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Lori Nelson ACTOR

Lori Nelson was born on August 15th, 1933 in Santa Fe, New Mexico with the birth name Dixie Kay Nelson.  Her career in entertainment began at the young age of two when she performed as a dancer in local stage productions. 

At the young age of four her family relocated to Hollywood, California and she entered a beauty contest and won the title of, 'Little Miss America' at age four.  Nelson then found work as a fashion model still as a child and after a couple unsuccessful screen tests she was finally given the chance to work as an actress when she was signed with Universal Studios to a seven year film contract at the age of seventeen.

Some of her early film roles included appearances on, "Bend of the River" (1952) starring James Stewart, Arthur Kennedy, Julie Adams, Rock Hunter, Jay C. Flippen, Howard Petrie, Chubby Johnson, Stepin Fetchit, Harry Morgan, Frances Bavier and Royal Dano, "Francis Goes to West Point" (1952) starring Donald O'Connor, Les Tremayne, David Janssen, William Reynolds and James Best, "All I Desire" (1953) starring Barbara Stanwyck, Richard Carlson, Lyle Bettger, Maureen O'Sullivan, Richard Long and Billy Gray, "The All American" (1953) starring alongside Mamie Van Doren in her film debut, Tony Curtis, Richard Long, Barney Phillips, Stuart Whitman and Douglas Kennedy, "Tumbleweed" (1953) starring Audie Murphy, Chill Wills, Roy Roberts, Russell Johnson, Lyle Talbot, King Donovan, K.T. Stevens, I. Stanford Jolley, Madge Meredith and Lee Van Cleef, "Destry" (1954) starring alongside Audie Murphy, Mari Blanchard, Thomas Mitchell, Lyle Bettger, Edgar Buchanan, Alan Hale Jr. and Wallace Ford, "Underwater!" (1955) starring Jane Russell, Richard Egan, Jayne Mansfield, Gilbert Roland and Robert Keith, "Mohawk" (1956) co-starring Scott Brady, Rita Gann, Neville Brand, Allison Hayes and John Hoyt, the teen rebel film "Hot Rod Girl" (1956) also starring Chuck Connors, Frank Gorshin and John Smith and "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" (1957) starring Van Johnson, Claude Rains, Jim Backus, Kay Starr, Doodles Weaver and Stanley Andrews.

Along with breaking in to the film industry she also began to make quite a name for herself as a television actress appearing on such series as, "It's a Great Life", "Climax!", "How to Marry a Millionaire" starring Merry Anders, Lisa Gaye and Barbara Eden, which was based on the 1953 film of the same name which starred Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable and Lauren Bacall, "Sugarfoot", "Tales of Wells Fargo", "Lock Up", "Wagon Train", "Laramie", "Bachelor Father" and "Family Affair".
Most recently, Nelson has appeared on the 2005 film, "The Naked Monster" with Kenneth Tobey, Les Tremayne, John Agar, Gloria Talbott and Brinke Stevens.  Nelson has married twice, first to Johnny Mann from 1961 through 1971.  She is currently married to her second husband, Joe Reiner since 1983.


2005         The Naked Monster
1998         Mom, Can I Keep Her? 
1994         Secret Sins of the Father 
1991         Black Gaucho
1971         Family Affair
1961         Armstrong Circle Theatre 
1961         Whispering Smith 
1961         Bachelor Father
1961         Laramie 
1960-1961     The Tab Hunter Show
1961         Dante
1960         Lock Up
1959         Tales of Wells Fargo 
1959         Sugarfoot
1959         G.E. True Theater
1959         The Millionaire
1959         Wagon Train 
1959         The Texan 
1959         Wanted: Dead or Alive
1957-1958     How to Marry a Millionaire
1957         The Pied Piper of Hamelin
1957         Outlaw's Son
1957         The 20th Century-Fox Hour
1957         Untamed Yout
1955-1956     Climax!
1956         Hot Rod Girl
1956         Pardners
1956         Mohawk
1955         Day the World Ended
1955         I Died a Thousand Times
1955         Sincerely Yours
1955         Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki
1955         Revenge of the Creature
1955         It's a Great Life 
1955         Underwater!
1954         Destry
1953         Tumbleweed
1953         Walking My Baby Back Home
1953         The All American
1953         All I Desire
1952         Francis Goes to West Point
1952         Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair
1952         Bend of the River 

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