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Philip Van Zandt ACTOR

Philip Van Zandt was born on October 4th, 1904 in Amsterdam in the Netherlands with the birth name Philip Pinheiro.  His career as an actor first began as a stage actor and later he began appearing in a number of Broadway productions between 1931 and 1938.
He then made his film debut in 1939 in, "Those High Gray Walls" followed by some other small roles in, "Winners of the West" (1940), "The Lady in Question" (1940) and "City of Missing Girls" (1941).  
Throughout his career in the industry he would add over 220 film and television credits to his resume between 1939 and 1958.  The majority of characters he would portray were that of an evil person such as a mad scientist, a Nazi, or a criminal. 
He did work with some other well known actors and directors throughout his career such as Laurel and Hardy, Orson Welles on the film, "Citizen Kane" (1941) and was even cast in a couple of "The Three Stooges" comedy shorts.
Along with working as an actor in the mid 1950's he decided to open an acting school in Hollywood and taught classes while still working in the industry.  Some of his later career roles in the late 1950's were appearances on such television series as, "Suspicion", "Death Valley Days", "Sky King" and "The Thin Man".
Other more prevalent roles he added to his resume while working as an actor were on the films, "The Blonde Bandit" (1950), "Cyrano de Bergerac" (1950), starring Jose Ferrer, "His Kind of Woman" (1951), "Thief of Damascus" (1952), "I Cover the Underworld" (1955) and "Man of a Thousand Faces" (1957) starring James Cagney as Lon Chaney.
Although he worked consistently throughout his career, he never really reached a level of fame that many of his other fellow actors during his era were able to achieve.  Almost half of the films he appeared in were un-credited roles.       
For many years he was depressed at the direction his career was heading and became a gambling addict finally taking his own life with an overdose of pills on February 15th, 1958 in Los Angeles, California. 


1958   Fifi Blows Her Top 

1958   Suspicion 

1958   Sky King 

1957   Death Valley Days 

1957   The Thin Man 

1957   Outer Space Jitters

1957   The Crooked Circle 

1957   Man of a Thousand Faces 

1957   The 27th Day 

1957   The Pride and the Passion 

1957   The Midnight Story

1957   Sweet Smell of Success 

1957   The Lonely Man 

1957   Beau James 

1957   Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend

1957   Circus Boy 

1957   Cavalcade of America 

1957   Broken Arrow

1956   Fury 

1956   The Count of Monte Cristo

1956   Around the World in Eighty Days 

1956   Father Knows Best 

1956   The Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu 

1956   Hot Stuff

1956   Three for Jamie Dawn 

1956   Crusader 

1955-1956  TV Reader's Digest

1956   The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin 

1956   Our Miss Brooks 

1956   Army Daze 

1956   Uranium Boom 

1956   Jungle Jim 

1955   Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok 

1955   So You Want to Be a V.P. 

1953-1955  Adventures of Superman 

1955   To Catch a Thief

1955   I Cover the Underworld 

1955   The Star and the Story 

1955   Our Miss Brooks 

1955   So You Want to Be on a Jur

1955   Bedlam in Paradise 

1955   Treasury Men in Action 

1955   So You Want to Be a Gladiator

1955   Untamed

1955   The Whistler 

1955   G.I. Dood It

1955   The Big Combo

1955   The Man Behind the Badge 

1955   The Donald O'Connor Show 

1955   Police Call 

1955   The Joe Palooka Story

1954   Captain Midnight 

1954   3 Ring Circus

1954   Scotched in Scotland 

1954   The Adventures of Falcon 

1954   My Little Margie 

1954   Knutzy Knights

1954   The Gambler from Natchez 

1954   Apache 

1954   Gog 

1954   The High and the Mighty 

1954   Musty Musketeers

1954   So You Want to Go to a Night Club

1954   Playgirl

1954   Yankee Pasha 

1954   I Married Joan

1954   Knock on Wood 

1954   Dragon's Gold

1953   So You Want to Be an Heir

1953   Down the Hatch 

1953   Three Sailors and a Girl

1953   Captain John Smith and Pocahontas 

1953   How to Marry a Millionaire 

1953   Prisoners of the Casbah

1953   Champ for a Day

1953   Clipped Wings

1953   Ride, Vaquero!

1953   Fort Algiers 

1953   Spooks! 

1953   Love's A-Poppin' 

1953   So You Want a Television Set

1953   Boston Blackie

1953   A Perilous Journey

1953   The Girl Who Had Everything 

1953   So You Want to Be a Musician 

1952   Because of You

1952   Hopalong Cassidy

1952   Mark Saber

1952   My Man and I 

1952   Yukon Gold

1952   Son of Ali Baba 

1952   China Smith 

1952   Dangerous Assignment 

1952   Gruen Guild Theater

1952   The Pride of St. Louis 

1952   Gang Busters

1952   Thief of Damascus 

1952   Macao

1952   At Sword's Point 

1952   Viva Zapata! 

1952   The Living Bible 

1952   Terry and the Pirates 

1951   The Adventures of Kit Carson

1951   Submarine Command

1951   Ten Tall Men

1951   The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel 

1951   Two Dollar Bettor

1951   His Kind of Woman 

1951   Mask of the Avenger 

1951   Ghost Chasers 

1951   Missing Women 

1951   Target Unknown 

1951   Three Arabian Nuts 

1951   The Living Christ Series

1951   Life with Buster Keaton

1950   Cyrano de Bergerac

1950   The Jackpot 

1950   Indian Territory

1950   Between Midnight and Dawn

1950   Copper Canyon

1950   Dick Tracy

1950   The Petty Girl

1950   Where Danger Lives 

1950   One Shivery Night

1950   The Flame and the Arrow

1950   Dopey Dicks

1950   The Blonde Bandit

1949   Tension

1949   Red, Hot and Blue

1949   Fuelin' Aroun

1949   House of Strangers

1949   The Lady Gambles 

1949   The Lone Wolf and His Lady 

1949   Alias Nick Beal

1948   Mummy's Dummies

1948   Night Has a Thousand Eyes

1948   The Saxon Charm

1948   Walk a Crooked Mile

1948   The Loves of Carmen

1948   Embraceable You 

1948   The Vicious Circle

1948   Shanghai Chest 

1948   The Street with No Name

1948   Fiddlers Three 

1948   The Big Clock

1948   April Showers

1948   Squareheads of the Round Table

1947   The Lady from Shanghai 

1947   Life with Father 

1947   Slave Girl

1947   Easy Come, Easy Go

1947   Last Frontier Uprising

1947   California 

1946   The Return of Monte Cristo 

1946   Decoy

1946   Monsieur Beaucaire

1946   Below the Deadline 

1946   Night and Day

1946   Avalanche

1946   Don't Gamble with Strangers 

1946   Somewhere in the Night

1946   Joe Palooka, Champ 

1946   A Night in Casablanc

1946   The Bandit of Sherwood Forest 

1946   Gilda 

1945   Outlaws of the Rockies

1945   I Love a Bandleader 

1945   A Thousand and One Nights 

1945   Boston Blackie's Rendezvous 

1945   Boston Blackie Booked on Suspicion 

1945   Counter-Attack 

1945   Sudan 

1944   House of Frankenstein

1944   The Unwritten Code

1944   The Very Thought of You 

1944   The Conspirators 

1944   They Live in Fear

1944   The Big Noise 

1944   Swing Hostess 

1944   Till We Meet Again 

1944   Call of the Jungle 

1944   Dragon Seed 

1944   The Desert Hawk 

1944   Easy Life 

1944   The Black Parachute 

1944   The Story of Dr. Wassell 

1944   The Hitler Gang

1944   Hey, Rookie 

1944   Shine on Harvest Moon 

1944   None Shall Escape 

1944   Passport to Destiny 

1943   Tarzan's Desert Mystery 

1943   A Guy Named Joe 

1943   Old Acquaintance

1943   The Deerslayer 

1943   The Cross of Lorraine

1943   Always a Bridesmaid 

1943   Murder on the Waterfront 

1943   Adventures of the Flying Cadets 

1943   Hostages 

1943   Above Suspicion 

1943   A Stranger in Town 

1943   Air Raid Wardens 

1943   Hit Parade of 1943 

1943   Hangmen Also Die! 

1943   The Hard Way 

1943   Tarzan Triumphs

1942   Andy Hardy's Double Life 

1942   Commandos Strike at Dawn

1942   Reunion in France 

1942   Northwest Rangers 

1942   The Devil with Hitler 

1942   The Daring Young Man

1942   Desperate Journey

1942   Wake Island

1942   Invisible Agent 

1942   Calling Dr. Gillespie 

1942   Maisie Gets Her Man 

1942   Nazi Agent

1941   Paris Calling

1941   All Through the Night

1941   Night of January 16th 

1941   New York Town 

1941   They Dare Not Love 

1941   Citizen Kane

1941   Ride on Vaquero

1941   City of Missing Girls 

1941   In Old Colorado 

1941   So Ends Our Night 

1941   Where Did You Get That Girl?

1940   Boobs in Arms

1940   Dulcy 

1940   The Lady in Question

1940   Winners of the West

1939   Dancing Co-Ed

1939   Those High Grey Walls 

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