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Ralph Edwards ACTOR


Ralph Edwards was born in Merino, Colorado on June 13th, 1913 with the birth name Ralph Livingstone Edwards.   At the age of twelve his family relocated to Oakland California and during high school he got his first radio job at  KROW-AM.  After completing High School, Edwards attended the University of California, Berkeley campus and graduated in 1935 with a degree in English.  While in College he supported himself working a number of small radio announcing jobs. 
After he was unsuccessful finding employment working as a high school teacher, Edwards relocated to New York City in search of a better life.
When he was able to put his small amount of radio announcing experience to use he got a couple small 'gigs' and then in 1938 his big break came when Columbia Broadcasting Systems hired him fulltime.
Soon he was doing around 45 network shows every week and in 1940 he was even responsible for creating, producing and hosting the show, "Truth or Consequences" which ended up airing on radio and television for a total of thirty eight years and was the first show to earn an Emmy Award for an audience participating game show.  This opportunity opened up a number of doors for him in various aspects of the entertainment industry.  He also helped Bob Barker's career take off when in 1956 he turned over the hosting duties of the show
His film debut was on, "Seven Days' Leave" (1942) which followed by three more films with RKO pictures, "Radio Stars on Parade" (1945), "The Bamboo Blonde" (1946) and "Beat the Band" (1947).  His final feature film appearance was in "I'll Cry Tomorrow" (1955).    
Edwards was also responsible for producing a number of other game shows throughout his career such as, "About Faces", "Knockout", "Place the Face", "It Could be You", "Name That Tune" and "The Cross-Wits".  Ralph is best known for creating and hosting the show, "This is Your Life".   

Ralph Edwards married only once to Barbara Jean Sheldon in 1939 and they had three children together, Gary, Christine and Laurie, before she passed away in 1993.  Edwards did not choose to marry again and on November 16th, 2005 he passed away in West Hollywood, California from congestive heart failure.   
Ralph Edwards was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame on 1995 and was also awarded two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to Radio and Television.  He is also remembered by the Game Show congress who every year presents the Ralph Ed wards Service Award to those who work in the game show community and have contributed to charitable causes. 

2001 28th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards
1989 Family Medical Center
1988 This Is Your Life 
1988 Truth or Consequences
1987 This Is Your Life
1986 NBC's 60th Anniversary Celebration
1984 This Is Your Life
1984 Those Wonderful TV Game Shows
1983 So You Think You Got Troubles?!
1981 Name That Tune
1980 Cross-Wits
1979 You Don't Say
1978 New Truth or Consequences
1955 Entertainment 1955
1955 I'll Cry Tomorrow
1946 The Bamboo Blonde        

Matinee Classics - Ralph Edwards
Matinee Classics - Ralph Edwards

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