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Macdonald Carey ACTOR


Macdonald Carey was born on March 15th, 1913 in Sioux City, Iowa with the birth name Edward Macdonald Carey to parents, Charles Carey an investment counselor and Elizabeth Macdonald Carey.  He was raised in Iowa and got involved in entertaining at a young age singing baritone in the school choirs and also got cast in some lead roles in Gilbert and Sullivan operettas.
After completing high school, he graduated from the University of Iowa in 1935 with his bachelors degree and then received his masters degree in drama at the University of Iowa.  His acting career began with him starring in a number of 'B' rated films, stage work and also working in radio and later in his career as a television actor.  

When he was cast in the Broadway play, "Lady in the Dark", Paramount bought the rights to the musical and signed Carey to a seven year contract.  
He also briefly braked from acting to join the Marine Corps and stayed active through 1947.  He then returned back to his love of the entertainment industry. 
He was cast in a variety of films such as, "Wake Island" (1942) co-starring Preston Foster, Brian Donlevy, William Bendix, Barbara Britton, Albert Dekker, Walter Abel, Rod Cameron, James Brown and Frank Albertson, "Suddenly, It's Spring" (1947) also starring Paulette Goddard, Fred MacMurray and Arlene Whelan, "The Great Missouri Raid" (1951) starring alongside Wendell Corey, Ellen Drew, Ward Bond, Bruce Bennett, Anne Revere, Bill Williams, James Millican and Edgar Buchanan, "Outlaw Territory" (1953) starring with Joanne Dru and John Ireland and "Man or Gun" (1958) with Audrey Totter and James Craig.  His television work consisted of appearances on, "Rawhide", "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", "Climax!", "Roots", "Zane Grey Theatre", "Burke's Law", "Wagon Train", "Lassie", "Checkmate" and also guest starred in "The Bing Crosby Show" (1964-1965).  He was also cast in the starring role as Herb Maris in the television crime series called, " Lock Up " (1959-1961) which ran for a total of seventy eight episodes.
His real fame came when he took on the role of, Dr. Tom Horton on the NBC Soap opera, "Days of Our Lives" (1965) and for the next three decades, Carey became the centered cast member of the show.   
Macdonald married only one time during his life to Elizabeth Heckacher from 1941 through 1971 when they divorced.  He had a total of six children, Lynn, Theresa, Steven, Edward, Paul and Lisa.  He did not remarry and on March 21st, 1994 he passed away in Beverly Hills, California from lung cancer.  MacDonald was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to television. 
Macdonald Carey also wrote several poetry books and also an autobiography in 1991 called, "The Days of My Life".  He was also at one time the Vice President of the Screen Actors Guild.  He is interred at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, California. 


1965-1993 Days of Our Lives
1992 A Message from Holly 
1986-1987 Murder, She Wrote  
1987 It's Alive III: Island of the Alive
1985 Finder of Lost Loves 
1984 Access Code 
1981 Foes
1979-1981 Fantasy Island 
1980 Condominium 
1980 The Girl, the Gold Watch & Everything 
1980 Top of the Hill 
1980 American Gigolo
1979 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
1979 The Rebels 
1978 The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries 
1978 Stranger in Our House 
1978 Switch
1974-1977 Police Story
1977 End of the World 
1977 Roots
1976 McMillan & Wife
1975 Who Is the Black Dahlia? 
1974 Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law
1973 Ordeal 
1973 The Magician
1972 Gidget Gets Married 
1967 Bewitched
1966 Lassie
1965 Ben Casey
1965 Run for Your Life
1965 Kraft Suspense Theatre
1965 Branded
1963-1965 Burke's Law 
1965 Daniel Boone 
1964 The Bing Crosby Show 
1964 The Presidency: A Splendid Misery
1964 The Outer Limits
1963 Mr. Novak
1963 Kraft Mystery Theater
1963 Tammy and the Doctor
1963 These Are the Damned 
1963 The Dick Powell Theatre
1962 The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
1962 The Devil's Agent 
1962 Checkmate
1962 Target: The Corruptors
1962 Insight
1962 Stranglehold 
1956-1961 The United States Steel Hour 
1959-1961 Lock Up
1961 Thriller 
1960 Moment of Fear
1959 Alfred Hitchcock Presents
1959 Blue Denim
1959 John Paul Jones
1959 The DuPont Show of the Month
1959 Rawhide
1959 The Redeemer 
1954-1958 Schlitz Playhouse
1958 Pursuit
1958 Target  
1957-1958 Suspicion
1958 The Frank Sinatra Show 
1958 Man or Gun 
1958 Playhouse 90 
1950-1958 Studio One in Hollywood 
1958 Wagon Train 
1958 Zane Grey Theatre 
1957 Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre
1957 The Joseph Cotten Show: On Trial
1952-1957 The Ford Television Theatre
1957 The Kaiser Aluminum Hour
1956-1957 Dr. Christian 
1955-1956 Climax!
1956 Odongo 
1956 The Alcoa Hour
1956 Screen Directors Playhouse 
1956 Stranger at My Door 
1953-1956 G.E. True Theater
1955-1956 The 20th Century-Fox Hour 
1956 Celebrity Playhouse
1955 Science Fiction Theatre
1955 Stage 7
1955 Appointment with Adventure 
1954 Malaga
1952-1954 Lux Video Theatre 
1954 It's Everybody's Business 
1953 Hannah Lee: An American Primitive 
1953 Count the Hours 
1952 Hollywood Opening Night
1952 My Wife's Best Friend
1952 Celanese Theatre
1952 The Christophers  
1951 Cave of Outlaws 
1951 Let's Make It Legal 
1951 Meet Me After the Show 
1951 Excuse My Dust 
1951 The Great Missouri Raid
1950 Mystery Submarine 
1950 Copper Canyon
1950 South Sea Sinner
1950 The Lawless
1950 Comanche Territory  
1949 Song of Surrender 
1949 The Great Gatsby 
1949 Streets of Laredo 
1949 Bride of Vengeance 
1948 Dream Girl 
1948 Hazard 
1947 Suddenly It's Spring 
1943 Salute for Three 
1943 Shadow of a Doubt 
1942 Wake Island 
1942 Dr. Broadway 
1942 Take a Letter, Darling     

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