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Omar Sharif ACTOR


Omar Sharif was born on April 10th, 1932 in Alexandria, Egypt with the birth name Michel Demitri Shahoub to Joseph a lumber merchant and his wife Claire.  He attended University at Victoria College in Cairo, Egypt with a degree in mathematics and physics.  After completing his education, he entered into his family's Lumber business.   
He was very interested in acting, and first became a well known star in Egypt with his first role on, "Siraa Fil-Wadi" (1954) which means (The Blazing Sun).  On this film he met his one and only wife, actress Faten Hamama.  They married in 1955 and he converted to Islam and took on the name Omar al-Sharif.  Together they had one child, Tarek Sharif born in 1957.  The couple divorced in 1974 and Sharif never remarried. 
He went on to perform in several other Middle-Eastern Films including, "Goha" (1958) and it was not too long before British director, David Lean, scouted him and cast him in his first English speaking film, "Lawrence of Arabia".  The success of this film open his real door to acting and he earned his first award for Best Supporting actor an academy award nomination.  
His most well known role was in, "Dr. Zhivago" (1965) also directed by Lean.  Some of his other films he appeared in were, "Funny Girl"(1968) and "The Baltimore Bullet" (1980).
Sharif was also a well known world class bridge player.  He was known to miss film shoots for Bridge tournaments.  He also wrote several books on bridge and has licensed his name to a bridge computer game, "Omar Sharif Bridge" which has been on the market since 1992. 

Recently he has starred in other films such as, "Cyber Meltdown" (2004), and "Return of the Thief of Baghdad" (2003).  He has been featured in many films as well such as, "Hidalgo" (2004), "The Parole Office" (2001) and "Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran" (2003) in which he won the Best Actor Award at the Venice Film Festival and the Best Actor César, France's equivalent of the Oscar, from the Académie des Arts et Techniques du Cinéma.
His acting career was not only limited to film.  Sharif also worked on television with roles in, "Mythes urbains", "Les" (2003) "The Citadel" (2001), "Mayrig" (1993), "Memories of Midnight" (1991), and "Principe del Deserto, II" (1989).  Some of Omar Sharif's early television show appearances were in, "Far Pavilions" (1984) and "Peter the Great" (1986).
Sharif underwent triple bypass surgery in 1992 and suffered a mild heart attack in 1994 due to his extravagant smoking habit of almost 100 cigarettes daily.  As of 2009, he is one of only six performers who won a Golden Globe Award as Best Lead Actor in a Motion picture Drama without being nominated for an Oscar for the same role for the film, "Dr. Zhivago" (1965). 
1959  Goha
1962  Lawrence of Arabia
1964  Behold a Pale Horse
1965  Genghis Khan
1965  Doctor Zhivago
1967  The Night Of The Generals
1968  Funny Girl
1968  Mayerling
1969  The Appointment
1974  The Tamarind Seed
1974  Juggernaut
1975  Funny Lady
1976  Crime and Passion
1979  Ashanti
1980  Pleasure Palace
1980  The Baltimore Bullet
1982  Return to Eden
1989  The Rainbow
1990  Mountains of the Moon
1990  Journey of Love
1992  588 rue paradis
1996  The Mirror Has Two Faces
2003  Mr Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Quran
2004  Hidalgo
2005  One Night With the King

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