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Marie Windsor ACTOR


Marie Windsor, originally named Emily Marie Bertelson, was born on December 11, 1919 in Utah.  During her younger years, she was named Miss Utah and trained under the instruction of Russian stage performer Maria Ouspenskaya, for Windsor knew she wanted to become an actress.  She first had jobs as a telephone operator, radio and stage actress, and in the early 1940's signed a contract with Metro Goldwyn Mayer and played an extra in numerous films like “Weekend for Three” (1941), “Chatterbox” (1943), “Follow the Leader” (1944), and “The Romance of Rosy Ridge” (1941) before finally moving up to appearing in feature films. Due to her height (she was 5’9”), Windsor found it hard to acquire roles as a main character. However, In 1947 she debuted in “Song of a Thin Man” and played extras in a few more movies before nabbing her first lead in “Force of Evil” (1948).
From the late 1940's to the late 1950's, she started playing lead roles in films such as “Hellfire” (1949), “The Jungle” (1952), “The Bounty Hunter” (1954), and “The Parson and the Outlaw” (1957), although she also had numerous supporting roles. The types of features she appeared in range from western, to sci-fi/horror, to film noir. The actress furthermore made movies for a large variety of studios. Some of Windsor’s more strange and unusual, but nevertheless memorable pictures include the adventure/horror/romance space flick “Cat-Women of the Moon” (1953), the comedy/horror/adventure “Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy” (1955), and the crime/adventure/horror “Swamp Women” (1955).
While the actress appeared in a great assortment of films, she is most remembered for her involvement in the film noir category of films. Film noir is characterized as a stylish old Hollywood crime drama that puts emphasis on sinister attitudes and sexuality. Her most distinguished pictures from this genre include, but are not limited to, “The Narrow Margin” (1952), “The Sniper” (1952), and “The City That Never Sleeps” (1953). Windsor’s most memorable role throughout her entire career, however, was most probably in “The Killing” (1956), which not surprisingly, is also in the film noir category. In the film, about a race track robbery heist, she portrayed the scheming, traitorous, manipulative wife of Elisha Cook Jr.
Into the 1950's, Windsor also put her focus into television. She began making appearances on a variety of shows. Throughout the 1960's, 1970's, and 1980's, Windsor continued to show up on the small screen in shows and movies. In fact, her very final participation in the dramatic arts was in the TV series “Murder, She Wrote”. She played a character in this show in both 1987 and 1991. During this time, the actress moreover never stopped performing on the silver screen. While television was her prominent form of acting from the early 1950's on, she made sure to make herself seen in movies like “Island Women” (1958), “Chamber of Horrors” (1966), “Freaky Friday” (1976), and “Lovely but Deadly” (1981). Her involvement in feature films began decreasing through the years, but nevertheless, Windsor continued showing up on the big screen. The actress’ concluding picture was the dramatic action flick “Commando Squad” in 1987.
After her official retirement in 1991, Windsor took up sculpting and painting. In 1984, she won a Golden Boot for her involvement in several western films. Additionally, in 1999 American Film Institute (AFI) announced that she was one of the five hundred stars put in the running to be one of the fifty greatest American screen legends as part of the American Film Institute’s 100 years…100 stars event. Even more, for the actress’ contributions to the motion picture industry, she was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

1988        Supercarrier

1987        Commando Squad

1986        Tales from the Darkside

1985        J.O.E. and the Colonel

1984        Scarecrow and Mrs. King

1983        Simon & Simon

1982        General Hospital

1981        The Perfect Woman

1981        Lovely but Deadly

1980        The Incredible Hulk

1979        Lou Grant

1979        Salem 's Lot

1979        Fantasy Island

1978        Charlie's Angels

1978        Project U.F.O.

1976        Freaky Friday 

1976        Stranded

1976        Marcus Welby, M.D.

1975        Hearts of the West

1974        Police Story

1974        Manhunter 

1973        The Outfit

1973        Cahill U.S. Marshal

1973        Barnaby Jones

1972        Hec Ramsey

1972        Alias Smith and Jones 

1971        Adam-12

1971        Gunsmoke

1971        Hawaii Five-O

1971        Support Your Local Gunfighter

1971        One More Train to Rob

1970        Wild Women

1970        Insight

1969        The Good Guys and the Bad Guys

1969        Bracken's World

1968        Mannix

1968        The F.B.I. 

1968        The Outsider 

1987        Murder, She Wrote

1966        Batman

1966        Chamber of Horrors

1965        Bonanza

1965        The Legend of Jesse James

1965        Branded

1964        The Rogues

1964        Summer Playhouse 

1964        Bedtime Story

1964        Destry

1964        Mail Order Bride 

1963        Critic's Choice

1963        The Day Mars Invaded Earth

1962        The Lloyd Bridges Show

1962        Paradise Alley

1962        Lawman 

1961        Hawaiian Eye  

1961        Bronco

1961        Whispering Smith 

1961        The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp

1961        The Best of the Post

1960        Lassie

1960        New Comedy Showcase

1960        Bourbon Street Beat 

1960        The Rebel 

1960        77 Sunset Strip

1960        The Lineup 

1959        The Alaskans

1959        Rawhide  

1959        Shotgun Slade 

1959        The Deputy

1959        Tales of Wells Fargo 

1959        Markham 

1959        Schlitz Playhouse

1958        Perry Mason

1958        Bat Masterson 

1958        Yancy Derringer

1958        Target

1958        Island Women

1958        Day of the Bad Man

1958        Pursuit

1957        Maverick

1957        The Adventures of McGraw

1957        The Story of Mankind

1957        The Californians

1957        Cheyenne

1957        The Parson and the Outlaw

1957        The Girl in Black Stockings

1957        The Unholy Wife  

1957        Jane Wyman Presents the Fireside Theatre

1956        The Red Skelton Hour  

1956        Climax!

1956        Alias Mike Hercules

1956        General Electric Summer Originals

1956        The Charles Farrell Show

1956        The Killing

1955        Screen Directors Playhouse

1955        No Man's Woman

1955        Two-Gun Lady

1955        Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy

1955        Science Fiction Theatre 

1955        The Eddie Cantor Comedy Theater

1955        The Silver Star

1955        Swamp Women

1954        The Ford Television Theatre

1954        City Detective 

1954        The Whistler

1954        It's a Great Life

1954        The Bounty Hunter

1954        The Public Defender 

1954        Hell's Half Acre

1954        The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse

1954        Stories of the Century

1954        Waterfront

1953        The Eddie Cantor Story

1953        Lux Video Theatre

1953        Cat-Women of the Moon

1953        So This Is Love

1953        City That Never Sleeps

1953        Trouble along the Way

1953        The Tall Texan

1952        The Unexpected

1952        The Jungle

1952        The Sniper

1952        The Narrow Margin

1952        Outlaw Women

1952        Japanese War Bride

1951        Two Dollar Bettor

1951        Hurricane Island

1951        Little Big Horn

1950        Double Deal

1950        Frenchie

1950        The Showdown

1950        Dakota Lil

1949        The Fighting Kentuckian

1949        Hellfire

1949        The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend

1949        Outpost in Morocco

1948        Force of Evil

1948        The Three Musketeers

1948        On an Island with You

1948        The Pirate

1947        The Unfinished Dance

1947        Song of the Thin Man

1947        The Romance of Rosy Ridge 

1947        The Hucksters 

1947        Living in a Big Way 

1947        I Love My Wife But!

1946        I Love My Husband, But!

1944        Follow the Leader 

1943        The Iron Major

1943        Let's Face It

1943        Pilot #5

1943        Three Hearts for Julia

1943        Chatterbox

1942        George Washington Slept Here 

1942        Eyes in the Night 

1942        The Big Street 

1942        Smart Alecks

1942        Parachute Nurse

1942        Flying with Music

1942        The Lady or the Tiger?

1942        Call out the Marines

1942        Four Jacks and a Jill

1942        Joan of Paris 

1941        Playmates

1941        All-American Co-Ed

1941        Weekend for Three

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