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Michelle Phillips ACTOR

Michelle Phillips was born on June 4th, 1944 in Long Beach, California with the birth name Holly Michelle Gilliam to Joyce Leon and Gardner Burnett Gilliam.  She spent part of her childhood in Mexico City after her mother passed away when she was just a little girl and she relocated there with her father.  Later Phillips became involved in the music industry.
She became a vocalist with the group, Mamas & the Pappas and not only sang the lyrics but also co-wrote a number of their songs.  When the band came to an end in 1968 she continued performing music doing back up vocals for on the Leonard Cohen tour. 
In 1976 she released her first single, "No Love Today" and followed this with the release of her solo album in 1970, "Victim of Romance".  Other musical credits she added to her resume over the course of her music career where the vocals for the song, "Forever" on the soundtrack, California Dreaming. 
In 1998, she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and later, in 2000, she was also inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame.  

In addition to a decent singing career, Phillips also began her involvement in acting in the 1970's.  Some of her early film roles were in, "Dillinger" (1973), "The California Kid" (1974), "Valentino" (1977) and the television movies, "The Death Squad" (1974) and "The Users" (1978).  
Along with film work she also began making appearances on television series such as, "Matt Houston", "The Fall Guy", "Vega$", "Aspen", "The Love Boat", "Fantasy Island", "Murder, She Wrote", "T.J. Hooker", "Glitter" and "Hotel".
As her career has progressed she has remained working as an actress with some of her latest roles being on the television series, "Popular" (2000), "All About Us" (2001), "Spin City" (2001), "That's Life" (2001-2002) and the films, "Harry + Max" (2004), "Kids in America" (2005) and Unbeatable Harold" (2006). 
Michelle Phillips has married a total of four times throughout her lifetime, first to John Phillips, one of the members of the Mamas and the Papas, in 1962 and they had one child together, actress Mackenzie Phillips, before the marriage came to an end in 1970.  She then married actor Dennis Hopper in October of 1970 however just one month later this marriage ended.  Her third husband was Robert S. Burch whom she wed in 1978 but by 1982 another marriage ended in divorce.  Her fourth and current husband is Steven Zax who she married in 2000.


2011   Ed Sullivan Presents: Rock 'N Roll Revolution

2006   Unbeatable Harold 

2005   Kids in America

2005   Trailer for a Remake of Gore Vidal's Caligula

2001-2004  7th Heaven 

2004   Harry + Max 

2003   Abby 

2002   Jane White Is Sick & Twisted 

2001-2002  That's Life 

2001   Spin City

2001   All About Us

2001   Stop at Nothing

1999-2001  Rude Awakening 

2001   March

2000   Popular 

2000   The Price of Air 

2000   919 Fifth Avenue

2000   Lost in the Pershing Point Hotel 

1998-2000  The Magnificent Seven

2000   Twice in a Lifetime 

1994-1999  Diagnosis Murder 

1999   Sweetwater

1999   Providence

1997-1998  Beverly Hills, 90210

1998   Love Boat: The Next Wave

1997   Spicy City

1997   Knots Landing: Back to the Cul-de-Sac 

1997   Pauly 

1997   The Big Easy

1996   Pretty Poison

1996   Too Something 

1996   Malibu Shores

1996   No One Would Tell 

1995   Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman 

1993-1994  Second Chances

1994   Heaven Help Us

1994   Herman's Head 

1994   Burke's Law

1993   Rubdown 

1987-1993  Knots Landing

1993   Army of One 

1991   Scissors 

1991   Keep on Running

1989   Trenchcoat in Paradise

1989   Let It Ride

1989   Mike Hammer: Murder Takes All

1988   Star Trek: The Next Generation 

1988   Alfred Hitchcock Presents 

1987   Assault and Matrimony 

1983-1986  Hotel

1986   American Anthem

1986   Stark: Mirror Image 

1985   Glitter 

1985   Covenant

1985   T.J. Hooker

1984   Murder, She Wrote 

1984   Fox Mystery Theater 

1984   Finder of Lost Loves

1984   Secrets of a Married Man 

1979-1984  Fantasy Island 

1984   Automan 

1981-1984  The Love Boat 

1983   Search for Tomorrow 

1983   Murder Me, Murder You

1983   The Fall Guy

1982   Matt Houston

1982   Moonlight

1981   Savage Harvest 

1980   Sam Marlow, Private Eye 

1980   Vega$ 

1979   The French Atlantic Affair 

1979   Bloodline 

1978   The Users 

1977   Aspen 

1977   Valentino

1975   Shampoo 

1975   Miracle

1974   The California Kid 

1974   The Death Squad 

1973   Dillinger 

1971   The Last Movie

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