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Mary Pickford ACTOR


Mary Pickford was born April 8th, 1892 with the birth name Gladys Louise Smith in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Her father was John Charles Smith and her mother was Charlotte Hennessy.  Her father worked various jobs to support his three children. 

When Mary was a baby she was babtized in both the Catholic and and Methodist Church and this was when her mother chose to change her middle name to Marie.  Only three years after her birth, her father abandoned her family and left her mother with three young children to care for. 

Charlotte began taking in boarders to help support her family.  It was through one of these boarders that Mary Pickford actually got her introduction to theatre.  At the age of seven she got a small part at Toronto's Princess Theatre in a production of, "The Silver King". 

In 1989 the family heard word that John Charles Smith had passed away from hemorging due to his abuse of alcohol.  Entering into the 1900's, the entire Pickford family was involved in the entertainment industry.  Pickford and her mother and two younger siblings would tour the United States and perform on stage.  The family made just barely enough to support themselves.

After six years of travelling, Mary Pickford decided it was a now or never chance to get cast in a real broadway Production.  Luckily, Pickford landed a supporting role in a Broadway play titled, "The Warrens of Virginia" (1907) and it was this first performance where the producer of the play convinced Glady's to take on the stage name Mary Pickford.

Slowly things began to pick up career wise for Pickford.  She was offered a screen test for a company, Biograph in 1909 for a role in the Nickelodean film, "Pippa Passes", however, the role was given to another actress, but the director, D.W. Griffith was quite impressed with Pickford's style. 

He offered her a job where she would earn $10 a day with guaranteed work of $40 per week.  She played various parts in a numerous amount of silent films and her successessful career was well intact.  The Biograph company then decided to shoot some work in California.  They had been in New York and thought California would be a better location for filming.  The crew and Pickford travelled to Los Angeles and there she completed more films such as, "Sweet and Twenty", "They Would Elope" and "To Save Her Soul" (all 1909).  Strangely enough none of Griffith's films listed any performers on the credits, but Pickford did get a large amount of public notice from her work with Biograph company. 

In 1910, she decided to leave Biograph and join Independent Motion Picture Company which later became Universal Studio's.  She remained with them for two years but then actually left and returned back to work with the director Griffith in 1912.  It seemed as though most of her more well known and best work took place with Griffith as the director such as, "Friends", "The Mender of Nets," "Just Like a Woman" and "The Female of the Species."  She ended her time with Biograph with one final film in 1912 in, "The New York Hat" and then Pickford chose to return to perform on the broadway stage in, "A Good Little Devil".   It was then that she realized her love and appreciation for film versus working on the stage and she decided to put 100% focus towards expanding her film career. 

She joined Famous Players later known as Paramount and appeared in such films as, "In the Bishop's Carriage", "Hearts Adrift" (1914) and "Tess of the Storm Country" (1914).  

Pickford became a co-founder of the Studio, United Artists where she began to not only act in her own movies but work as the producer on them as well.  She also received distribution rights and was the first actress to ever earn more then a million dollars per year.  Her signature, 'little girl' roles she portrayed were a major hit.  Pickford was also named the 24th most popluar actress among the American Film Institute Hollywood industry of all times.

As silent films began to fade and talkies were coming into play, Pickford tried to shed her little girl image on film.  She even changed her hairstyle, however the public had a hard time accepting her playing more adult roles.  She took a role in the film, "Coquette" (1929) and earned herself an Academy Award for Best Actress which was a huge accomplishment, but still her fan base was decreasing.  Her career as one of the most popular actresses began to slowly fade away. 

Pickford decided in 1933, it was time to retire from the industry.  Mary was no longer interested in pursuing her acting career in this era but she did still play a role as a producer in a number of films. 

However, her personal life was at an all time low.  She developed an alcohol addiction and became very depressed and isolated herself from others.

She was married a total of three times, first to Owen Moore from 1886 to 1939, followed by a marriage to Fairbanks, an actor, on March 28th, 1920.   However the couple was living such a stressed life between their highly demanding professional careers that Fairbanks often chose to travel overseas to escape the preasure and when he had a romance with Lady Sylvia Ashley, it lead to divorce between Fairbanks and Pickford.   Again, though, Pickford chose to enter into the vow of marriage to her final husband, also an actor, Charles 'Buddy' Rogers.  Together the couple adopted two children and remained married for 40 years until Mary Pickford passed away on May 29th, 1979 from cerebral hemorrhage at the age of eighty seven.   She was burried in the Garden of Memory of the Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Glendale, California. 

Mary Pickford was honored in many ways for her contribution to the motion picture industry and her overall talent as an actress and producer.   She was given an Academy Honorary Award for a lifetime of achievments in 1976.   Also during World War I, Pickford was one of the most prominent film stars to promote the sale of Liberty Bonds.   She was also responsible for starting an organization called Motion Picture Relief Fund which helped out struggling actors financially.

Mary Pickford's largest contribution was to shaping the overall film industry.   She was one of the most powerful woman to ever work in Hollywood as an actress and producer.   She even has buildings named after her legacy such as the, "Pickford Center for Motion Picture Study" constructed by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  There is also a "Mary Pickford Theater" at the Library of Congress in honor of her.        
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1912   A Child's Remorse
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1917   All-Star Production of Patriotic Episodes for the Second Liberty Loan 
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