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Paul Kelly ACTOR


Paul Kelly was born on August 9th, 1899 in Brooklyn, New York with the birth name Paul Michael Kelly.  He became a very well known child actor who got involved with silent films and soon made his way to Broadway becoming a great stage actor and worked his way into the Hollywood film industry as well.
His life began being raised in a rough neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York with a total of nine other siblings.  His father Michael owned a local bar and supported the family until he passed away when many of the children were still quite young.  They were all then responsible for helping to support the family financially.
Paul got involved in acting and at the age of eight was already making his Broadway debut on, "The Grand Army Man" he continued to work on a number of stage productions and as he got older he did not have an issue transitioning from a child stage actor to a teenager actor both on stage and in a number of silent films.
Some of his theater work included roles on, "Little Woman" (1916), "Seventeen" (1918) and "Penrod" (1918).  His film work were appearances in such silent films as, "Anne of Green Gables" (1919), "Up the Ladder" (1922), "Sea Woman" (1925), "The Great Adventure" (1921), "The New Klondike" (1926) and "Slide, Kelly, Slide" (1927).
Just as his career was heading in the right direction he was convicted of manslaughter and had to serve a prison sentence for a incident that occurred over a love affair with female actress, Dorothy Mackaye and her former husband a ziefreld follies dance man, Ray Raymond.  The three had a ongoing friendship as they all pursued their Hollywood dreams, however, Kelly became sympathetic with the awful relationship Dorothy had with her current husband and when violence erupted on evening, Ray passed away a couple days later from brain hemorrhaging which in turn, ended up with a prison term for Paul Kelly.
When he was released from serving his sentence, Broadway welcomed him right back into the industry and he went right back first to working as a stage actor with a number of Broadway productions such as, "Bad Girl" (1930), "Hobo", "Just Remind You" and "Adam Had Two Sons" amongst others.
When he took a chance at returning to working in films in Hollywood, they also welcomed him back, however he was down graded to only working on 'B' rated films such as, "Broadway Thru a Keyhole" (1933), "The President Vanishes" (1934) and "Song and Dance Man" (1936).   
Again, things in his life were picking up again, he was married to Dorothy and his career was back on track when tragedy occurred again with the loss of his wife to a terrible car accident in January 1940. 
Devastated at the loss of his wife, he put his mind to what he knew best to help keep him distracted and appeared in a number of films such as, "The Howard Virginias" (1940), "Wyoming" (1940), "Mystery Ship" (1941), "Mr. and Mrs. North" (1942) and "San Antonio" (1945).
Kelly did manage to open up his heart again and married for a second time to Claire Owen in 1941, another female actress.  He then returned back to his love of Broadway and won a Tony Award for his stage performance in, "Command Decision" in 1947.  Paul continued to work in the industry never reaching a major level of stardom but between film, stage and a number of television appearances mostly throughout the 1950's he made a decent career for himself, however on November 6th, 1956 at the age of 60 he lost his life to a heart attack in Los Angeles, California. 


1956 Storm Center
1955 Schlitz Playhouse of Stars
1955 Cavalcade of America
1954–1955 Fireside Theater
1954 The High and the Mighty
1953 Gunsmoke
1952 Robert Montgomery Presents
1950 The Ford Theatre Hour
1950 The File on Thelma Jordon
1950 The Secret Fury
1950 The Painted Hills
1947 Fear in the Night
1947 Crossfire
1945 Allotment Wives
1942 Flying Tigers
1942 Tarzan's New York Adventure
1942 The Secret Code
1942 15-chapter serial; leading role
1941 Ziegfeld Girl
1940 The Howards of Virginia
1940 Flight Command
1939 6,000 Enemies
1939 The Roaring Twenties
1938 Island in the Sky
1937 Navy Blue and Gold
1934 Death on the Diamond
1927 Slide, Kelly, Slide
1927 Special Deliver
1919 Anne of Green Gables 

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