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Oliver Hardy ACTOR


Oliver Hardy was born on January 18th, 1892 in Harlem, Georgia with the birth name Oliver Norvell Hardy.  As a young boy his parents noticed he had a talent for singing even though no one in the family was involved in show business.  His father was a successful lawyer who sadly passed away when he was only 10 months old and his mother supported his family by running a popular hotel.  He was the youngest of five siblings. 
By the age of eight he was already singing in minstrel shows.  He studied at Georgia Military College and at the young age of thirteen he was sent to Young Harris College in North Georgia which at that time was considered High School.  He had little interest in pursuing an education and although his mother wanted him to pursue a career in law, he preferred acting and music.  By 1913 Oliver was working as a comedic actor with the Lubin Company out of Florida and soon began performing in a number of short films.
His film debut was in, "Outwitting Dad" (1914) and this was followed by appearances in a series of 'pokes and jabbs' short films from 1914-1915.  He soon followed with another series of appearances from 1916-1918 in, "Plump and Runt".  Oliver soon became a regular cast member of "The Jim Aubrey" series from 1919-1921 and then not only worked as an actor but also a co director from 1921-1925 in a number of short comedy's with Larry Semon.
Not only did he appear in numerous short comedies he also took a chance at testing his acting skills on westerns and melodramas.  Most people remember him as the comic partner to British comedian and actor, Stan Laurel with whom together the men appeared on, "The Lucky Dog" (1921) and "45 Minutes from Hollywood" (1926). 
Laurel and Hardy became a huge hit as a comedic team appearing in a variety of films such as, "Sugar Daddies" (1927), "From Soup to Nuts" (1928), "Pardon Us" (1931), "Way Out West" (1937), "Parade of the Wooden Soldiers" (1933) and "Block Heads" (1938).  The majority of their films together were done with Hal Roach through MGM.  
The two actors decided it was time to leave working with Roach and signed with Twentieth Century Fox Studios, but this turned out to be a bad career move for both of them.  Their popularity decreased and their final film for Fox was in 1945. 
Hardy went on to work on a number of films without Laurel by his side such as, "Zenobia" (1939), "The Fighting Kentuckian" (1949) starring John Wayne and "Riding High" (1950) with John Wayne.  In total he appeared in over 400 movies.
He married a total of three times throughout his lifetime, first to Madelyn Saloshin in 1913 and they remained together having no children until 1921 when they divorced.  His second marriage was to Myrtle Reeves whom he married on November 24th, 1921 and they were together through 1937. His third and final marriage was to Virginia Lucille Jones in 1940 and they stayed together until he passed away on August 7th, 1957 in North Hollywood, California from cerebral thrombosis at the age of sixty five.  Hardy is interred at Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park, North Hollywood, California, USA.
Oliver Hardy was voted along with his comedic partner, Stan Laurel (Laurel and Hardy) as the 45th Greatest Movie Stars of all time by Entertainment weekly and they continue to be very popular in Italy and Germany today.  He was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and in his home town of Harlem, Georgia thee is a small museum dedicated to them that was opened in the year 2000. 


1951 Utopia
1950 Riding High 
1949 The Fighting Kentuckian
1945 The Bullfighters
1944 Nothing But Trouble 
1944 The Big Noise 
1943 The Dancing Masters 
1943 Jitterbugs 
1943 Air Raid Wardens
1942 A-Haunting We Will Go 
1941 Great Guns
1940 Saps at Sea 
1939 The Flying Deuces 
1939 Zenobia 
1938 Block-Heads
1937 Pick a Star
1937 Way Out West 
1936 Our Relations
1936 On the Wrong Trek 
1936 The Bohemian Girl 
1935 Bonnie Scotland 
1935 Thicker Than Water
1935 The Fixer Uppers 
1935 Tit for Tat 
1934 Babes in Toyland 
1934 The Live Ghost 
1934 Them Thar Hills
1934 Going Bye-Bye! 
1934 Hollywood Party 
1934 Oliver the Eighth 
1933 Sons of the Desert 
1933 Dirty Work 
1933 Wild Poses
1933 Busy Bodies 
1933 The Midnight Patrol
1933 The Devil's Brother
1933 Me and My Pal
1933 Twice Two 
1932 Towed in a Hole
1932 Their First Mistake 
1932 Pack Up Your Troubles
1932 Scram! 
1932 County Hospital
1932 The Chimp 
1932 The Music Box
1932 Choo-Choo!
1932 Any Old Port! 
1932 Helpmates 
1932 Zwei Ritter ohne Furcht und Tadel
1931 On the Loose
1931 Beau Hunks
1931 One Good Turn
1931 Come Clean
1931 Pardon Us 
1931 Spuk um Mitternacht 
1931 Our Wife 
1931 Politiquerías 
1931 Los calaveras 
1931 Laughing Gravy
1931 The Stolen Jools
1931 Los presidiarios 
1931 Chickens Come Home 
1931 Glückliche Kindheit 
1931 Be Big!
1931 Hinter Schloss und Riegel
1931 Les carottiers
1931 Muraglie 
1931 Sous les verrous 
1930 Another Fine Mess 
1930 The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case 
1930 Hog Wild 
1930 The Rogue Song 
1930 Below Zero
1930 La vida nocturna
1930 Brats
1930 Blotto 
1930 Night Owls
1930 Feu mon oncle
1930 Ladrones 
1930 Noche de duendes
1930 Radiomanía
1930 Tiembla y Titubea
1930 Une nuit extravagante
1929 Angora Love 
1929 The Hoose-Gow
1929 Bacon Grabbers 
1929 They Go Boom!
1929 Perfect Day
1929 Men O'War 
1929 The Hollywood Revue of 1929 
1929 Berth Marks
1929 Double Whoopee
1929 Unaccustomed As We Are 
1929 Big Business 
1929 That's My Wife 
1929 Wrong Again 
1929 Liberty 
1928 We Faw Down 
1928 Habeas Corpus 
1928 Two Tars 
1928 Early to Bed 
1928 Should Married Men Go Home? 
1928 Their Purple Moment 
1928 You're Darn Tootin' 
1928 Barnum & Ringling, Inc.
1928 From Soup to Nuts
1928 Galloping Ghosts
1928 The Finishing Touch 
1928 Flying Elephants
1928 Leave 'Em Laughing 
1927 The Battle of the Century
1927 Putting Pants on Philip 
1927 Do Detectives Think?
1927 Love 'Em and Feed 'Em 
1927 Hats Off 
1927 Call of the Cuckoo 
1927 The Second 100 Years
1927 Now I'll Tell One 
1927 Sailors Beware 
1927 Sugar Daddies 
1927 With Love and Hisses 
1927 Why Girls Love Sailors
1927 Baby Brother 
1927 Fluttering Hearts
1927 Love 'Em and Weep
1927 Crazy to Act 
1927 No Man's Law 
1927 The Honorable Mr. Buggs 
1927 Slipping Wives 
1927 Duck Soup 
1927 Why Girls Say No
1927 Should Men Walk Home?
1927 Two-Time Mama
1926 45 Minutes from Hollywood 
1926 The Nickel-Hopper
1926 Be Your Age 
1926 Bromo and Juliet 
1926 Crazy Like a Fox 
1926 Along Came Auntie
1926 Thundering Fleas 
1926 The Gentle Cyclone 
1926 The Cow's Kimona
1926 Long Fliv the King 
1926 Say It with Babies 
1926 Madame Mystery 
1926 Wandering Papas
1926 A Bankrupt Honeymoon 
1926 Stop, Look and Listen 
1925 The Perfect Clown
1925 Laughing Ladies
1925 Should Sailors Marry? 
1925 They All Fall 
1925 Yes, Yes, Nanette
1925 A Day's Vacation
1925 Hop to It! 
1925 Isn't Life Terrible? 
1925 Fiddlin' Around
1925 Wild Papa 
1925 Rivals
1925 The Wizard of Oz 
1925 Neptune's Stepdaughter
1925 Hey, Taxi!
1925 Stick Around
1924 Roaring Lions at Home
1924 Kid Speed
1924 Her Boy Friend
1924 The Girl in the Limousine
1924 Trouble Brewing
1924 The Perfect Lady
1923 Horseshoes 
1923 Lightning Love
1923 The Gown Shop
1923 The Midnight Cabaret
1923 The Barnyard
1923 No Wedding Bells 
1922 The Counter Jumper
1922 The Agent 
1922 Little Wildcat 
1922 Fortune's Mask 
1922 Golf
1922 A Pair of Kings
1922 The Show 
1922 The Sawmill 
1921 The Lucky Dog
1921 The Bell Hop
1921 The Fall Guy
1921 The Tourist
1921 The Rent Collector
1921 The Bakery 
1921 The Blizzard
1921 The Mysterious Stranger 
1921 The Nuisance
1920 His Jonah Day
1920 The Backyard 
1920 The Trouble Hunter
1920 Married to Order 
1920 The Stage Hand 
1920 The Decorator
1920 Springtime
1920 He Laughs Last 
1920 Pals and Pugs 
1920 Fists and Fodder 
1920 Distilled Love
1920 Squeaks and Squawks
1920 Maids and Muslin
1920 Pipe Dreams and Prizes
1920 Dames and Dentists
1919 Switches and Sweeties
1919 The Head Waiter 
1919 Bungs and Bunglers
1919 Squabs and Squabbles
1919 Dull Care 
1919 Mates and Models 
1919 Yaps and Yokels 
1919 Flips and Flops 
1919 Healthy and Happy
1919 Tootsies and Tamales
1919 Mules and Mortgages
1919 Jazz and Jailbirds 
1919 Hearts in Hock
1919 Lions and Ladies
1919 Soapsuds and Sapheads 
1919 The Freckled Fish 
1919 Hop, the Bellhop 
1918 He's in Again 
1918 The King of the Kitchen 
1918 Painless Love 
1918 Hello Trouble 
1918 Business Before Honesty
1918 Beauties in Distress
1918 Playmates 
1918 The Straight and Narrow
1918 The Handy Man
1918 The Messenger
1918 The Scholar
1918 The Orderly
1918 His Day Out
1918 The Rogue
1918 Bright and Early 
1918 The Stranger
1917 The Slave
1917 The Band Master
1917 The Freeloader
1917 The Hobo
1917 The Candy Kid
1917 The Chief Cook
1917 The Fly Cop 
1917 The Goat
1917 The Millionaire 
1917 The Villain
1917 Cupid's Rival
1917 Dough Nuts
1917 The Hero 
1917 Back Stage
1917 Wanted - A Bad Man
1917 This Is Not My Room
1917 A Mix Up in Hearts
1917 The Other Girl 
1917 Bad Kate
1917 The Love Bugs 
1917 The Boycotted Baby 
1917 His Movie Mustache
1917 Little Nell
1917 Terrible Kate
1917 The Modiste
1916 Fat and Fickle 
1916 He Went and Won
1916 He Winked and Won 
1916 The Guilty Ones
1916 Ambitious Ethel
1916 Prize Winners
1916 Mother's Child 
1916 Pipe Dreams
1916 A Warm Reception 
1916 Twin Flats
1916 A Maid to Order
1916 The Precious Parcel 
1916 The Candy Trail
1916 Royal Blood
1916 The Reformers
1916 Love and Duty
1916 Stranded
1916 Sidetracked 
1916 An Aerial Joyride
1916 The Try Out
1916 Their Honeymoon 
1916 Life Savers 
1916 Dreamy Knights
1916 Human Hounds 
1916 It Happened in Pikesville 
1916 The Heroes
1916 Aunt Bill
1916 Spaghetti
1916 A Terrible Tragedy 
1916 A Day at School
1916 Edison Bugg's Invention 
1916 Better Halves
1916 The Lottery Man 
1916 Never Again 
1916 Hungry Hearts
1916 Sea Dogs 
1916 The Schemers
1916 Baby Doll
1916 Thirty Days
1916 The Water Cure
1916 The Brave Ones
1916 What's Sauce for the Goose
1916 Hired and Fired
1916 All for a Girl
1916 The Battle Royal
1916 Mamma's Boys
1916 Their Vacation 
1916 Bungles Lands a Job
1916 Nerve and Gasoline
1916 Bungles' Elopement
1916 The Artist's Model
1916 The Serenade 
1916 Bungles Enforces the Law
1916 One Too Many 
1916 Bungles' Rainy Day
1916 A Sticky Affair 
1916 Busted Hearts
1916 A Special Delivery
1916 Frenzied Finance
1916 Chickens
1916 This Way Out 
1916 Bouncing Baby 
1915 Ups and Downs 
1915 Mixed and Fixed
1915 Strangled Harmony
1915 A Janitor's Joyful Job
1915 Love, Pepper and Sweets
1915 Pressing Business
1915 The Midnight Prowlers
1915 Something in Her Eye 
1915 The Crazy Clock Maker
1915 Fatty's Fatal Fun 
1915 Ethel's Romeos 
1915 The New Adventures of J. Rufus Wallingford
1915 Babe's School Days
1915 The Simp and the Sophomores 
1915 Avenging Bill
1915 The Haunted Hat
1915 Clothes Make the Man 
1915 The Dead Letter
1915 Food for Kings and Riley 
1915 Not Much Force
1915 Poor Baby 
1915 What a Cinch
1915 It May Be You
1915 The Cannibal King
1915 Her Choice
1915 Capturing Bad Bill 
1915 Matilda's Legacy 
1915 A Lucky Strike 
1915 Baby
1915 Who Stole the Doggies? 
1915 The Twin Sister
1915 Safety Worst 
1915 Mixed Flats
1915 Cleaning Time
1915 An Expensive Visit
1915 The Prize Baby
1915 Shoddy the Tailor
1915 Cupid's Target 
1915 Gus and the Anarchists 
1915 Spaghetti a la Mode 
1915 They Looked Alike 
1915 What He Forgot
1915 The Tramps 
1914 Weary Willie's Rags 
1914 The Fresh Air Cure
1914 Dobs at the Shore 
1914 He Wanted His Pants 
1914 The Servant Girl's Legacy 
1914 Mother's Baby Boy 
1914 The Daddy of Them All 
1914 She Was the Other
1914 Kidnapping the Kid 
1914 The Honor of the Force 
1914 The Soubrette and the Simp 
1914 She Married for Love 
1914 The Smuggler's Daughter 
1914 When the Ham Turned 
1914 Jealous James 
1914 Pins Are Lucky 
1914 She Wanted a Car 
1914 Never Too Old
1914 The Green Alarm 
1914 Making Auntie Welcome
1914 Back to the Farm
1914 They Bought a Boat
1914 He Wanted Work 
1914 The Rise of the Johnsons 
1914 Worms Will Turn 
1914 The Kidnapped Bride
1914 His Sudden Recovery 
1914 Who's Boss?
1914 Long May It Wave 
1914 Good Cider 
1914 The Female Cop 
1914 A Brewerytown Romance 
1914 A Tango Tragedy
1914 For Two Pins
1914 The Particular Cowboys 
1914 He Won a Ranch 
1914 Building a Fire
1914 Casey's Birthday
1914 Outwitting Dad   

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