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Nancy Kwan ACTOR

Nancy Kwan was born on May 19th, 1939 in Hong Kong with the birth name Ka Shin Kwan.  Her father was Chinese and her mother was British, but they divorced when she was only two years old.  She received her education in Great Britain and was a classically trained ballet dancer who by the age of eighteen was already studying dance with England's Royal Ballet School.  She was seen by, Ray Stark a producer who immediately gave her a screen test followed by the starring role in the film, "The World of Suzie Wong" (1960) with William Holden as her co-star.
She followed this film role with another in, "Flower Drum Song" (1961) starring with James Shigeta, Miyoshi Umeki, Benson Fong, Jack Soo, Victor Sen Yung and Juanita Hall and was already making a name for herself in Europe as well as America.  She was becoming one of Hollywood's most well known Asian actresses.  She was awarded a Golden Globe Award for Most Promising New Comer-Female in 1961. 

Nancy even starred in a Walt Disney comedy "Lt. Robin Crusoe, U.S.N." (1966) with Dick Van Dyke and Akim Tamiroff.

Nancy also made numerous television appearances on series such as, "Hawaii Five-O" (1968), "Noble House" (1988) starring Pierce Brosnan and a made for television movie called, "Miracle Landing" (1990) starring Connie Sellecca and Wayne Rogers.
She took a brief break from acting in America when she found out her father was very ill and had to return to China to care for him.  Although, she was not appearing in American films for a while, she was still working in the entertainment industry.  She produced and directed a number of commercials for the Southeast Asian market and continued to appear on films for Asian audiences such as, "Fear".  
When she decided it was time to move back to America with her third husband who was also a film maker, Norbert Meisel they wanted to have her teenage son from her first marriage to Peter Pock complete his education in the US.  Her son, Bernie Peck was a martial arts master and living in America allowed him to use his talents working as a stunt coordinator as well as an actor.   
Kwan was also briefly married to a man by the name of David Giler in 1970 but they had no children together and the marriage did not last very long.  Nancy is still married to her third husband and lives in the United States.  She is very politically active as the spokeswoman for the Asian American Voters Coalition and has also become a household name after she appeared in a number of commercials for the cosmetic Pearl Cream.  She also wrote a book called, "A Celebration of Life, Memories of My Son."


2006 Ray of Sunshine
2005 Murder on the Yellow Brick Road 
2000 ER
1998 Mr. P's Dancing Sushi Bar
1997 Soul of the Avenger 
1995 Shan shui you xiang feng 
1995 Rebellious 
1993 Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
1990 Babies 
1990 Miracle Landing
1990 Cold Dog Soup
1989 Night Children 
1988 Noble House
1988 Keys to Freedom
1986 The A-Team
1985 Blade in Hong Kong 
1984 Knots Landing
1984 Partners in Crime
1984 Trapper John, M.D.
1983 The Last Ninja 
1983 Walking the Edge 
1982 Chicago Story
1982 Angkor: Cambodia Express 
1979 Streets of Hong Kong
1978 Fantasy Island
1978 Fortress in the Sun
1978 Night Creature 
1976 Project: Kill 
1976 Hadleigh
1975 That Lady from Peking
1975 Supercock 
1974 Bu zai you chun tian 
1974 Kung Fu
1974 Wonder Women  
1971 Karioka etchos de America 
1970 The McMasters 
1969 The Girl Who Knew Too Much 
1968-1969 Hawaii Five-O
1969 The Wrecking Crew 
1968 Nobody's Perfect
1967 The Corrupt Ones 
1966 Arrivederci, Baby! 
1966 Lt. Robin Crusoe, U.S.N. 
1966 Mong fu sek 
1964 Fate Is the Hunter 
1964 Honeymoon Hotel
1963 The Wild Affair 
1963 Tamahine 
1962 The Main Attraction 
1961 Flower Drum Song 
1960 The World of Suzie Wong  

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