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Orson Bean ACTOR

Orson Bean was born on July 22nd, 1928 in Burlington, Vermont with the birth name Dallas Frederick Burroughs, born to George Burroughs and Marian Pollard.  After high school, Bean went on to earn his college degree from Boston's Latin School in 1946.  He then served in the Unite States Army for one year.
Upon completing his military service, Bean began performing his comedy act at new York City's Blue Angel nightclub.  After gaining some experience as a nightclub performer he then began to appear on Broadway productions and then performed in the 1954 music revue, "John Murray Anderson's Almanac" which was a huge success and ran for a total of 229 performances. 

Now he was making a name for himself as a talented stage performer and continued to add more substantial stage credits to his resume such as, "Nature's Way", "Subways Are for Sleeping", "Never Too Late", "I Was Dancing" and his final Broadway performance was in 1967 in, "Illya Darling".
While working as a stage performer he was also making quite a name for himself as a television actor.  Some of his early roles included appearances on such shows as, "The Best of Broadway" (1955), "Studio One in Hollywood" (1952-1956), "Kraft Theatre" (1957), "Playhouse 90" (1952-1963) and "The Phil Silvers Show" (1958).

As his career progressed he has alternated between film and television work.  Some of his more well known film roles have included, "Anatomy of Murder" (1959) starring James Stewart, Lee Remick, Ben Gazzara, Arthur O'Connell, George C. Scott, Murray Hamilton, Kathryn Grant and Eve Arden, "Lola" (1970) co-starring Charles Bronson, Susan George, Trevor Howard, Honor Blackman, Jack Hawkins, Paul Ford and Robert Morley, "Forty Deuce" (1982) with Kevin Bacon and Esai Morales, "One of Those Nights" (1997) with Mary Beth McDonough and Jared Seide, "Unbowed" (1999) starring Jay Tavare and Tembi Locke, "The Gristle" (2001) also starring Lyssa Aruda, Kris Andersson and Al Berman and "Yesterday's Dreams" (2005) with Christy Lynn Smith and Dee Wallace.

More popular television appearances have been on, "The United States Steel Hour", "One Life to Live", "Love, American Style", "The Fall Guy", "The Facts of Life", "Murder, She Wrote", "Monsters", "Diagnosis Murder", "Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman", "Normal, Ohio", "Two and a Half Men", "The Closer", "How I Met Your Mother" and most recent on, "Desperate Housewives" and "Hot in Cleveland".

Currently, Orson Bean is married to Alley Mills whom he wed in 1993.  Prior to this marriage he has been married twice, first in 1956 to Jacqueline deSibour whom he wed in 1956 and had one child with before the marriage ended in 1962.  He then remained married to his second wife, Carolyn Maxwell from 1965 through 1981 and they had three children together.

2012         Golden Christmas 3
2009-2012     Desperate Housewives
2011         Hot in Cleveland 
2011         Two-Legged Rat Bastards 
2010         Piano Fingers 
2010         The Sarah Silverman Program  
2010         Ashley's Ashes
2009         Safe Harbor
2007         How I Met Your Mother 
2007         Women's Murder Club 
2007         The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman 
2007         The Closer
2007         Game of Life
2007         Mattie Fresno and the Holoflux Universe
2006         The Novice
2006         The Lather Effect
2006         Commander in Chief 
2006         Alien Autopsy
2005         Two and a Half Men
2005         Yesterday's Dreams
2004         Cold Case 
2004         Cacophony
2004         Soccer Dog: European Cup
2004         Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of 'Charlie's Angels'
2004         Myron's Movie
2003         Knee High P.I. 
2003         7th Heaven 
2002         Frank McKlusky, C.I.
2002         Becker 
2001         Burning Down the House
2001         The Gristle
2000         Normal, Ohio
2000         Will & Grace 
2000         Family Law
2000         The King of Queens
2000         Ally McBeal
2000         Manhattan, AZ 
1999         Unbowed
1999         Being John Malkovich
1999         Thanks
1999         Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman: The Movie
1993-1998     Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
1998         Ellen
1998         Diagnosis Murder
1997         California
1997         One of Those Nights
1992         Just My Imagination
1992         Final Judgement
1991         Chance of a Lifetime 
1990         Tiny Toon Adventures 
1990         Instant Karma
1990         Monsters
1986-1989     Murder, She Wrote 
1987         Innerspace
1986-1987     The Facts of Life 
1987         Smart Alec
1984         The Fall Guy
1984         Garfield in the Rough
1982         Forty Deuce
1982         One Life to Live 
1980         The Return of the Kin
1978         The Love Boat 
1977         The Hobbit
1977         Forever Fernwood
1977-1978     Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
1975         Ellery Queen
1974         Wide World Mystery
1970         NET Playhouse
1970         Love, American Style 
1970         Lola
1970         A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court 
1966         The Star Wagon 
1964         Vacation Playhouse
1954-1963     The United States Steel Hour 
1962         Naked City
1961         The DuPont Show with June Allyson
1960-1961     Play of the Week
1960         Twilight Zone 
1960         Art Carney Special 
1959         Miracle on 34th Street 
1959         Anatomy of a Murder
1958         The Millionaire 
1958         The Phil Silvers Show 
1957         Playhouse 90
1957         Kraft Theatre 
1952-1956     Studio One in Hollywood
1956         Showdown at Ulcer Gulch
1956         Omnibus
1955         How to Be Very, Very Popular
1955         The Elgin Hour
1955         The Best of Broadway
1954         Robert Montgomery Presents
1952         Broadway Television Theatre

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