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Marshall Thompson ACTOR

Marshall Thompson was born on November 27th, 1925 in Peoria, Illinois with the birth name James Marshall Thompson as an only child.  At the age of five his family relocated to Los Angeles, California and his father was employed as a successful dentist and at one point in time, his mother took up stage acting.
During high school, Thompson first developed an interest in acting appearing in a variety of school productions.  After graduating from high school, Thompson went on to study at Occidental College and majored in drama.  At the same time as pursuing his education, he also performed with the Occidental Players where he caught the attention of Universal Studio's and they signed him to a contract.

Some of his earlier film roles were in, "Reckless Age" (1944), "Blonde Fever" (1944), "The Clock" (1945), "They Were Expendable" (1945) starring John Wayne, Donna Reed and Robert Montgomery, "Bad Bascomb" (1946) and "Gallant Bess" (1946). 

During 1946, Universal Studio's chose to get rid of most of their contract players and therefore, Thompson transferred over to MGM which was a great career move for him.  He continued taking on more prominent film roles such as, "Homecoming" (1948), "Command Decision" (1948) and "Battleground" (1949).

Now with quite a bit of experience on his resume, he went on his own freelancing an  continued appearing on the big screen in such films as, "Dial 1119" (1950), "The Tall Target" (1951), "Cult of the Cobra" (1955), "To Hell and Back" (1955) starring World War II Medal of Honor Recipient Audie Murphy, "East of Kilimanjaro" (1957) and "First Man Into Space" (1959).
He was making himself quite known in the industry as an actor that worked well with animals of all kinds.  He was seen on the television series, "Daktari" (1966), "Jambo" (1969), "Flipper" (1964), "Sea Hunt" (1958), "World of Giants" (1959) and the film, "Clarence, the Cross-Eyed Lion" (1965).
Thompson also added to his credits appearances on the series, "Angel", "Wagon Train", "Ironside" and "Murder, She Wrote".  His most recent film appearances were in, "The Turning Point" (1977) and "The Formula" (1980).  
Marshall Thompson was married only once to Barbara Long whom he wed in 1949 and they had one daughter Janet and remained together until he passed away on May 18th, 1992 in Royal Oak Michigan after suffering from congestive heart failure. 


1991   McBain 

1989   Murder, She Wrote 

1986   Dallas: The Early Years 

1983   Bog 

1982   White Dog 

1980   The Formula 

1980   Benson

1980   Lou Grant

1979   Quincy M.E.

1979   Centennial

1978   The Eddie Capra Mysteries 

1978   Cruise Into Terror 

1977   The Turning Point

1977   Charlie's Angels 

1976   Ark II 

1974   Ironside 

1974   Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law

1973   Hec Ramsey 

1973   The Streets of San Francisco

1972   George! 
1971   The Partridge Family 

1970   Ride the Tiger

1969   Jambo

1966-1969  Daktari

1966   Around the World Under the Sea

1966   To the Shores of Hell 

1965   Clarence, the Cross-Eyed Lion

1965   Zebra in the Kitchen 

1965   Flipper

1964   The Mighty Jungle 

1964   Death Valley Days 

1964   A Yank in Viet-Nam

1960-1964  Wagon Train

1962   No Man Is an Island

1961   Flight of the Lost Balloon

1960-1961  Angel

1960   Men Into Space

1960   Startime

1960   Perry Mason 

1959-1960  The Loretta Young Show

1959   World of Giants

1959   Bronco

1956-1959  The Millionaire

1959   First Man Into Space

1959   Flight 

1958   The Secret Man 

1958   It! The Terror from Beyond Space

1958   Target

1958   Fiend Without a Face 

1958   Gunsmoke 

1958   The Court of Last Resort 

1957   Zane Grey Theater

1956-1957  Matinee Theatre

1957   Those Whiting Girls

1957   Panic

1957   Lure of the Swamp 

1953-1957  The Ford Television Theatre 

1957   Playhouse 90

1957   The 20th Century-Fox Hour

1957   East of Kilimanjaro

1955-1956  Science Fiction Theatre

1956   Ethel Barrymore Theater

1956   Climax! 

1956   Down Liberty Road 

1955-1956  The United States Steel Hour

1955   Good Morning, Miss Dove 

1955   Private Secretary

1955   Schlitz Playhouse

1955   To Hell and Back 

1955   The Whistler

1955   Cult of the Cobra

1955   The Promise

1955   Crashout

1955   The Courtship of George Washington and Martha Custiss

1955   Battle Taxi 

1954   Port of Hell 

1954   The Public Defender 

1953   Robert Montgomery Presents 

1953   The Caddy 

1953   Studio One in Hollywood

1952   Fireside Theatre 

1952   The Unexpected 

1952   The Rose Bowl Story 

1952   My Six Convicts

1951   The Basketball Fix

1951   The Tall Target

1950   Dial 1119 

1950   Devil's Doorway

1950   Mystery Street

1950   Stars in My Crown 

1949   Battleground 

1949   Roseanna McCoy

1949   Scene of the Crime 

1948   Command Decision 

1948   Words and Music

1948   Homecoming 

1948   B.F.'s Daughter 

1947   The Romance of Rosy Ridge 

1946   The Show-Off 

1946   The Secret Heart 

1946   Gallant Bess 

1946   The Cockeyed Miracle

1946   Bad Bascomb

1945   They Were Expendable

1945   Twice Blessed 

1945   The Valley of Decision 

1945   The Clock

1944   Blonde Fever

1944   Reckless Age

1944   Henry Aldrich, Boy Scout 

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