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Paul Burke ACTOR

Paul Burke was born on July 21st, 1926 in New Orleans, Louisiana to Martin Burke.  Burke received his early years education at a number of prep schools and began to develop an interest early on in acting. 
In the early 1940's he decided to relocate to Hollywood and give an acting career a try.  He began studying at the Pasadena Playhouse and in 1951 he was cast in the musical, "Call Me Mister".  Soon he was working in the film industry with small un-credited roles in such features as, "Fearless Fagan" (1952), "Francis Goes to West Point" (1952), "Three Sailors and a Girl" (1953), "South Sea Woman" (1953) and "Spy Chasers" (1955).
Now with quite a bit of experience on his resume he began to earn the attention of Hollywood and was cast in more substantial roles on such films as, "Francis in the Navy" (1955), "Screaming Eagles" (1956) and "The Disembodied" (1957).
Along with his film work he was also appearing on a variety of television series such as, "The Adventures of Superman", "Highway Patrol", "M Squad", "Dragnet", "The Lineup" and "Twelve O'Clock High".   
Burke was soon cast in his most well known role on the television series, "Naked City" (1958) for which he earned two Emmy nominations.  Other television roles he has added over the course of his career were appearances on, "Ironside", "The Rookies", "Police Woman", "Mannix", "Hot Shots", "Dynasty" and the daytime soap opera, "Santa Barbara".    
His career was going strong up until 1989 when he was accused of federal racketeering charges along with aiding a gambling operation.  Although he was acquitted of all charges his name in Hollywood had suffered greatly and he was unable to find any acting work.
He was cast in one final film role on, "The Fool" in 1990 and also made an appearance on the television series, "Columbo" also 1990.  He then completely retired from the industry.
Paul Burke married twice throughout his lifetime.  His first wife was Peggy Pryor and together they had three children.  After this marriage came to an end he married his second wife, Lyn Peters in 1979 and they remained together until he passed away at the age of eighty three on September 13th, 2009 in Palm Springs, California after suffering from leukemia and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.    


1990   Columbo 

1988   Cagney & Lacey 

1982-1988  Dynasty 

1986   Hot Shots 

1983-1986  Hotel 

1985   Glitter

1981-1985  Magnum, P.I. 

1985   Murder, She Wrote 

1985   Finder of Lost Loves

1984   Santa Barbara 

1984   The Red-Light Sting

1978-1983  Fantasy Island

1983   T.J. Hooker

1983   The Paper Chase

1981   Advice to the Lovelorn 

1981   Killing at Hell's Gate 

1981   Vega$

1978-1981  The Love Boat

1980   Trapper John, M.D.

1971-1980  Hawaii Five-O

1980   Charlie's Angels 

1979   The Littlest Hobo

1979   Beach Patrol

1978   Sam

1978   What Really Happened to the Class of '65?

1978   Wild and Wooly

1977   Little Ladies of the Night 

1976   Starsky and Hutch 

1973-1976  Police Story 

1976   Petrocelli 

1975   Psychic Killer

1975   McMillan & Wife

1974   Mannix

1974   Ironside

1974   Harry O

1974   Police Woman 

1972-1974  Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law 

1974   Hawkins 

1970-1974  Medical Center 

1973   Shaft

1973   The New Perry Mason 

1973   Marcus Welby, M.D. 

1973   Thriller 

1973   Crime Club 

1973   Wide World Mystery 

1972   Lieutenant Schuster's Wife

1972   The Rookies 

1970   Crowhaven Farm

1970   Guerilla Strike Force 

1969   Once You Kiss a Stranger... 

1969   Daddy's Gone A-Hunting

1968   The Thomas Crown Affair

1967   Valley of the Dolls

1964-1967  12 O'Clock High

1964   Slattery's People

1964   Combat!

1964   The Doctors and the Nurses

1963-1964  The Eleventh Hour

1964   Dr. Kildare

1964   The Great Adventure

1964   Della

1963   The Lieutenant

1960-1963  Naked City 

1960   Wanted: Dead or Alive

1960   Death Valley Days 

1959-1960  Black Saddle

1960   Hotel de Paree

1960   Hawaiian Eye 

1959-1960  Five Fingers 

1959   Philip Marlowe 

1959   Tightrope 

1959   Men Into Space 

1959   M Squad 

1959   The Man and the Challenge 

1959   The D.A.'s Man 

1958-1959  Playhouse 90 

1959   The Millionaire 

1958   Tales of Wells Fargo 

1954-1958  The Lineup 

1958   Target 

1957-1958  Harbormaster 

1958   Flight

1957   Men of Annapolis 

1957   The Disembodied 

1957   Panic

1956-1957  Noah's Ark 

1956   Medic 

1953-1956  Adventures of Superman 

1956   Screaming Eagles

1956   Matinee Theatre

1955   Dragnet

1955   Navy Log

1955   Highway Patrol

1955   Stage 7

1955   Francis in the Navy 

1955   Spy Chasers 

1955   The Lone Ranger

1955   Big Town

1954   Return from the Sea

1953   You Are There

1953   Three Sailors and a Girl 

1953   South Sea Woman 

1952   Fearless Fagan 

1952   Francis Goes to West Point 

1951   Fixed Bayonets! 

1951   Golden Girl

1951   Call Me Mister

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