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Pedro de Cordoba ACTOR

Pedro De Cordoba was born on September 28th, 1881 in New York City, New York.  His mother was French and his father was Cuban, however he was mistaken many times for being Latino. 

His career in the industry began as a stage and radio actor as well as appearing in a number of silent films.  Some of his early film roles included, "Version of Carmen" (1915) starring Geraldine Farrar, Wallace Reid, Raymond Hatton, William Elmer, Horace B. Carpenter and Jeanie Macpherson, "Maria Rosa" (1916) co-starring Geraldine Farrar, Wallace Reid, James Neill, Ernest Joy, Anita King and Horace B. Carpenter, "Barbary Sheep" (1917) starring Elsie Ferguson, Lumsden Hare and Maude George, "The Dark Mirror" (1920) starring Dorothy Dalton, Huntley Gordon, Walter D. Nealand and Jessie Arnold and "The Young Diana" (1922) starring Marion Davies, Macklyn Arbuckle, Forrest Stanley and Gypsy O'Brien.
Making the transition from silent films to talkies was no issue for him and his success continued with appearances in, Alfred Hitchcock's "Saboteur" (1942) starring Priscilla Lane, Robert Cummings, Otto Kruger, Clem Bevans, Alan Baxter and Norman Lloyd, "White Savage" (1943) starring Maria Montez, Jon Hall, Turhan Bey, Sidney Toler, Thomas Gomez, Paul Guilfoyle and Sabu Dastagir, "The Keys of the Kingdom" (1944) starring alongside Gregory Peck, Thomas Mitchell, Vincent Price, Rose Stradner, Edmund Gwenn, Benson Fong, Roddy McDowall, Philip Ahn, Ruth Ford, Anne Revere, Benson Fong, James Gleason, Sara Allgood, Leonard Strong, Arthur Shields, Richard Loo, Peggy Ann Garner, Edith Barrett, Dennis Hoey and Sir Cedric Hardwicke, John Ford's "They Were Expendable" (1945) starring alongside John Wayne, Donna Reed, Robert Montgomery, Ward Bond, Jack Holt, Marshall Thompson, Leon Ames, Cameron Mitchell, Jeff York, Charles Trowbridge, Russell Simpson and Louis Jean Heydt, "Mexican Hayride" (1948) starring Abbott and Costello, John Hubbard and Virginia Grey, "The Time of Your Life" (1948) starring James Cagney, William Bendix, Jeanne Cagney, Wayne Morris, Broderick Crawford, James Lydon, Natalie Schafer, Richard Erdman and Ward Bond, "Crisis" (1950) starring Cary Grant, Jose Ferrer, Signe Hasso, Paula Raymond, Gilbert Roland, Ramon Novarro and Leon Ames and "Cuban Fireball" (1951) starring Estelita Rodriguez, Warren Douglas and Mimi Aguglia.

Hel also had a few television shows added to his resume such as "The Lone Ranger" and "Oh! Susanna".
Along with his acting career, Pedro served for a time as president of the Catholic Actors Guild of America.  Cordoba married twice throughout his lifetime.  His first wife was Antoinette Glover whom he remained married to until she passed away in 1921.  He was then briefly married to Eleanor M. Nolan.  He never had any children and passed away on, September 16th, 1950 in Sunland, California after suffering from a heart attack.  


1951         When the Redskins Rode
1951         Cuban Fireball
1951         Oh! Susanna
1950         Crisis
1950         The Lawless
1950         Comanche Territory
1949-1950     The Lone Ranger
1949         Samson and Delilah
1949         Joe Palooka in the Counterpunch
1949         The Daring Caballero
1949         Omoo-Omoo the Shark God
1949         Daughter of the West
1948         Mexican Hayride
1948         Adventures of Don Juan
1948         The Time of Your Life
1947         Green Dolphin Street
1947         Robin Hood of Monterey
1947         Carnival in Costa Rica
1946         The Beast with Five Fingers
1946         Swamp Fire 
1946         A Scandal in Paris
1946         Cuban Pete
1946         Night in Paradise
1946         Two Years Before the Mast
1945         San Antonio
1945         The Little Witch 
1945         Adventure
1945         They Were Expendable
1945         Club Havana
1945         The Cisco Kid in Old New Mexico
1945         Isle of Tabu 
1945         The Picture of Dorian Gray
1945         The Cisco Kid Returns
1944         Tahiti Nights
1944         The Keys of the Kingdom
1944         Kismet
1944         The Falcon in Mexico
1944         Once Upon a Time
1944         Uncertain Glory
1944         Gun to Gun 
1943         The Song of Bernadette
1943         For Whom the Bell Tolls
1943         Background to Danger
1943         White Savage
1943         Tarzan Triumphs
1942         Saboteur
1942         The First Swallow 
1942         Shut My Big Mouth 
1942         Son of Fury: The Story of Benjamin Blake
1941         Paris Calling
1941         The Corsican Brothers
1941         Aloma of the South Seas
1941         Million Dollar Baby
1941         Blood and Sand
1941         Romance of the Rio Grande
1940         The Phantom Submarine
1940         The Mark of Zorro
1940         Before I Hang
1940         South of Pago Pago
1940         The Sea Hawk
1940         The Ghost Breakers
1940         Earthbound
1940         My Favorite Wife
1939         The Light That Failed
1939         Escape to Paradise
1939         Charlie Chan in City in Darkness
1939         Law of the Pampas
1939         Range War
1939         Five Came Back
1939         Chasing Danger
1939         Man of Conquest
1939         Juarez
1939         Winner Take All
1939         Devil's Island
1938         Heart of the North
1938         Dramatic School 
1938         Storm Over Bengal
1938         Keep Smiling
1938         Gold Diggers in Paris
1938         International Settlement
1937         The Firefly
1937         Damaged Goods
1937         Girl Loves Boy
1937         Maid of Salem
1936         The Garden of Allah
1936         Ramona
1936         His Brother's Wife
1936         Anthony Adverse
1936         The Devil-Doll 
1936         Trouble for Two
1936         Frankie and Johnni
1936         Moonlight Murder
1936         Robin Hood of El Dorado
1936         Rose of the Rancho
1935         Professional Soldier
1935         Captain Blood
1935         Condemned to Live
1935         The Crusades
1929         Hunt the Tiger 
1925         The New Commandment
1924         The Bandolero
1924         The Desert Sheik
1923         The Purple Highway
1923         Fires of Fate
1923         Enemies of Women
1923         Swords and the Woman
1922         When Knighthood Was in Flower
1922         The Young Diana 
1921         The Inner Chamber
1920         The Sin That Was His
1920         The World and His Wife 
1920         The Dark Mirror
1919         The New Moon
1918         A Daughter of the Old South
1917         Runaway, Romany 
1917         Barbary Sheep
1917         One Law for Both
1917         Sapho 
1916         Just a Song at Twilight 
1916         Maria Rosa
1915         Temptation
1915         Carmen
1915         Jeanne of the Woods 
1915         The Little White Violet

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