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Rand Brooks ACTOR

Rand Brooks was born on September 21st, 1918 in St. Louis, Missouri with the birth name Arlington Rand Brooks Jr.  During World War II he served in the US Army and then became involved in acting.   

Rand's film debut was in 1938 in, "Love Finds Andy Hardy".  This role followed with a number of other small roles in such films as, "The Old Maid" and "Thunder Afloat" (both 1939).  It was his role in, "Gone With the Wind" (1939) opposite Scarlett O'Hara that really earned him some attention from film critics. 
His acting career continued with a number of roles mostly in westerns, and most well known was the character, Lucky Jenkins in the, "Hopalong Cassidy" series for a total of twelve movies starting in 1952.  As his career progressed he appeared on television in, "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin" (1956-1958).  He also got involved in directing for a bit where he invested his money in, "Legends of the Northwest" (1978) which ruined him financially.     

While working in the entertainment industry, he also started the Professional Ambulance Service in Glendale, California.  Which by 1977 was the largest private paramedic provider in Los Angeles County.  In 1995, he sold the corporation to American Medical Response.  He then retired to a ranch in Santa Barbara, California where he passed away on September 1st, 2003 from cancer at the age of eighty four.   

He married twice throughout his life, first to Lois Laurel from 1948 through 1976 after having two children.  His second marriage was to Hermine Brooks from 1978 through his death after having another two children.    

Brooks will also always be remembered as the man who gave Marilyn Monroe her first legendary screen kiss. 


1974 The Sex Symbol 
1973 Double Indemnity 
1965-1972 My Three Sons 
1972 Emergency!
1970 Adam-12
1967 In Like Flint
1966 The Green Hornet
1966 Bonanza
1966 12 O'Clock High
1965 Petticoat Junction
1965 Combat!
1963-1965 Perry Mason
1965 Requiem for a Gunfighter
1965 Harlow
1964 The Munsters
1961-1963 Gunsmoke
1962 Stagecoach to Dancers' Rock 
1962 Shannon
1961 Checkmate
1961 Posse from Hell 
1960 Zane Grey Theater
1960 Men Into Space
1960 Hawaiian Eye
1960 Comanche Station 
1960 Peter Gunn
1960 Bat Masterson 
1960 M Squad 
1959 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
1959 The Real McCoys
1959 The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp
1959 Wagon Train
1957-1959 Maverick
1952-1959 Sky King 
1959 Mackenzie's Raiders 
1959 Stump Run 
1958 Lassie 
1958 The Last Hurrah 
1958 Jefferson Drum
1958 Rescue 8 
1958 The Challenge of Rin Tin Tin
1958 Tombstone Territory
1957-1958 Highway Patrol
1957 Sergeant Preston of the Yukon
1957 Tales of Wells Fargo 
1954-1957 The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin
1949-1957 The Lone Ranger 
1957 Official Detective 
1956 Circus Boy
1956 The Man Called X
1951-1955 The Roy Rogers Show
1955 Tales of the Texas Rangers
1955 To Hell and Back 
1955 The Millionaire 
1955 City Detective 
1955 The Stu Erwin Show
1951-1954 Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok 
1954 Rocky Jones, Space Ranger
1954 Space Patrol 
1954 Stories of the Century
1952-1953 The Adventures of Kit Carson
1953 The Charge at Feather River
1953 Born to the Saddle
1953 The Cisco Kid
1952 The Maverick 
1952 Montana Incident 
1952 The Gunman 
1952 Man from the Black Hills 
1952 Waco 
1952 The Cimarron Kid 
1952 The Steel Fist 
1951-1952 The Range Rider
1952 Hopalong Cassidy 
1951 Yukon Manhunt
1951 Heart of the Rockies 
1951 Front Page Detective
1950 The Gene Autry Show
1950 Bunco Squad
1950 Riding High 
1950 The Vanishing Westerner 
1949 Black Midnight 
1949 The Wyoming Bandit 
1948 Ladies of the Chorus
1948 Joan of Arc
1948 Sundown in Santa Fe 
1948 Strange Gamble 
1948 False Paradise 
1948 Borrowed Trouble 
1948 Sinister Journey 
1948 The Dead Don't Dream 
1948 Silent Conflict 
1947 Kilroy Was Here 
1947 Hoppy's Holiday
1947 The Marauders
1947 Dangerous Venture 
1947 Unexpected Guest 
1947 Fool's Gold 
1946 The Devil's Playground 
1946 The Harvey Girls
1946 The Great Morgan 
1944 Resisting Enemy Interrogation 
1944 Lady in the Dark 
1943 High Explosive 
1943 Air Force 
1942 The Sombrero Kid 
1942 Fingers at the Window
1942 The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine 
1942 Cowboy Serenade 
1941 Niagara Falls
1941 Lady Scarface 
1941 The People vs. Dr. Kildare
1941 Double Date 
1941 Cheers for Miss Bishop 
1941 Life with Henry
1940 Jennie 
1940 The Son of Monte Cristo 
1940 Girl from Avenue A 
1940 Florian 
1940 And One Was Beautiful 
1940 Northwest Passage (Book I Rogers' Rangers) 
1940 Laddie 
1940 Andy Hardy's Dilemma: A Lesson in Mathematics... and Other Things
1939 Gone with the Wind 
1939 Balalaika 
1939 Dancing Co-Ed
1939 Babes in Arms 
1939 Thunder Afloat 
1939 The Old Maid 
1938 Dramatic School 
1938 Love Finds Andy Hardy    

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