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Ralph Morgan ACTOR

He was a Hollywood actor who normally portrayed a smooth villain like character with an acting career spanning two decades.  He graduated from Columbia University in New York with a law degree.  Ralph then decided to leave his initial goal of becoming a lawyer and instead became a journeyman actor.  He became very successful in stock theater and worked on Broadway.  His younger brother, Frank Morgan followed in his footsteps.
Ralph made his film debut in 1915 in a number of silent films and then went on to act in 'talkie' films such as, "Strange Interlude" (1932) and "Rasputin and the Empress" (1932).  One of his most memorable roles was in 1942 in the serial, "Gang Busters" in which he portrayed a surgeon who turns into a criminal.  As his career progressed he made a number of television appearances such as in religious dramas that were filmed for, "Family Theater". 
Alongside his acting career he was one of the founders of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and served as president of SAG from 1938-1940. 
Ralph Morgan married only once to a woman by the name of Georgiana Louise Iverson who was also an actress and went by the stage name, Grace Arnold and together they had one daughter, Claudia Morgan, who also grew up to become an actress.  He passed away on June 11th, 1956 in New York City, New York.  
The Ralph Morgan Award is given annually in his memory by SAG to a member who has given distinguished service to his fellow actors.


1953 Your Favorite Story
1951-1952 Celanese Theatre 
1952 Gold Fever 
1951 Heart of the Rockies 
1950 Blue Grass of Kentucky
1948 The Creeper 
1948 Sword of the Avenger 
1948 Sleep, My Love 
1947 The Last Round-up 
1947 Song of the Thin Man
1947 Mr. District Attorney 
1945 Black Market Babies 
1945 This Love of Ours 
1945 Hollywood and Vine 
1945 The Monster and the Ape 
1944 Enemy of Women 
1944 The Great Alaskan Mystery 
1944 Trocadero 
1944 The Monster Maker
1944 Weird Woman 
1944 Strange Confession 
1943 Jack London 
1943 Hitler's Madman 
1942 The Traitor Within
1942 Keeping Fit 
1942 Night Monster 
1942 A Gentleman After Dark 
1942 Gang Busters 
1942 Klondike Fury 
1942 A Close Call for Ellery Queen 
1941 Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc. 
1941 Adventure in Washington 
1941 The Mad Doctor 
1940 I'm Still Alive 
1940 Soak the Old 
1940 Forty Little Mothers
1939 Geronimo 
1939 Smuggled Cargo 
1939 Way Down South 
1939 Trapped in the Sky 
1939 Man of Conquest 
1939 Fast and Loose 
1939 The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt 
1938 Orphans of the Street
1938 Out West with the Hardys 
1938 Shadows Over Shanghai 
1938 Army Girl
1938 Barefoot Boy 
1938 Mother Carey's Chickens 
1938 Wives Under Suspicion 
1938 Love Is a Headache
1937 Wells Fargo 
1937 Mannequin 
1937 That's My Story! 
1937 The Life of Emile Zola 
1937 The Outer Gate 
1937 Exclusive 
1937 The Man in Blue 
1936 Crack-Up 
1936 General Spanky 
1936 Yellowstone 
1936 Anthony Adverse 
1936 Little Miss Nobody 
1936 Human Cargo 
1936 The Ex-Mrs. Bradford 
1936 Speed 
1936 Muss 'em Up 
1935 Magnificent Obsession 
1935 Condemned to Live 
1935 Calm Yourself 
1935 Star of Midnight 
1935 Unwelcome Stranger
1934 I've Been Around 
1934 Little Men 
1934 Hell in the Heavens
1934 Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round 
1934 A Girl of the Limberlost 
1934 She Was a Lady 
1934 Their Big Moment 
1934 The Last Gentleman 
1934 Stand Up and Cheer
1934 No Greater Glory 
1934 Orient Express 
1933 The Kennel Murder Case 
1933 The Mad Game 
1933 Walls of Gold 
1933 Doctor Bull 
1933 The Power and the Glory 
1933 Shanghai Madness
1933 Trick for Trick 
1933 Humanity 
1932 Strange Interlude
1932 Rasputin and the Empress 
1932 The Son-Daughter 
1932 Devil's Lottery 
1932 Disorderly Conduct 
1932 After Tomorrow 
1932 Cheaters at Play 
1932 Charlie Chan's Chance
1932 Dance Team 
1931 Honor Among Lovers 
1925 The Man Who Found Himself 
1919 The Mite of Love 
1917 The Penny Philanthropist 
1916 Madame X
1915 The Master of the House 
1915 The Man Trail 

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Matinee Classics - General Spanky starring Our Gang - George 'Spanky' McFarland, Phillips Holmes, Ralph Morgan, Irving Pichel, Rosina Lawrence, Billie 'Buckwheat' Thomas, Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer, Hobart Bosworth, Robert Middlemass, James Burtis, Louise Beavers, Willie Best, Jerry Tucker, Harold Switzer and Slim Whittaker
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