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Lynne Roberts ACTOR


Lynne Roberts was born on November 22nd, 1922 in El Paso, Texas with the birth name Theda Mae Roberts.  She had one older brother and her mother was a former stage actress, therefore, from a young age she developed an interest in performing.
By the age of four, Roberts was taking dancing and singing lessons and still as a child, along with her bother, they began performing in vaudeville.  After gaining some more stage experience, Roberts soon began to pursue film work with Republic Pictures appearing in her teen years on such films as, "Come On, Rangers" (1938) starring alongside Roy Rogers, Lee Powell, Lane Chandler, Raymond Hatton and J. Farrell MacDonald, "Shine On, Harvest Moon" (1938) co-starring Roy Rogers, Stanley Andrews and William Farnum and "Rough Riders' Round-Up" (1939) starring with Roy Rogers, Raymond Hatton and Eddie Acuff.
She then chose to sign with 20th Century Fox and continued to add more film roles such as, "The Bride Wore Crutches" (1940) co-starring Ted North, Robert Armstrong, Lionel Stander, Richard Lane and Edgar Kennedy, "Street of Memories" (1940) starring with Guy Kibbee, John McGuire, Sterling Holloway and Ed Gargan, "Stardust" (1940) starring John Payne, Linda Darnell, Charlotte Greenwood, William Gargan and Roland Young, "Moon Over Miami" (1941) starring Betty Grable, Don Ameche, Robert Cummings, Charlotte Greenwood, Jack Haley and Carole Landis and "Sun Valley Serenade" (1941).
At this point in her career, she was disappointed at the types of roles being offered to her so Roberts chose to return to Republic Pictures and again tried making a name for herself in the industry with roles in the films, "Port of 40 Thieves" (1944) starring with Stephanie Bachelor and Tom Keene, "My Buddy" (1944) starring alongside Don 'Red' Barry, Ruth Terry and John Litel, "The Ghost That Walks Alone" (1944), "The Big Bonanza" (1944), "That's My Gal" (1947) starring with Don 'Red' Barry and Pinky Lee, "Sons of Adventure" (1948) co-starring Russell Hayden, Gordon Jones, Grant Withers, John Newland and Roy Barcroft and "The Great Plane Robbery" (1950) and D.O.A. (1950) starring Edmond O'Brien, Pamela Britton and Beverly Garland.   
In addition to film work she began to focus on taking on television  roles hoping that might help her increase her fan base.  She appeared on the series, "The Gene Autry Show", "Stars Over Hollywood", "Dangerous Assignment", "Racket Squad", "Fireside Theatre", "The Cases of Eddie Drake", "I'm the Law" starring George Raft and "The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp" starring Hugh O'Brian
In 1958 she took her last film role in, "The Violent Playground" which was un-credited and from this point on, Roberts chose to retire completely from the industry.  Her professional life had been filled with as much turmoil as her personal life. 
Over the course of her lifetime Lynne Roberts had four unsuccessful marriages.  Her first husband was William Englebert, Jr. whom she was married to from 1941 through 1944.  She then wed Louis John Gardella in 1944 however by 1952, this marriage also came to an end.  Her third husband was Hyman B. Samuels from 1953 through 1961.  Her fourth and final husband was Don Sebastian whom she married in 1971.  The couple separated but never finalized their divorce when she passed away on April 1st, 1978 in Sherman Oaks, California after suffering from a brain hemorrhage.

1958   Violent Playground 

1957   Big Time Operators
1955   The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp

1954   The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse 

1953   Mr. and Mrs. North

1953   I'm the Law

1953   Port Sinister
1952   The Cases of Eddie Drake 

1952   The Blazing Forest 

1952   Because of You 
1952   Gruen Guild Theater

1952   The Schaefer Century Theatre

1951-1952  Fireside Theatre
1952   Dangerous Assignment 

1951   Racket Squad

1950-1951  Stars Over Hollywood
1950   Hunt the Man Down

1950   Call of the Klondike

1950   The Blazing Sun
1950   The Gene Autry Show

1950   D.O.A.

1950   Dynamite Pass
1950   The Great Plane Robbery

1949   A Dangerous Profession

1948   Trouble Preferred 
1948   Sons of Adventure

1948   Eyes of Texas 

1948   The Timber Trail 
1948   Secret Service Investigator

1948   Lightnin' in the Forest 

1948   Madonna of the Desert
1947   Robin Hood of Texas

1947   Saddle Pals

1947   Winter Wonderland
1947   That's My Gal 

1947   The Pilgrim Lady

1946   Sioux City Sue
1946   The Magnificent Rogue

1945   Girls of the Big House

1945   Behind City Lights 
1945   The Chicago Kid

1945   The Phantom Speaks 

1944   The Big Bonanza
1944   My Buddy 

1944   Three Sisters of the Moors

1944   Port of 40 Thieves
1944   The Ghost That Walks Alone 

1942   Quiet Please: Murder 

1942   Dr. Renault's Secret 
1942   The Man in the Trunk

1942   Young America

1941   Riders of the Purple Sage 
1941   Last of the Duanes 

1941   A Yank in the R.A.F

1941   Sun Valley Serenade 
1941   Moon Over Miami 

1941   Ride on Vaquero

1941   Romance of the Rio Grande
1940   Street of Memories

1940   The Bride Wore Crutches

1940   Star Dust 
1940   High School

1939   Everything's on Ice 

1939   Should Husbands Work? 
1939   In Old Caliente 

1939   My Wife's Relatives 

1939   Frontier Pony Express 
1939   Southward Ho 

1939   Rough Riders' Round-up 

1939   The Mysterious Miss X 
1938   Shine On, Harvest Moon

1938   Come On, Rangers 

1938   Billy the Kid Returns
1938   Dick Tracy Returns

1938   The Higgins Family 

1938   Call the Mesquiteers 
1938   Hollywood Stadium Mystery 

1938   The Lone Ranger 

1937   Mama Runs Wild 
1937   Heart of the Rockies

1937   Stella Dallas

1937   Dangerous Holiday
1937   Circus Girl

1936   Bulldog Edition 

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