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Michael Caine ACTOR


Michael Caine was born on March 14th, 1933 in Rotherhithe, London on England with the birth name Maurice Joseph Micklewhite to parents, Ellen Frances Marie and Maurice Joseph Micklewhite.  He grew up in Camberwell, South London and in 1944 earned a scholarship to Hackney Downs Grocers School.  He then went on to study at Wilson's Grammar School and left at the age of fifteen and found a number of odd jobs to help support himself before he decided to join the British Army. 
When he completed his service he returned back to England and found work as an assistant stage manager.  Soon he began doing stage work at the Carfax Theatre and took on the stage name, Michael Scott, but when he was told by his agent, this stage name was already taken, he opted for the last name Caine.
After some experience as a stage actor, Caine then took on some minor television roles and soon gained public attention when he worked on the film, "Zulu" (1964) followed by roles in, "The Ipcress File" (1965), "Alfie" (1966), "Funeral in Berlin" (1966), "Billion Dollar Brain" (1967) and later on in "Bullet to Beijing" (1995) and "Midnight in Saint Petersburg" (1995). 
Soon he was invited to come to the United States and work on the film, "Gambit" (1966) opposite Shirley MacLaine.  His career progressed with such roles in, "The Italian Job" (1969), "Battle of Britain" (1969), "Get Carter" (1971), "Sleuth" (1972), "The Man Who Would Be King" (1975), "The Eagle Has Landed" (1976) and "A Bridge Too Far" (1977).
Most of his films were still done in the United Kingdom with occasional appearances on American films.  As his career entered the 1980's, his choice of films he agreed to work on turned out not to always be the best decision for his career.  Many were not successful such as, "The Swarm" (1978) and "Ashanti" (1979).
Some of his better film appearances were on such films as, "The Island' (1980), "The Hand" (1981), "Educating Rita" (1983) and "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" (1988) which received a Golden Globe nomination.
Caine was very aware that a number of films he agreed to do throughout his career were bad choices and he knew many did not meet box office or critical acclaim.  However, he did work on a number of films that were successful such as the Academy Award winning film, "California Suite" (1978), Dressed to Kill" (1980), which was nominated for a Golden Globe, "Escape to Victory" (1981), "Deathtrap" (1982) and "Mona Lisa" (1986) also nominated for an Academy Award.
As his career progressed and he was trying to be more selective to which film roles he undertook, he noticed that good roles were becoming more difficult to come by.  He was cast in, "Muppet Christmas Carol" (1992), "Noises Off" (1992), "On Deadly Ground" (1994) and "The Cider House Rules" (1999) which he won his second Oscar for his role.
Some of his more recent film roles have been in, "Miss Congeniality" (2000), "The Quiet American" (2002), "Austin Powers in Goldmember" (2002), "Children of Men" (2006), "The Dark Night" (2007), "Is Anybody There?" (2008) and soon to release in 2012, "The Dark Night Rises" and "Mr. Morgan's Last Love".
Along with his film roles he has done a number of voice over projects such as, "Cars 2" (2011) and "Gnomeo and Juliet" (2011). 
Caine's has been honored in Hollywood a number of times.  In total he has received six Oscar nominations and has won one Academy Award in 1986 and another in 1999, both for Supporting Actor.  In 2008 he was awarded the prize for Outstanding Contribution to Show business at the Variety Club Awards.   
Throughout his lifetime, he has married twice. His first wife was Patricia Haines whom he wed in 1955 and after having one child the marriage ended in 1958.  He then married Shakira Caine in 1973 and they too have one child and remain together today. Michael Caines currently resides in Leatherhead, Surrey and owns a home in Miami Beach, Florida.

2012 Mr. Morgan's Last Love
2012 The Dark Knight Rises 
2012 Journey 2: The Mysterious Island 
2011 Cars 2: The Video Game 
2011 Cars 2 
2011 Gnomeo & Juliet 
2010 Inception 
2009 Harry Brown
2008 Is Anybody There?
2008 The Dark Knight
2007 Sleuth
2007 Flawless
2006 The Prestige
2006 Children of Men
2005 The Weather Man 
2005 Bewitched
2005 Batman Begin
2005 Batman Begins 
2004 Around the Bend
2003 The Statement
2003 Secondhand Lions 
2003 The Actors 
2003 Quicksand
2003 Freedom: A History of Us
2002 The Quiet American 
2002 Austin Powers in Goldmember
2001 Last Orders 
2000 Miss Congeniality
2000 Get Carter
2000 Shiner
2000 Quills 
1999 The Debtors 
1999 The Cider House Rules 
1998 It All Came True 
1998 Little Voice
1998 Shadow Run 
1997 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 
1997 Mandela and de Klerk 
1996 Midnight in Saint Petersburg 
1996 Blood and Wine 
1995 Bullet to Beijing 
1994 World War II: When Lions Roared 
1994 On Deadly Ground 
1993 Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In: 25th Anniversary Reunion
1992 The Muppet Christmas Carol 
1992 Blue Ice
1992 Noises Off...
1990 Bullseye!
1990 Mr. Destiny
1990 A Shock to the System
1990 Jekyll & Hyde
1988 Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
1988 Without a Clue
1988 Jack the Ripper
1987 Surrender
1987 Jaws: The Revenge
1987 The Whistle Blower
1987 The Fourth Protocol
1986 Half Moon Street
1986 Mona Lisa
1986 Sweet Liberty 
1986 Hannah and Her Sisters 
1985 The Holcroft Covenant
1985 Water
1984 The Jigsaw Man
1984 Blame It on Rio
1983 Beyond the Limit
1983 Educating Rita 
1982 Deathtrap
1981 Victory 
1981 The Hand 
1980 Dressed to Kill 
1980 The Island 
1979 Beyond the Poseidon Adventure
1979 Ashanti 
1978 California Suite
1978 The Swarm 
1978 Silver Bears
1977 A Bridge Too Far
1976 The Eagle Has Landed
1976 Harry and Walter Go to New York 
1975 The Man Who Would Be King 
1975 The Romantic Englishwoman
1975 The Wilby Conspiracy 
1975 Peeper 
1974 The Destructors 
1974 The Black Windmill
1972 Sleuth 
1972 Pulp
1972 X, Y and Zee 
1971 Kidnapped
1971 Get Carter 
1971 The Last Valley
1970 Too Late the Hero
1969 Battle of Britain
1969 The Italian Job
1969 ITV Saturday Night Theatre
1969 Male of the Species 
1969 Play Dirty 
1968 The Magus 
1968 Deadfall
1967 Billion Dollar Brain
1967 Woman Times Seven
1967 Hurry Sundown 
1966 Funeral in Berlin
1966 Gambit 
1966 The Wrong Box
1966 Alfie
1965 The Ipcress File 
1961-1964   Play of the Week
1964 Hamlet at Elsinore
1964 Zulu 
1963 First Night
1963 The Wrong Arm of the Law 
1962 The Arthur Haynes Show 
1962 The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre 
1962 Drama 61-67 
1962 BBC Sunday-Night Play
1962 Solo for Sparrow 
1961 The Day the Earth Caught Fire 
1961 Operation Fantail 
1961 The Younger Generation 
1961 Armchair Theatre 
1961 Walk a Crooked Mile
1961 The Compartment
1960 The Bulldog Breed 
1960 Foxhole in Cairo 
1960 No Wreath for the General 
1960 Golden Girl 
1960 Deadline Midnight 
1960 Knight Errant Limited 
1958-1959 William Tell
1957-1959 Dixon of Dock Green
1959 Breakout 
1959 Television Playwright 
1958 Room 43 
1958 The Two-Headed Spy 
1958 Blind Spot 
1956-1958 BBC Sunday-Night Theatre 
1958 The Key 
1958 A Woman of Mystery 
1958 The Vise 
1958 Navy Log 
1958 Carve Her Name with Pride 
1957 Mister Charlesworth 
1957 Escape 
1957 How to Murder a Rich Uncle 
1957 The Steel Bayonet 
1957 Blood Money 
1956 The Crime of the Century
1956 The Adventures of Sir Lancelot
1956 Hell in Korea
1956 Panic in the Parlor
1950 Operation Disaster  

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