1952-1954     Ramar of the Jungle 
1954         Waterfront 
1954         The Jack Benny Program
1953         Sabre Jet
1953         Bandits of the West
1953         Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
1953         Pickup on South Street
1953         Column South
1953         Destination Gobi
1953         Down Among the Sheltering Palms
1953         The I Don't Care Girl
1953         Tales of Tomorrow 
1953-1956     Meet Millie 
1953         The Abbott and Costello Show
1952         Stars and Stripes Forever
1952         The Unexpected 
1952         Monkey Business
1952         One Minute to Zero
1952         Sky King
1952         Bugles in the Afternoon
1952         Racket Squad
1951-1952     Gruen Guild Theater
1952         The Las Vegas Story
1951         Starlif
1951         Love Nest
1951         People Will Talk
1950-1951     Stars Over Hollywood
1951         Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell
1951         Tomahawk
1949-1950     Actor's Studio
1950         Backfire
1949         The Lady Takes a Sailor
1949         The House Across the Street
1949         White Heat
1949         Task Force
1949         It's a Great Feeling
1949         The Girl from Jones Beach
1949         A Kiss in the Dark
1949         South of St. Louis
1949         John Loves Mary
1948         One Sunday Afternoon
1948         Whiplash
1948         Fighter Squadron
1948         June Bride
1948         Smart Girls Don't Talk
1948         Johnny Belinda
1948         Embraceable You
1948         The Big Punch
1948         Romance on the High Seas
1948         Wallflower
1948         Silver River
1948         To the Victor
1947         That Hagen Girl
1947         The Unsuspected
1947         Dark Passage
1947         The Unfaithful
1946         Deception
1943         Murder on the Waterfront
1943         Action in the North Atlantic
1943         The Hard Way
1943         Air Force
1942         The Gay Sisters
1942         Men of the Sky 
1942         Wings for the Eagle
1942         Winning Your Wings 
1942         Larceny, Inc.
1942         Murder in the Big House
1942         The Male Animal
1942         Bullet Scars
1942         Captains of the Clouds
1942         Soldiers in White 
1941         You're in the Army Now
1941         All Through the Night

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