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Pier Angeli ACTOR

Pier Angeli was born on June 19th, 1932 in Cagliari, Sardinia Italy with the birth name Anna Maria Pierangeli.  She had a twin sister and both girls from a young age were already setting their career goals on stardom. 
Her film career first began at the age of sixteen with a role on, "The Million Dollar Nickel" (1952) which as an uncredited role done by an Italian Production company.  Her next film also an Italian production film was called, "Tomorrow is Too Late" (1950).  She then did some stage work while waiting for her film career to pick up again which it soon did with a role on, "Teresa" (1951) followed by "The Light Torch" (1952), "The Devil Makes Three" (1952), "The Story of Three Loves" (1953) and "Sombrero" (1953). 
Soon Hollywood was now interested in bringing her over to work in the American film industry.  She was cast on the film, "Flame and the Flesh" (1954) and "The Silver Chalice" (1954).  She was working in both American and Italy on films and was soon cast in, "Somebody Up There Likes Me" (1956) followed by, "Port Afrique" (1956), "The Vintage" (1957), "Merry Andrew" (1958) and "SOS Pacific" (1959).   
Throughout the 60's she continued to make a number of screen appearances on, "The Last Days of Sodom and Gomorah" (1962), "White Slave Ship" (1961) and "The Battle of the Bulge" (1965).  Her final screen appearance was in 1971 in a low budget film called, "Octaman".  
She married twice throughout her lifetime, first to Vic Damone from November 24th, 1954 and they had one child, a son, Perry before they divorced on December 18th, 1958.  Her second marriage was to Armando Trovajoli in 1962 and they also had one son, Howard Andrew before they divorced in 1969.  Just a couple years later, Angeli passed away on September 10th, 1976 in Beverly Hills, California from barbiturate overdose at the young age of thirty nine.


1976 Octaman 
1970 Quell'amore particolare 
1970 Nelle pieghe della carne
1969 Addio, Alexandra 
1969 ¡Viva América! 
1968 Every Bastard a King 
1968 Code Name, Red Roses 
1968 King of Africa 
1968 For One Thousand Dollars Per Day 
1966 M.M.M. 83 
1965 Battle of the Bulge 
1965 Berlin, Appointment for the Spies
1964 Panic in Bangkok 
1962 Musketeers of the Sea
1962 The Last Days of Sodom and Gomorah 
1961 White Slave Ship
1960 The Angry Silence 
1959 SOS Pacific 
1958 Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse 
1958 Merry Andrew
1957 The Vintage 
1956 Somebody Up There Likes Me 
1956 Port Afrique 
1954 The Silver Chalice 
1954 Flame and the Flesh 
1954 Mam'zelle Nitouche 
1953 Sombrero 
1953 The Story of Three Loves 
1952 The Devil Makes Three 
1952 The Light Touch 
1951 Teresa 
1951 Domani è un altro giorno 
1950 Tomorrow Is Too Late 

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